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12 December 2014

Jeanne Signoles: In my suitcase…

By Laurence Gounel

Jeanne Signoles is a free ranger. An inquisitive globetrotter,

she spend 10 years at the prestigious Goyard malletier (her surrogate family, with whom she shares her love of savoir-faire), having begun her career at Airbus, which awarded her a masters in econometrics, and a distinction in spatial aeronautics. But that is by-the-by. In 2014, adventure came her way, when, alongside her husband, she launched her own brand “L’Uniform”. “We were looking for a communal project, a story that we could create”…And here we have a line of luggage in woven canvas, from shopping bags to plumber bags and even little satchels. It makes us wonder, should we have to choose between disposable items and luxury? L’Uniform embellishes the everyday at an affordable price and with the same demands for knowledge and quality as the big houses. It is all about the finished product!

Do you prefer a bundle, a weekend bag, a trunk, suitcase or no luggage?

I am (all about) L’Uniform! My husband, Alex and I have just designed this casual luggage line in canvas woven with cotton and linen, which shall be for duffle bags or large travel bags, all with an impeccable finish. Why? We have three children and we didn’t want to choose between durability and timeless beauty. L’Uniform is all that. But when I travel alone, I have to confess: I use a 4-wheeled Rimowa suitcase, which I can push along with one hand

Globe-trotting or staying at home?

Traveling of course! I love it! The flight, the change of scene, the encounters ...

Espadrilles or stilettos?

Both. But if I am travelling into the back of beyond, I always have a pair of heels and a dress with me

What are your favourite destinations and hotels?

Japan. I go there a lot for work (even today) and I never get tired of it. I love getting lost cycling around Tokyo on the weekends by myself. On the other hand, I have developed a phobia of hotels when I travel, so I like returning to the same places when I am alone. It reassures me. Like the Peninsula in Ginza, or more recently the Hyatt Andaz in the Toranomon Hills. On a personal note, my favourite destination is Brazil. For the nature of course but also for the people that you meet. Brazilians are open and have a freshness about them! Just so you know, the Fasano Hotels for me, and particularly the one in Sao Paulo, are the best at what they do

What is your definition of the ideal journey or your favourite holiday memory?

That would be with my husband. We have been married for 17 years and although I love travelling with the children, I need to find time to be alone with him for around ten days a year. As for an unforgettable memory, I always think of a traditional evening with the geishas. That was always a dream of mine and a Japanese friend organised it as a surprise for us, in a restaurant

Your latest travels?

A romantic holiday in central Africa. Twice in a row. Each year, we select a place that we aren’t yet able to go to with the children. This year, we are going to India !

What do you bring back from your travels?

Lots of bits and bobs. Never anything too big. I love going to supermarkets and local food shops. I might bring back sponges, sweets, a piece of pavement (from Brazil)…and traditional games from Japan. These date from 1940 to 1960. I love to collect them

Jeanne Signoles © AB-JS. Illustration by Dale Lombard

Your tips?

I always have an empty suitcase, that I can fill on my return…which why these L’Uniform bags are perfect, as they are made out of canvas so they fit easily into the suitcase.

Talc. So that you never have to wear socks. I have heaps from the Mandarin Oriental, where they always supply little bottles of the stuff


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