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August 16 2013

©Jean-François Gaté Hotel swimming pool with view

La Co(o)rniche,
an Eden dreamed up by Philippe Starck
in the Bay d’Arcachon

by Ludovic Bischoff

«This is one of the most beautiful places on earth that I’ve ever seen!». And it is with these ecstatic words that designer Philippe Starck has taken on the project of Sophie and William Techoueyres.

In 2010, the couple attacked the renovation of a legendary hotel that was a shadow of its former self. Starck was not willing to trust anyone else with the task of magnifying the exceptional location that has been occupied by La Corniche since 1933, on the Dune du Pyla.

  • A unique and unparalleled view

    The hotel opened three years ago, transformed by the enfant terrible of design, on the Cap-Ferret with 10 rooms and a restaurant. Today, La Co(o)rniche is still under the baton of the French designer with a second O inside a pair of brackets, as if to symbolize the enchanted break this exceptional and totally unique place provides to those who stay there.

  • New cabins that open onto the ocean

    In July 2013, La Co(o)rniche welcomed 18 new rooms – more mad designs by Starck! – housed in “cabins” overlooking the Cap-Ferret and the Banc d’Arguin. Supersized beds dressed in immaculate linens open onto a private terrace. By the huge windows decorated with a frieze of colored glass, one is awakened by the first rays of the sun projecting yellow, red, green and blue into the all-white room. And then one slowly emerges from a silk-like dream, to the rhythm of the waves off the Bay d’Arcachon.
    Starck has hidden a shower in a closet within a central island. Countless mirrors and a simple basin filled with Carita products are placed within the room so that your stay in these luxury cabins is just that, in every way…

  • A cozy winter salon

    La Co(o)rniche 2.0 is now open all year round. For guests who are lucky enough to stay in one of its luxurious hotel rooms, Philippe Starck has recently designed a winter salon for them to enjoy. On rainy days, one can lounge amongst the furs and wood or in one of the reading chairs arranged around the huge open fireplace. One can browse the beautiful books placed here and there just like in a family home, amongst ceramics from the private collection of the designer who feels quite at home here.

  • Luminous bedrooms

    For those who do not wish to be too far from the black swimming pool overlooking the ocean – a fantasy replica of the oyster ponds native to the region – there is always the 10 rooms in the main building. The door of one of them reads “Philippe and Yasmine”. This is the room of the designer and his wife. This is the ultimate proof that Starck is well accustomed to the place! Like all the others, it is accessed via a very dark corridor. And as soon as the bedroom door opens, the light blinds, almost, with the clarity that prevails. The light reaches every corner here. It enters through the large windows and even invades the open bathroom. Starck has filled the room with everyday objects and even left a list of his favorite addresses in the region on the dresser. All the details he put into La Co(o)rniche came from the heart.

  • A feast for your eyes and taste buds

    La Co(o)rniche is also (some say first and foremost!) a restaurant. It can be accessed by crossing through an aromatic herb garden. The restaurant is huge, enormous in fact, with a cozy room where you can collapse into deep sofas and a vast, endless terrace where there is a rush to enjoy the crustaceans and fish atop the highest sand dune in Europe. The terrace is perfect for an aperitif and tapas at sunset. But only the hotel guests have the privilege of having breakfast here, amongst the calm, whilst admiring the Bay d’Arcachon in the first light of dawn. One of the most beautiful places on earth, certainly…


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