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September 28 2012

The world of… la Contrie

Portrait © Gil Lesage / Sac Saint-Roch L, taille 24 H.



Using traditional methods and contemporary vision, Edwina de Charette de la Contrie makes timeless leather bags to meet the demand for unique, personal designs away from the dictates of fashion. Made entirely by hand by young artisans in the atelier of the shop, the creations of la Contrie, the name of the founder, all have a modern vintage air sprinkled with Parisian chic and femininity. This is the signature style la Contrie.

“Saint Roch”, “Rohan”, “Valois”…all bags and accessories from the Parisian brand are named after a street in the first arrondissement of Paris. It is necessary in this case to venture towards Place Vendôme and the Tuileries, to find their boutique decorated with wood paneling reminiscent of Haussmannien “point de Hongrie” floors, to find their handbags, shoulder bags, luggage and other bags in marengo calfskin, ostrich or bull, which are – needless to say – precious and exquisite.

Designed for the more patient among us, one must choose one of the six existing models of bags, and then select the size, leather type, one of the 60 available colour tones, the handle, stitching, the location of the initial and then wait eight weeks and wait for the semi-made-to-measure bag. Because ” la Contrie helps its clients experience the bespoke,” as their website says.  And for the impatient, some models are available in the shop or on their website.

Not including the limited edition creations such as the blue metro tickets holders that la Contrie designed for the boutique Colette, the card holder for Justin R. Saunders, creator of photo blog, or even the black leather umbrella inspired by surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim for the Cabinet of Curiosity of Thomas Erber, available in November. And since September, Edwina has created a new collection for men…but will undoubtedly still be coveted by women too!

La Contrie
11 rue de la Sourdière 75001 Paris
Tel : +33 1 49 27 06 44
From tuesday to saturday 11:00 to 19:00!/laContrie

Packaging la Contrie

Sac Saint-Roch S

Montage poignées torons

 Sac Rohan S

Sac Saint-Roch XL

Montage "piqué retourné" 1



Montage "piqué retourné" 2


Montage "piqué retourné" 3

Sac Marengo M, bracelet Sainte-Anne et parapluie en cuir Barenia et crocodile

Sac Saint-Roch

Vitrine de la boutique


Peaux de chèvre

Nuancier crocodile

La multitude de fils colorés

Sac Rohan S

 Couture main



Sacs Feuillade S


Intérieur de la boutique

Sac Marengo S, modèle homme issue de la nouvelle collection pour la rentrée

Préparation pour surpiqûre

Carte de voeux la Contrie


Packaging La Contrie frappé du sceau familiale

Peau de chèvre

Pochette Pélican

Preparation découpe pochette Pélican


Escalier hélicoïdal qui mène à l'atelier

Préparation montage

Préparation découpe

Préparation découpe


Bracelet Sainte-Anne

Choix de couleurs de fil pour surpiqûre

Porte-passeport Ventadour queue d'hirondelle, le griffe de la marque


Sac Saint-Roch XL, 48 H - Sac Saint Roch en crocodile porosus.

sac de voyage Saint Roch en autruche noir, fermeture à glissière couleur lie de vin, finitions palladium

Sac 48h Saint Roch en taurillon grainé couleur Pauillac, fermeture à glissière écrue, finitions palladium

Sacs Marengo en cuir de veau lisse barenia gold avec finitions en palladium


Modele Floris - Ghillies

Modele Sigmund - Derby 2 oeillets asymétriques

Modele Floris - Ghillies

Modele Sigmund - Derby 2 oeillets asymétriques


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