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November 2018
Salon de la villa Arreaza, Caracas-1956. Une halte novembre 2018. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © Gio Ponti Archives Milan

A break november 2018- GIO PONTI, crazy psychedelic

In Paris, the Musée des Arts Décoratifs presents TUTTO PONTI, a tribute exhibition dedicated to the work of the Milanese architect and designer GIO PONTI, one of the most influential of the 20th century. A prolific Italian designer,

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March 2017
Auguste Rodin, Andromède. news parisiennes mars 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © ARTCURIAL

Andromède, a Rodin sculpture reappears

March 2017 RODIN Par Françoise Spiekermeier Preciously preserved in a family for 130 years, a Rodin sculpture of exceptional beauty reappears on the occasion of the centennial of the sculptor death . Rediscovered in Madrid in 2017 by the teams of the Artcurial auction house, Andromède will go on sale on May 30th in Paris […]

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March 2017
Raoul Dufy, Collection Mobilier national, Paris. c’est maintenant mars 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Isabelle Bideau © ADAGP, Paris 2017

It’s now march 2017

Evian: “Raoul Dufy, the happiness of living” at the Palais Lumière
The exhibition celebrates the ease, profusion and brilliance of the work of an artist in love with nature and freedom.

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February 2017
Catherine Henriette. Conte d’hiver, conte d’été à la Galerie SIT Down. c’est maintenant février 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

it’s now february 2017

Paris: “Catherine Henriette. Winter tale, Summer tale “at the SIT Down Gallery Winner of the Academy of Fine Arts in 2013, Catherine Henriette traveled to a province in northeast China and captured the daily life of the inhabitants according to the seasons.

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January 2017
art du Qur’an à la Arthur M. Sackler Gallery. c’est maintenant janvier 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

It’s Now January 2017

Washington: The Art of the Qur’an at the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery
Organized in partnership with the Turkish and Islamic Arts Museum in Istanbul, this exhibition is presenting more than sixty of the most important Qur’an manuscripts ever produced in the Arab world, Turkey

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December 2016
Iwate, terre d’or se dévoile à la Maison du Saké. c’est maintenant décembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

It’s now december 2016

Japan’s second largest prefecture, Iwate is located to the northeast of Honshu Island. Already admired by Marco Polo, the wonders produced on these terroirs are presented in Paris

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September 2016
« Good Dreams, Bad Dreams » à la Aïshti Foundation, Beyrouth. C’est maintenant septembre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Tony et Elham Salamé

It’s now September 2016

“Good Dreams Bad Dreams » at the Aïshti Foundation, Beirut. The exhibition brings together the work of over 56 artists and more than 160 pieces from the collection of Tony and Elham Salamé.

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August 2016
Verdura Golf & Spa Resort, Amphitheatre. c’est maintenant aout 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

It’s Now August 2016

Summer Music Festival at the Verdura Resort, Sciacca
The Resort Spa & Golf Rocco Forte group in Sicily hosts three exceptional concerts of world renowned artists. Thus, on August 16, the festival will begin with pianist Robert Cacciapaglia which will perform its unique and innovative compositions.

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July 2016
Supercordes-Hypercube. c’est maintenant juillet 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

it’s now july 2016

Benoit Lemercier at the Château Sainte-Roseline
Benoit Lemercier offers here an artistic vision of the mysteries of the world around us. Based on various scientific theories, he takes us on a journey into the heart of matter. The exhibition at the Château Sainte-Roseline, in the heart of the Var, composed of monumental sculptures, is presenting a poetic vision of the infinitely large and the infinitely small through Hypercubes and Superstring series.

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June 2016
The Floating Piers, Christo. c’est maintenant juin 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine Photo André Grossmann © Christo

It’s Now June 2016

To end this month of June, we offer this week to go to Brescia to dive into the heart of the creation by the Christo and Jeanne-Claude couple and their aquatic works, to rush to Milau to marvel at the creations of Maison Fabre or even in Ay, to discover gourmet notebooks by the artist Ji-Young Demol Park . And for those who do not want to move, the Internet will allow them to focus on the works of artists around the passion of surfing.

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May 2016
TURNER William, Les Tours vermillon, étude à Marseille. c’est maintenant Mai 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Tate, Londres 2015

It’s now May 2016

“Turner and color” at the Hôtel de Caumont Art Centre, Aix-en-Provence. Placing at the heart of its course, color, the essence of Turner creation, this exhibition invites us to rediscover the life and work of this great artist in a new light, hitherto unexplored in retrospective that were dedicated to him .

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April 2016
Une nouvelle Maison Andersen par Kengo Kuma, Odense. C’est maintenant avril 2016. PLUMEVOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine. © DR

It’s Now april 2016

A new Andersen, house by Kengo Kuma, Odense. To mark the 211th anniversary of the birth of the famous storyteller, the city of Odense has launched a new project of the Hans Christian Andersen House.

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March 2016
Rouart, Ernest et Henri. C’est maintenant mars 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © Rouart

It’s Now March 2016

To begin this month of March, we invite you to a world tour from Amsterdam to discover the work of Japanese style by Breitner, to Australia for the Art Biennale, via Brussels with Sarkis and Paris to discover shamans of pre-Columbian Ecuador.

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February 2016
Cap sur Rio au musée Olympique, Lausanne. C’est maintenant février 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

It’s now February 2016

To continue this month of February, we get into the mood for the next Olympic Games in Rio, we head to St. Barts to discover the work of Daniel Arsham. A trip to London to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the British Vogue and come back to Paris for the Anselm Kieffer retrospective.

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January 2016
Peggy Guggenheim Collection, Kooning senza titolo. C’est Maintenant Janvier 2016 PLUME VOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

It’s Now January 2016

To end this month of January, we head to Beauvais and Basel for two exhibitions devoted to landscape, one with the work of young designer Benjamin Graindorge and the other dedicated to Jean Dubuffet. Unless you prefer a journey in Venice to immerse yourself in the postwar art or strolling in Barcelona, ​​to discover the future of the human kind.

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December 2015
BD-Draga-dotted dress.It's Now PLUME-VOYAGE-december 2015. @plumevoyagemagazine ©Atelier Lucien Clergue

It’s Now december 2015

“Lucien Clergue” at the Grand Palais
Lucien Clergue is not yet twenty years old when Pablo Picasso decides to sponsor him after he presented his first photos at the exit of a bullfight in Arles. He agrees to draw for him the cover of several books to come and introduces him to Jean Cocteau who helps him to structure his work discourse. It is through the discovery of working albums, at the death of the photographer, that can capture the dazzling and deadly poetry that lived inside Lucien Clergue and that attracted these two great artists.
Until the 15th of February 2015. B.D.

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November 2015
« Kaws, Permanent Vacation II » à l’Eden Rock Gallery, Saint-Barth © DR @ Plume Voyage Magazine« Kaws, Permanent Vacation II » à l’Eden Rock Gallery, Saint-Barth © DR @ Plume Voyage Magazine

It’s Now November 2015

To end this month of November, don’t miss the exhibition dedicated to Barbara Hepworth in Otterlo, the hijacking art by Kaws in St. Barts, the work of Michael DeLucia in Santa Barbara or the disturbing paintings by Anish Kapoor in Amsterdam.

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October 2015
« De Gauguin à Picasso » à la Phillips Collection, Washington. Avec les toiles des collections suisses Staechelin et Im Obersteg, la Phillips Collection présente une exceptionnelle exposition des plus grandes toiles des plus grands artistes modernes. @Plume Voyage Magazine

It’s Now October 2015

“From Gauguin to Picasso” at the Phillips Collection, Washington
With the paintings of Swiss Staechelin and Im Obersteg collections, the Phillips Collection presents a unique exhibition of the greatest paintings of the greatest modern artists.

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September 2015
Phares, Dan Flavin (to Donna) © DR

It’s Now September 2015

To round off the month of september, we recommend that you visit the Festival des illustrateurs and the 10th anniversary of the Young Illustrators museum in Moulins, unless you prefer to discover the work of the Chinese artist Xu Zhen in Graz, Austria, that of Alejandro Lodorowsky at the CAPC of Bordeaux, or to see the monumental works by major contemporary artists at the Metz Pompidou Centre.

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August 2015
Beastly 6 Jitka Hanzlova Collection Fotomuseum Winterthur © Jitka Hanzlova Pro Litteris Zurich

It’s Now August 2015

To finish this month of August, we invite you to discover photos by Serge Anton in Pernes-les-Fontaines, work by Daniel Crooks in Brisbane, the representation of animals at the Fotomuseum Winterthur and even a joint collaboration by Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto and the Amazonian Huni Kuin tribe in Vienna.

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July 2015
Alice Anderson Ladders, Photo © Matt Holyoak

It’s Now July 2015

To finish this month of July, head for London to check out Alice Anderson’s mummified objects, canvases by Flemish experts in Paris, contemporary photography in Arles or even Warhol in Metz.

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June 2015

It’s Now June 2015

To round off this month of June, we invite you to immerse yourself in Paul Durant Ruel’s impressionist exhibition in Philadelphia, to discover the work of English sculptor Barbara Hepworth at the Tate Britain, or explore the bittersweet criticism of Markiewcz from Luxembourg at the Venice Biennale and the work of André Putman for the CAPC in Bordeaux.

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May 2015

It’s Now May 2015

To finish off this month of May, we offer you an eclectic selection that will take you from Washington to Riehen and via Languedoc-Roussillon to discover several different sides to contemporary creation. Unless you would rather check out the classicism of the grand Velazquez in Paris.

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April 2015

It’s Now April 2015

« Aki Kuroda, Cosmogarden-Elephant City » at Galerie Louis Gendre, Chamalières
Cosmogarden is the generic title of exhibitions by Japanese painter Aki Kuroda, the function of which allows him to steer a clear course through the diversity of his expressions.

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March 2015
AD Collections

It’s Now March 2015

“AD Collections” at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris
AD magazine is organising a new furniture exhibition at the Quai d’Orsay. In the hopes of bringing decorative arts, a French speciality, to the forefront, the magazine displays the talent of these exception interior designers.

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February 2015

It’s Now February 2015

“We can make another future: Japanese Art after 1989” at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane. The art of Heisei – the current period during the imperial Japanese calendar – delivers a sophisticated reflection on the social conditions behind the production of Japanese art and the anxieties of contemporary artists.

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January 2015

It’s Now January 2015

To warm you up at the end of this rainy January, jet off to Germany, Brussels, Rome and Pézenas. Here is a chance to discover the work of Peter Doig and Timur Kerim Incedayi, to marvel at the timeless glamour of the 1930s and even take a tour of the ice with young artists.

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December 2014

It’s Now December 2014

Continuing on this balmy month of December, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to discover the colossal museum-event lde the end of the year: the Musée de Confluences in Lyon. Unless you would rather marvel at the latest LIDO spectacle, or go gaga over the global success of the most Frenchy couturier – JPG – or to catch tears at the Tate modern with a spectacular exhibition dedicated to Sigmar Polke

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November 2014
Donald Toussaint by Francis Wolff, Collector Blue Note. Courtesy of YellowKorner

It’s Now November 2014

To begin this November, PLUME VOYAGE gives you a Parisian selection and draws you into the YellowKorner galleries to pay tribute to Francis Wolff, co-founder of the New York label Blue Note Records, to discover the exhibition “Modern Morocco” and its surprising Moroccan art scene, to participate in the Uniqlo contest along side the Hokusai exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris and for fans to re-discover the hero Goldorak reviewed by artists, at the Sakura Gallery.

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October 2014
Sorolla et les Etats-Unis, Joaquin Sorolla, Fondation Mapfre. Courtesy Fondation Mapfre

It’s Now October 2014

And to continue this October, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to visit Rembrandt’s final work in London, to sweep through fifty years worth of creation by architect Frank Gehry at the Pompidou Centre, or even the work of Henry de Toulouse-Lautrec in Vienna. Or at least check out the raw art on display at the maison rouge in Paris.

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September 2014
Vincent Darré, at 107Rivoli, AD Intérieurs 2014. Courtesy of Les Arts Décoratifs

It’s Now September 2014

Getting this month of September off to a flying start, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to discover female photographic work accompanied by the Aurore association at the Galerie Ikono in Brussels, take part in a special weekend in the form of elegance and the arts at the Domaine de Chantilly as part of the Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille, to uncover work by Anaïs de Chabaneix and Noëlle at the Galerie Laure Roynette in Paris or check out the master pieces of fifteen designers at 107Rivoli during the AD Intérieurs 2014.

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August 2014
Chloe Moments

It’s Now August 2014

And to kick off this month of August, PLUME VOYAGE takes you on a journey, inviting you to discover photographs of gardens taken by Jean-Baptiste Leroux at Château de la Bourdaisière, marvel at creations by the Chloé house at the Mandarin Oriental Hong Kong or examine the steles by artist Li Chevalier at Château Haut-Bailly in Léognan.

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July 2014
Tim Flach

It’s Now July 2014

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE Magazine offers you a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions.

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June 2014
imagine France

It’s Now June 2014

To start off the month of June, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to discover, Paris especially, “Cosmogarden / Midnight Spaghetti” by Aki Kuroda at the Lazarew Gallery, a dialogue between Anish Kapoor and James Lee Byars at the Galerie Kamel Mennour, creations in mixed soil by Hilda Hellström at the Bensimon Gallery and on the occasion of its tenth anniversary, the Jeu de Paume museum presents images of Oscar Munoz, artist Kati Horna alongside those by Kati Horna. Enjoy the trip. Go on, it’s happening now!

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May 2014
Installation, space with objects covered with clay mud by Chen Zhen© Sebastiano Pellion di Persan

It’s Now May 2014

To kick off the month of May, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to visit Chen Zhen’s installation in Paris, discover the work of Chourouk Hriech …

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April 2014
Brushmaker Julio, La Brosse, All rights reserved.

It’s Now April 2014

To start this April, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to discover the many uses of brushes and other such tools at the Viaduc des Arts, the secrets of contemporary artists at the Château de Rivau, to marvel at Chartres all lit up and muse in Düsseldorf on the vision of the future as imagined by artists. Go on, it’s happening now!

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March 2014
«Klimt and Vienna, a century of gold and color» at the Carrières de Lumière, Les Baux-de-Provence

It’s Now March 2014

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE magazine chooses a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions for you to keep up with on your getaways or city breaks or just keep your mind open with a motionless journey.

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February 2014

It’s Now February 2014

February 2014 It’s Now Every week, PLUME VOYAGE magazine choose a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions for you to keep up with on your getaways or city breaks or just keep your mind open with a motionless journey. To end the month of February, we invite you to marvel at 250 years of […]

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January 2014

It’s Now January 2014

To kick off the month of January, we invite you to pay tribute to Nelson Mandela at the Musée Dapper, to take in the work of Mira Schendel at the Tate Modern, to dream Before the horizon, the exhibition devoted to landscapes or to go back to your childhood with “Pouet !”.

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December 2013

It’s Now December 2013

After the success of the summer exhibitions at the Villa Noailles and the Templier tours in Hyères, the Mandalian Paillard gallery has invaded the Mineral Lodge

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November 2013

It’s Now November 2013

Rolex announces the appointment of seven new mentors. It is in Venice that Rolex has revealed the names of the seven artists who are, each in their respective discipline, to be the mentors of Cycle 7 of the Rolex Mentors & Protégés program.

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October 2013

Azzedine Alaïa, «Design Tour» in Bordeaux, SK8room

SK8room is launching a collection of skateboards decorated with works by iconic artists of contemporary art. Launched in the mid 90’s with a board decorated with an original work by Keith Haring, the collection has grown through donations from artists to the Skateistan association.

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September 2013

It’s Now- «Metamorphosis» in Pens Bernardine Paris

The event, organized by the magazine AD Interiors highlights the talents, trends and know-how of the highest honor. Fifteen designers are invited to transform a mansion of the seventeenth century

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August 2013

Paris Design Week special

For its third edition, Paris Design Week will take place from the 9th to the 15th of September 2013 in the heart of Paris, Saint Ouen Flea Market and the “Cité de la Mode et du Design”. Cultural platform involving the different actors of design, the event is open to the public. It provides a new perspective

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August 2013

It’s Now- Summer festivals and gardens special

For its 22nd edition, the festival has invited designers and landscape architects from around the world to discuss and magnify the countless and subtle “sensations” that we garner from beautiful gardens

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August 2013

It’s Now- "Multitude and Unity, Pascal Morabito" in Pavillon M, Marseille

It is in the city where he made his debut alongside Caesar, that Pascal Morabito, says Ora Ito, is returning by invitation to Marseille. “Multitude and Unity” was created under the assumption that everything that seems scattered contains an origin, a common causality.

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July 2013
The Family of Man Garry WINOGRAND

«The Family of Man» at the Château de Clervaux, Luxembourg

The most legendary show in the history of photography, created by Edward Steichen at Moma in New York in 1955, is opening up to the public after a complete restoration of the original works.

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June 2013
Humanae Work in Progress Angelica Dass

It’s Now- « we were horses » at the Grande Halle de la Villette, Paris

“Cinema Paradiso” at the Grand Palais, Paris. The Grand Palais is hosting the largest drive-in ever held in a capital. An icon of outdoor cinema, the drive-in has been installed here in one of the most famous buildings in Paris and will accommodate up to 1,000 spectators per sessio

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May 2013
Exhibition «Impressions Dior» at the Christian Dior Museum, Granville

«Impressions Dior» at the Christian Dior Museum, Granville

Organized as part of the 2013 Impressionist Festival in Normandy, this exhibition reflects the permanent links between the House of Dior and the Impressionist movement.

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April 2013

It’s Now- First edition DDessin (13) at the Atelier Richelieu, Paris

A new FRAC PACA in Marseille. Designed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma and the Toury Vallet agency, this stands as a flagship project for the region. A place of resources, the FRAC is proposing that the preservation and dissemination of works, exhibitions and projects, mediation and documentation will be carried out on this singlular site.

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March 2013
«Cold Sun» at the Palais de Tokyo

It's Now: Hey! modern art and pop culture/Part II

«Cold Sun» at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris. After «Imagine the Imaginary», the new season at the Palais de Tokyo explores the surface of a strange world where, as the writer Raymond Roussel wrote,

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February 2013
« Spanning Time » by Brenna Youngblood

It's Now: « Silk Me Back » at the Westin Paris-Vendôme

« Spanning Time » by Brenna Youngblood in Brussels. For her second solo exhibition in Europe, Californian artist Brenna Youngblood has chosen the Obadia gallery in Brussels. In the “post-black generation” issue, the artist wanted to build a picture of another kind of « Americana » on a conceptual level through her both visually complex and refined art.

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January 2013
Color One for Mini

It’s Now: « Enki Bilal, the ghosts of the Louvre »

« Color One for Mini » at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels. Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings are attacking the Mini One. They have redesigned every room in the car with their formal language and personal style.

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December 2012

It’s Now- « Yue Minjun, l’ombre du fou rire »

« Yue Minjun, l’ombre du fou rire » at the Fondation Cartier. The first major exhibition devoted to the artist Yue Minjun in Europe, “L’ombre du fou rire” is a unique

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November 2012

It’s Now- Cathleen Naundorf at Paris Photo 2012

Salvador Dali at the Centre Pompidou. One of the major players in the history of modern art and certainly one of the most popular, Salvadore Dali was also known as one of the most controversial, artists of his time, often criticized for his histrionics, his love of money

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October 2012

It’s Now- "Imaginez l’imaginaire” at the Palais de Tokyo

«Jules Wabbes, Furniture Designer» in Brussels. Jules Wabbes (1919-1874) is one of the most eminent post-war Belgian furniture designers. Whilst well known for his office furniture, the designer remains a total unknown to the general public.

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September 2012

It’s Now- The W Paris-Opéra

Olivia Bee, a guest of the Monde du Hermès. The very young American photographer Olivia Bee (18) creates a world between candour

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August 2012

It’s Now- New treatments at the Constance Prince Maurice

New treatments at the Constance Prince Maurice. After a facelift in the summer, the Prince Maurice Constance reopens in September with many novel treatments

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July 2012

It’s Now- Roquebrune Cap-Martin

Monaco and Capri in the spotlight in Roquebrune Cap-Martin. From the 5th to the 15th of July, the island of Capri will be offering a brief

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June 2012

It’s Now- V&A Museum-Guggenheim Bilbao-Hamburger Kunsthalle

British Design 1948-2012 – Innovation in the Modern Age at the V&A. The V&A has put together an exhibition to celebrate some of the greatest British designers and creators of the Modern Age. Looking back

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May 2012

It’s Now- Hermes, Bonnard, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, eclectic.

« Leather forever » in London. Hermès is holding an exhibition in the galleries of 6 Burlington Gardens to celebrate leather. The material has been at the heart of the House’s designs since its origins

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April 2012

It’s Now- Marie Le Fort, Ecuyères in Chantilly, Philippe Katerine, Secret Britain

The precious Address Book of Marie Le Fort. A regular contributor to Plume Voyage, Marie Le Fort has recently published a magnificent book, Once in a Lifetime. Here, she outlines a new definition of the art of travel, exploring exceptional, very private, luxury destinations.

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March 2012

It’s Now- Lucian Freud, Portraits National Portrait Gallery

“Lucian Freud, Portraits” at the National Portrait Gallery, London. The National Portrait Gallery in London is paying tribute to the famous British painter Lucian Freud (grand son of Sigmund Freud) through a series of portraits by the artist.

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February 2012

It’s Now- Art exhibition: Cy Twombly, Bozar, Nicolas Le Moigne

“Swept Away: Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design”, MAD Museum, New York. Continuing its exploration of the materials that carry contemporary art, the exceptional MAD Museum in New York is opening a new flagship exhibition,

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January 2012

It’s Now- The Queen Art & Image, Cardiff

The Queen Art & Image, Cardiff. Queen Elizabeth II is being exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery: presented with 60 different faces, created by the hands of big names such Pietro Annigoni, Cecil Beaton, Lord Lichfield, Andy Warhol, Lucian Freud,

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December 2011

It’s Now- Nahmad Collection in Zurich

Nahmad Collection in Zurich. Based in Monaco, the Nahmad family is known for the quality of their modern art collections. Indeed, it would have been their name that supplied many of the major auctions of recent years.

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November 2011

It’s Now- Gerhard Richter at the Tate Modern

Gerhard Richter at the Tate Modern. Having become accustomed to showing in the largest museums in the world, Gerhard Richter has finally been offered a solo exhibition at the Tate Modern. Spanning five decades of creation, the event, entitled Panorama, ranges from his photo-realistic paintings to more abstract works

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October 2011

It’s Now- Seoul-Dublin-Vienna-Bilbao-Tokyo

Dublin Contemporary 2011. Dublin is proving itself as a legitimate artistic hub with the first occurrence of Dublin Contemporary. The first major exhibition of contemporary art in Ireland, the event is being held at Earlsfort

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September 2011

It’s Now- New Time Regained – Cy Twombly

Biennale de Lyon. With an enticing theme – Une Terrible beauté est née – the 11th Biennale de Lyon, conceived by Argentinean curator Victoria Noorthoorn, brings together 70 artists from around the world, hailing mainly from Europe, Africa and Latin America.

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May 2011

It’s Now- Charlotte Perriand, Frédéric Ruyant

Charlotte Perriand. A detailed look into the world of Charlotte Perriand highlighting her photographic talents and her love for nature. Here we have a photographic demonstration of her inspirations and her influences.

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