Library – A Bridge on two Shores

May 2017
Expositions Mathias Kiss, mai 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

A bridge on two shores may 2017 – MATHIAS KISS, A GOLDEN MAN

The artist Mathias Kiss breaks down straight lines and cornices. His creations and installations playing with the bases of classical decorative arts are on top of the Parisian and European artistic scene through several simultaneous exhibitions.

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May 2017
Les lauréats du Festival de la Mode et de la Photographie à Hyères. mai 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Voir Galerie

A bridge on two shores may 2016 – FASHION AND PHOTOGRAPHY FESTIVAL IN HYERES The Winners

We will remember the name of Vanessa Schindler. This young Swiss-born designer was doubly and unanimously praised by receiving the Première Vision Grand Prize at the 32nd Fashion and Photography Festival in Hyères, winning the Prize from the Public and the City of Hyères, for her Women’s collection Urethane Pool, Chapter 2.

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April 2017
Collection Milk chez Habitat. avril 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © DR

A bridge on two shores april 2017 – Children pop up store by Milk & Habitat

This is the trendy collab of the weekend! Head to the Haut Marais to discover this pop up store signed by Milk and Habitat which brings together on 90m2 and for 4 days new creations to discover in preview.

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January 2017
Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès. janvier 2017 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Tadzio DR

A bridge on two shores january 2017 – Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès, Gesture as an inheritance.

27 January 2017 Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès, Gesture as an inheritance. Texte Françoise Spiekermeier – Photos Courtesy Fondation d’entreprise Hermès Our gestures are creating us … Through this credo, the Fondation d’Entreprise Hermès wants to valorize the craft trades and more broadly the mastery and transmission of the creative gestures that it considers as a precious […]

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September 2016

A Bridge on two shores – Maximum: from industrial waste to design!

Maximum is a young furniture factory that draws its raw material in the losses generated by the industry. Result: unique, design and colored furniture, which have a very low environmental impact since they are constructed with materials destined for destruction …

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May 2016
stade de Braga dessiné par Edouardo Souto de Moura

A Bridge on two shores May 2016 – Portuguese architecture comes out of its shell

Worldly dubbed by their peers for sobriety and correctness of their lines, most of them are remarkably discret. The exhibition and the book orchestrated by critic Nuno Grande, make us discover the biggest names and also promising new stars by providing an overview of their achievements over the last 50 years.

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April 2016
WANDERS chaise longue, Louis Vuitton © Louis Vuitton Malletier

A Bridge on two shores – The nomad objects of Louis Vuitton

For Louis Vuitton, with “luxury, calm and voluptuousness” of Charles Baudelaire preceded a long manufacturing work based on three pillars: luxury, functionality and innovation, a philosophy that inspires the spirit of the house. The brand with the monogram has entrusted since 2012 designers to revisit the concept of travel furniture. The latest addition to the collection, the Lounge Chair by Marcel Wanders.

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March 2016
Partez en voyage gastronomique avec trois chefs. Un Pont entre deux rives. PLUME VOYAGE mars 2016. @plumevoyagemagazine © Jet Tours

A bridge on two shore march 2016 – Go on a culinary journey with three chefs!

At Plume Voyage, we are positive because we like (among others!) two things in life: beautiful trips and good food!

Imagine, then, when the two of them are combined! And indeed, the latest initiative of Jet Tours fills us up since the French tour operator is offering tours, called “Food Travel ».

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February 2016
Mille Arbres, Manal Rachdi @plumevoyagemagazine © Sou Fujimoto

A Bridge on Two Shores february 2016 – Manal Rachid, architecture and nature by passion

Winner of the call for projects “Reinventing Paris,” the young architect Manal Rachdi manages to combine his two passions: contemporary architecture and nature. Which are found both in this wonderful project called “A Thousand Trees” and in most of his international creations.

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October 2015
@Plume Voyage Magazine

A bridge on two shores october 2015 – VENICE OF VENETIANS.

Venetians could have welcomed this new guide about Venice with a pout. This work has yet gathered all their votes and is arriving in France with a valuable recognition. Hailed by the finest Italian magazines the guide “Venice as I like it » by France Thierard, has received a first Italian publication, before arriving in France these days.

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November 2014

A Bridge on Two Shores November 2014 – A Sculptor of Cosmic Poetry: Adrienne Jalbert

The sculptures by Adrienne Jalbert awakened my imaginary interior voyage. Her spheres have extended my artistic vision of nature and her gowns of light, like hopeful comets, have suspended my gaze, hypnotizing it through a precious artistic glimmer. Adrienne Jalbert has handed me an enchanting and seductive representation of this assorted material.

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April 2014
Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot Devenir Graine Modélisation 3D de l’intérieur
du Global Seed Vault
 © Magali Daniaux & Cédric Pigot

A Bridge on Two Shores April 2014 – DEVENIR GRAINE

«Devenir Graine» is an online creation by Magali Daniaux and Cédric Pigot, a French aritistic duo, interested in contemporary world problems which they present in a poetic and unusual way.

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November 2013
FRAC Orleans

A Bridge on two shores – The Turbulences at the FRAC Centre

PLUME VOYAGE magazine invites you to discover the latest piece created by Jakob + MacFarlane, entitled “Turbulence”, at the FRAC at Orléans in this week’s ‘A Bridge on Two Shores.’

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September 2013
Numanthia Zoé Ouvrier

A Bridge on two Shores – Numanthia, The soul of the earth

PLUME VOYAGE magazine invites you to journey to Numanthia, Spain and discover the French artist Zoe Ouvrier’s limited edition, exclusive, carved boxes that express the strength and tenacity of the vine.

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June 2013

A Bridge on two Shores – The House of DUVELLEROY

June 14 2013 The House of DUVELLEROY PLUME The House of Duvelleroy was a sleeping beauty for fifteen years before Raphaëlle de Panafieu and Eloïse Gilles, two young women in love with traditions and French know-how took over and raised the image of this family House of high fashion fan makers. Flourishing and famous in […]

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May 2013

A Bridge on two Shores – Emmanuel Bossuet, graphic artist

Rich in his multiple expressions and experiences in the field of graphic design, Emmanuel Bossuet strives today to translate his achievements not only with a pencil in hand or on a computer but by making real and tangible works. Rich in his artistic and amicable relationships as well, he also never stops wanting to assemble and communicate different worlds together

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December 2012
Joy de Rohan Chabot

A Bridge on two Shores – Joy de Rohan Chabot

Joy de Rohan Chabot is a great dreamer. Every night, her imagination wanders into extraordinary homes in which drawers and shelves are full of jewelry and fabrics, enchanted and dense forests inhabited by magical animals. Reveries that the designer stages through her precious objects, in bronze, aluminum, painted reveries on glass or lying on lacquer screens. You can now discover her new creations at the gallery Matignon in Paris.

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September 2012
Atelier Hapax

A Bridge on two Shores – Atelier Hapax

Born from a simple idea, Atelier Hapax has the calibre of the great design houses. An object, a material, an abandoned accessory, each piece is reborn in the hands of its creator, Sinan Sigic, a new artisanal destination that evokes the world of travel.

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June 2012

A Bridge on two Shores – Pierre Corthay

Freedom, savoir-faire, excellence… these are all words that foretell the Corthay style. His is a style that is at once outrageous and elegant – creations that are contained but audacious, ready-to-wear products with a made-to-measure feel.

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April 2012

A Bridge on two Shores – Zambezi Queen

A modern-day watercraft, the Zambezi Queen has no more than twenty cabins to offer its guests for the luxury experience of an airy safari along one of Africa’s largest rivers. Welcome on board!

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March 2012

A Bridge on two Shores – éclectic in Paris by Franck Malègue. Modern textiles.

Eclectic is more than just a pretty word. It is a mindset that defines the line of exquisitely tailored jackets launched by Franck Malègue less than a year ago. He uses unexpected materials to create a classic look. Technical fibres

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February 2012

A Bridge on two Shores – Chef Antoine Heerah, cuisine of the Indian Ocean

One foot in France, with Mauritian origins, Chef Antoine Heerah has succeeded in marrying a love of French products and his culture of the cuisine of the Indian Ocean. An initiatory journey between the West and Asia…

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January 2012

A Bridge on two Shores – Kwangho Lee, Scoubidous

Attentive at the beauty which connect past and present, at the ancestral gesture, the Korean artist Kwangho Lee transform ordinary materials in furniture, knitting sorts of big Scoubidous.

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November 2011

A Bridge on two Shores – Chic knitting

This year, knitwear is the only way, as we revisit a trend that was previously reserved for grandmothers. With decorative items, fashion accessories and even street art, knitting is reinventing itself.

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November 2011

A Bridge on two Shores – Smythson of Bond Street, the legend

Nestled in the heart of Bond Street, London’s temple of luxury, the Smythson boutique was opened here in 1887. This is where Frank Smythson opened his first establishment, specializing in stationery, leather goods and storage.

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September 2011

A Bridge on two Shores – Lebanese artist Joe Kesrouani

An artist who touches everything, Lebanese Joe Kesrouani is a painter, art director, graphic designer and above all, an excellent photographer.

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September 2011

A Bridge on two Shores – Kitsuné, the small fox

Meetings, meltings, travels and culture shocks have defined the spirit of Kitsuné. Fashion, music, design and tradition give rythm to this independant brand… originally small, now grown up.

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May 2011

A Bridge on two Shores – Attilalou, Mathias Kiss

Artist, architect, designer, sculptor of space, highlighter of a moment, magician of the full and the empty, an embellisher of surfaces. Mathias Kiss is a manufacturer of shapes for the emotions… Whatever he touches turns to

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May 2011

A Bridge on two Shores – Hannah Bertram, the enchantress of dust

The creations of Australian artist Hannah Bertram are made all the more so transient as she uses only light, airy, diaphanous materials. At the slightest breath of air, her work could disappear, bringing into question the permanence of art

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