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February 2017
Centre Pompidou. Une Halte février 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Ph Migeat

A French savoir-faire february 2017 – 40 years old, the beautiful age of the Centre Pompidou

February 2017 40 years old, the beautiful age of the Centre Pompidou Béatrice Delamotte Over the past four decades, the Parisian museum has revolutionized many things. First the architecture of this type of places, but also the museography and even the approach of contemporary art perceived here as multidisciplinary. In this anniversary year, the Centre […]

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April 2016
Maison Guerlain, Boutique 68 Champs Elysées. Exception Française PLUME VOYAGE janvier 2016. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

French Savoir-Faire January 2016 – Guerlain

Guerlain: a name that thrills, evokes mythical, spicy, fresh, flowery scents … silky creams, rainbow shadows, red palettes more elegant than ever, powders declined in multicolored beads, jewelry-cases … whose common denominator is extremely refined, unique.

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April 2016
Sculpteur, Le Monde de Pier Luigi Loro Piana. PLUMEVOYAGE. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

French savoir-faire, The world of Moissonnier – april 2016

For 130 years, the Moissonnier house has been carrying on outstanding expertise in cabinet making either for private individuals or historical monuments. Without being limited to the pure and simple tradition. A journey between emotion, inspiration, dreams and requirement.

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February 2016

The World of Maison Fabre february 2016

Quilted, embroidered, studded, embellished with fur, feathers or in the simplicity of its shape, the glove is an indispensable fashion accessory for lovers of understated luxury. Either it is long or short, or even mittens, hot or mild, the glove symbolizes a form of ultimate refinement. The pictures of the greatest actresses of an unrivaled glamor necessary therefore shrouded.

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January 2016
Filature Arpin. Exception Francaise PLUME VOYAGE janvier 2016. @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

The World of Arpin spinning – January 2016

Every lover of mountains, Savoy and beautiful materials knows this house and its unique expertise. The one that transforms wool into Bonneval towel, a fabric that immediately captivates Alpine sports enthusiasts who want to combine comfort and practicality.

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November 2015
Christofle manufactory. The world of Christofle november 2015 by PLUME VOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine ©DR

The World of November 2015 – Christofle, The haute couture silverware

Almost bicentennial, Christofle engages itself since its creation in 1830, to express the best of luxury goldsmith. An exceptional worldwide-known expertise, symbol of luxury and the art of French living in what’s best.

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July 2015

French Savoir-Faire July 2015 – Discrete care at Spa du Val André

Near to Pleneuf, the rocky coast sculpted by rough landscapes, emerges breath-taking beauty. But in the Breton village, quietly nestled around a soft beach, all is much calmer. And at its heart, across from the sandy beach, a silky sweet haven awaits stressed urbanites, with spa treatments and gastronomic menus.

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April 2015
Pavillon des amoureux - Le Clair de la Plume - © Alain MAIGRE

French Savoir-Faire April 2015 – Happy Days at Clair de la Plume

Only discrete luxury
Concealed behind a superb washhouse reminiscent of a Greek temple, Le Clair de la Plume is a haven of peace. Installed within the former home of a diplomat, the hotel is amongst the addresses to share with friends. There is no austerity here, only discrete luxury and attention is paid to the tiniest detail, making it a valuable mini-break spot.

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March 2015
L'Abeille Shangri-La Paris© Shangri-La Paris

French Savoir-Faire March 2015 – New year for the Shangri-La “L’Abeille”

Firstly because the trolley of the former, hidden beneath a cloche, is a visual spectacle. And secondly because pastry-chef, François Perret, embodies one of the most talented figures in contemporary pastry-making. His chocolate “Java” Sura, worked through a minimalist tube, is the highlight of this unique experience.

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January 2015

French Savoir-Faire January 2015 – Moismont scarfs: a made-in-Picardie luxury that captivates aesthetes everywhere

This is where Martine Byvoet set up her creative studio. With the support of two stylists, she designs a range of thirty pieces, twice a year for winter and summer collections. These foulards and scarfs are fabricated in carefully selected warehouses in India, a country that lies close to Martine’s heart, after exploring it several years ago.

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December 2014
Plaza Athenée © Plaza Athenée

French Savoir-Faire December 2014 – The perfect curve at Plaza Athénée

At the Plaza Athenée, less is more as Alain Ducasse reinvents himself! Discover this culinary top spot, perfectly orchestrated down to the last details. This is nature as a source of inspiration, the human hand as an anchor. At the Plaza Athénée, oh how Parisian a reference…

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August 2014
Yon Ka

French Savoir-Faire August 2014 – Yon-Ka, a pioneer in phyto-aromatherapy

As pioneers of phyto-aromatic treatments, the Laboratoires Multaler knew how to develop their brand Yon-Ka across the world, without ever leaving the Parisian region where all of their internationally sold products are manufactured. A family success in a universe dominated by major international cosmetic giants.

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July 2014

French Savoir-Faire July 2014 – The Seven Families of Summer Shoes

Like the rendezvous you wait for all year, like that bottle of rosé that launches the barbeque season, summer shoes announce that the holidays are fast approaching, finally freeing our feet from any formality.

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June 2014
Benjamin Graindorge CloudInChest

French Savoir-Faire June 2014 – On the edge of the wood…

In celebration of an ancient skill that is historically both rich and prestigious, Parisian gallery Ymer & Malta, lead by Valérie Maltaverne, revives a French savoir-faire: the art of marquetry.

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June 2014
So French,VF55 © RENAULT/5.5 design studio

French Savoir-Faire June 2014: 5.5 Studio

06 June 2014 So French By Laurence Gounel Welcome to a fortnight of playing catch-up: until 15th June, the 5.5 Studio of the Atelier Renault showcases its classic French icons, forever uniting design and tradition. Five pieces from the collection are up for sale…a (hardly) mandatory digression.

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May 2014
Le Slip Francais/Saint James

French Savoir Faire May 2014 – “Le slip français”

Two generations of creators teamed up to dust-off the wardrobe of the young (or not) wolfish. Let’s try to change the ‘marinière’…

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May 2014
La Compagnie du Kraft

French Savoir Faire May 2014 – LCK reinvents stationery

It all started with a chance encounter, between Nicolas Recoing and an old forester’s notebook in a beautiful house in Landes.

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May 2014
Maison barthélémy

French Savoir Faire May 2014 – Maison Barthélémy

With no sequins, vinyl or silicone in sight, in just a few months Maison Barthélémy has become the saddler of choice for our techno playthings, scooping up the prize for good taste at the same time. All in the name of pampering our most treasured possessions

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May 2014
Revol, Revolutionary Porcelain

French Savoire-Faire May 2014 Revol – Revol, Revolutionary Porcelain

These little colored porcelain cups that look as though they have been crumpled have been all around the world.

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May 2014

French Savoir-Faire – May 2014 – Bois2, Ethics & Style

After the success of Waiting For The Sun, the trendy collective returns with Bois2. Always stylish, but with that extra bit of soul, exclusivity and that Made in Jura savoir-faire.

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