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May 2019
Oeuvre de Jean-François Fourtou. La Valise de. Mai 2019. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © Françoise Spiekermeier


Like Cadet Roussel, Jean-François Fourtou has several houses and travels from one to the other according to a well-oiled calendar in line with the seasons, school holidays dates, family events celebrations and birthdays, which punctuate his existence.

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December 2018
Jen Rubio et Steph Korey, co-fondatrices de Away. Ma Valise. décembre 2018. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

In the suitcase of Jen Rubio & Steph Korey, co-founders go away

What kind of suitcase do you use? Are you rather balluchon, trunk, suitcase, travel bag, backpack, or without luggage? JEN RUBIO: I rarely check a bag, especially

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September 2018
Jean Charles de Castelbajac, septembre 2018. La valise de. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

In the Suitcase of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac

September 2018 In the Suitcase of Jean-Charles de Castelbajac By Aurélie des Robert Multidisciplinary artist and passionate about medieval times, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac under the initials JCDC, could have been a knight. His large family of the time is yet Malcom McLaren of Sex Pistols, Vivienne Westwood, Andy Warhol or Keith Haring. Always in crusade, […]

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May 2017
La valise de Sarah Lavoine. Mai 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

The Suitcase of Sarah Lavoine – May 2017

Currently under the spotlight with the inauguration of the new Maison du Printemps space where she left her remarkable signature, the most Parisian interior designer who has three boutiques of her own name in the capital, is successfully following her path. We met with this decoration enthusiast that plays with lines and colors and draws inspiration from travelling

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February 2017

In the suitcase of Christian Le Squer – february 2017

February 2017 In the suitcase of Christian Le Squer Text by Béatrice Delamotte – photos Stephane de Bourgies Awarded three stars for the restaurant Le Cinq, in the heart of the Four Seasons Hotel George V, Christian Le Squer knows how to move forward to capture the essence of the moment. An assumed modernity that […]

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September 2015
La valise de Veronique Yoon-Kyung-Martin © Plume Voyage Magazine

The Suitcase of Véronique Yoon-Kyung Martin – September 2015

After having worked in the world of luxury wines and spirits, this young woman took the gamble and launched her own caviar brand, Ultreïa. In order for her to offer the finest vintages to her worldwide clientele, she travelled the four corners of the earth discovering the vineyards deemed good enough to make her selection. All this with one goal in mind : to become, within the next few years, the go-to brand thanks to the uncompromising quality of its selected products.

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June 2015

Célia Gumbu-Serra: In my suitcase

Everyone has their own destiny. Unusually for Célia, 36, it is the Muse Hotel in Saint-Tropez. Thrown, perhaps slightly by accident, into the mix barely aged twenty at les Bains, as an assistant to Cathy Guetta – glorious beginnings indeed – she very quickly learned (with a capital Q) and took flight, several years later, for Miami. She then had a daughter, going back to square one: starting out on her own, developing the worldwide Nikki Beach concept.

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December 2014
Jeanne Signoles © AB-JS. Illustration par Dale Lombard

Jeanne Signoles: In my suitcase…December 2014

Jeanne Signoles is a free ranger. An inquisitive globetrotter, she spend 10 years at the prestigious Goyard malletier (her surrogate family, with whom she shares her love of savoir-faire), having begun her career at Airbus, which awarded her a masters in econometrics, and a distinction in spatial aeronautics. But that is by-the-by. In 2014, adventure came her way, when, alongside her husband, she launched her own brand “L’Uniform”.

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April 2013
PLUME VOYAGE Magazine : Parisian Hotel Montalemebert, french director Myriam Kournaf gives hers trip tips.

Going away with Myriam Kournaf

General Manager of the Hotel Montalembert Myriam Kournaf has been managing this cozy Parisian hotel since 2005. The young woman took on the task of dusting off this hotel, the first of its kind but one that had grown tired, supported by the Sodevila family

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March 2013
Samuel Bucciacchio GOODWILL

Samuel Bucciacchio’s suitcase

Samuel Bucciacchio is the founder of Goodwill, a private aviation company among the three largest in the world and Good Travel, a bespoke travel agency, a natural extension of the parent company, designed to make life easier for the customers who use their aircrafts.

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February 2013

Thierry Gardinier, Taillevent group, Domaine des Crayères

His name is not well known, but in the world of the french lifestyle, he is one of the major players. Along with his brothers Laurent and Stéphane, Thierry Gardinier manages the Domaine des Crayères in Reims, the prestigious Chateau Phélan-Ségur in Saint-Estèphe and the Maison Taillevent.

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October 2012

The Suitcase of Chantal Thomass luxury lingerie designer

We now present to you luxury lingerie designer Chantal Thomass, whose capsule collections for ready-to-wear retailers sell out in a matter of minutes. She has just opened an intimate and charming hotel in Paris, the Vice Versa. Meet the charming globetrotter…

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June 2012

Andrée Deissenberg’s Suitcase

Twelve plane trips in two weeks… That is the latest personal record established by Andrée Deissenberg, the director of Crazy Horse. Plume Voyage magazine invites you to come have a look what’s in her suitcase.

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May 2012
Laurent Vernhes

Laurent Vernhes. Co-founder of the Tablet Hotels site

Co-founder and president of the Tablet Hotels, Laurent Vernhes has spent more than three thousand nights in hotel rooms throughout his nomadic existence.

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April 2012

Antoine Chevanne’s suitcase

Whether at Byblos and Les Caves du Roy in Saint-Tropez, at the Black Legend in Monaco, at La Réserve in Saint-Jean-de-Luz or at the Manoirs de Tourgéville, Antoine Chevanne feels right at home.

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March 2012

Charlotte-Amalie Daehn editor of Montres Magazine

The young editor of Montres Magazine did not intend to end up with this career. After studying law and political science, Charlotte-Amalie wanted to be policewoman and enrolled herself in the Institute of Criminology.

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February 2012

Julie André’s suitcase

A bubbly young woman, Julie André has already had a loaded career despite her young age. Alternately a press officer, a lifestyle journalist for the business daily La Tribune, the editor-in-chief of Blast magazine, a freelancer

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January 2012
Christophe Marchesseau

Christophe Marchesseau’s suitcase

“The essential tool in healthcare is the hand.” A phrase full of common sense that perfectly illustrates the philosophy of Christopher Marchesseau, who combines on the five fingers of the same hand, the expertise of a physiotherapist, osteopath, a masseur, a therapist and a coach.

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November 2011

Pierre Corthay’s suitcase

Whether on the road to negotiate distribution agreements, or perched on top of a Swiss mountain for the Excellence Run car rally – which he organizes to honour the Compagnons du Devoir – the Parisian shoemaker

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November 2011
Nathalie Perrodo

Nathalie Perrodo suitcase-London

This young Franco-Chinese woman has lived in London for many years. A new mother, she makes many trips back and forth between the British capital, where she manages the “wine investments” branch of the familial

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September 2011
Zeina Raphael

Zeina Raphael suitcase

Plume Voyage magazine invites you to peek into the suitcase of Zeina Raphael, founder and director of communications company Almaz, who is always between Paris and Lebanon.

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September 2011
Virginie Dhello

Virginie Dhello : Vee

Plume Voyage magazine invites you to peek into the suitcase of Virginia Dhello, aka Vee, a girl who surfs the web every day and surveys the fashion weeks to uncover the latest trends and favourites of the fashion world.

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May 2011

The suitcase of Plume, founder of Plume Voyage Magazine

All about the all-important suitcase. How and when to do it, how to organise it, how to make it as light as possible, how to avoid creasing your clothes? We ask these questions to a series of international globetrotters and tireless travelers

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May 2011

Isabelle Mertens’ suitcase

The photographer Isabelle Mertens is a great observer of the human condition. She wanders with her camera, capturing snapshots of rivers on remote islands, cups of tea and windows that open out onto the beyond.

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May 2011

The Suitcase of William Ledeuil

Plume Voyage magazine invites you to peek into the suitcase of William Ledeuil, the star chef of Ze Kitchen Galerie in Paris, who finds his inspiration in his regular trips to Asia.

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May 2011

The Suitcase of Sophie Pendleton for Perlota

Plume Voyage magazine invites you to peek into the suitcase of the designer of Perlota whose jewels made from gold and cabochon express the same gentleness as her smile!

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