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September 2014
It’s Now

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE Magazine offers you a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions.

As this month of September draws to a close, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to Shanghai for the opening of the 5th Hermès flagship, to the Olympic museum in Lausanne to celebrate the thirty-year anniversary of the Los Angeles Olympic Games, to Rome for a major exhibition of photos by Dennis Hopper or even London, to check out a retrospective dedicated to Anselm Kiefer. Go on, it’s happening now!

  • Hermès establishes itself at Shanghai’s centre.

    The Parisian leather specialist opens its fifth Hermès flagship in the heart of Shanghai, in the Huangpu district.

    In the midst of the skyscrapers and glistening facades of the city, a long redbrick building with a slanted roof surrounded by a garden emerges. It is within this three-storey structure that Hermès inaugurates its first boutique in all of China, designed and created by Parisien architectural agency RDAI, under the direction of Denis Montel. The top floor, which is dedicated to temporary events, commences with an exhibition “The Hermès Horse”, invented by artist Philippe Dumas. This is a happy coincidence that ties in with the Chinese year of the horse.

  • “Anselm Kiefer” at the Royal Academy of Arts in London.

    The Royal Academy of Arts presents the first retrospective of calibre in the United Kingdom with this artist, considered to be one of the most important of his generation.

    Kiefer’s fascination with history and works of former artistic masters appears through each of his subjects. From cultural myths born from folklore in the New and Old Testaments, the masterpieces of Anselm Kiefer confront dark moments in German history and lean on the complex relations between art and spirituality. The manner in which he uses materials such as clay, ash, earth, lead and dried flowers add a touch of symbolism and depth to this work.
    Until 14th December.

  • « Los Angeles 1984 – Colourful L.A. » at the Olympic Museum, Lausanne.

    As part of the thirtieth anniversary of the Olympic Games in Los Angeles, the museum choses to throwback to the multi-coloured universe of the 1980s.

    This exhibition establishes itself in two separate spaces. On one side, a selection of 38 photographs is presented on the quais d’Ouchy, which border Lake Léman. On the other, fifteen artistic posters, especially created for the games, are displayed in the Art Lounge at the centre of the museum. Robert Rauschenberg, David Hockney and Roy Lichstenstein also lent their talents, glorifying these games.
    Until 23rd November.

  • « Scratching the Surface: Photographs by Dennis Hopper » at the Gagosian Gallery in Rome.

    The first major photography exhibition by Dennis Hopper in Rome displays images from the 60s and 70s, inspired by the TV series Drugstore Camera.

    Whilst his reputation as an actor never ceases to climb, Hopper attempts to capture the rebel spirit of these years in Harlem, Los Angeles or Tijuana. Across almost a hundred vintage prints, including portraits of artists, actors and music legends, Dennis Hopper evokes the portrait of a particularly creative and dynamic era. And yet his images also give a new dimension to Hopper’s character, attuned landscapes, atmospheres and an ambient optimism.
    Until 8th November.

  • « Argentina, the land on the other side of the world » at the Maison des Amériques Latines, Paris.

    The country of conquests and the land of adventure, Argentina fascinates travellers with a quest ‘to the edge of the earth’.

    This exhibition allows you to roam through this mythical territory, a symbol of open space, through the photography of Florian von der Fecht. This photographer-traveller has surveyed Argentina from every angle, from the vertiginous Andes to the endless horizons of Patagonia. From his numerous travels, he brings back captivating snapshots that express his love for this country and its sublime landscape.
    From 22nd September to 11th December.

  • « The EY Exhibitions: Late Turner – Painting Set Free » at Tate Britain, London.

    « The EY Exhibitions: Late Turner – Painting Set Free » at Tate Britain, London

    It starts in 1835 and concludes in 1850 with his last exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. The exhibition highlights the intense activity of his last years, which begun with one of the largest ‘grand tours’ of an artist in Europe. Reuniting 150 works, the display aims to call into question the common preconceptions surrounding this ageing artist and reminds us of all the radicalness of this painter’s research, equally in terms of his technique, his materials and his methods.
    Until 25th January.

  • « Together » at the Gallery S Bensimon, Paris.

    This year, Serge Bensimon opted to work on the prospective notion of togetherness and to freely examine a broader scope of selection and collection.

    Playing on the idea of communal sharing, that of quality and creative research, every object on display is the result of work between designer, gallery and its producers. A celebration of special human relationships at the Gallery that Serge Bensimon treats as a laboratory for current trends.

  • « Gods and Myths of Ancient Greece » at the Ville Kérylos, Beaulieu-sur-mer.

    As part of the European Heritage Days, Ville Kérylos gives children the chance to take part in a series of playful workshops.

    From solving sphinx’s riddles to climbing Mount Olympus and snaking your way through the Minotaur’s labyrinth, children go off to discover founding legends of Greek mythology across a series of workshops that combine logic, reflection and speech.
    21st September.

  • « Dalì fait le mur » at L’Espace Dalì in Paris.

    L’Espace Dalì offers a carte blanche to street-art and around twenty artists who have considered a collaboration with Dalì as inspiration to create an original work.

    This clash between the creative, delirious world of the Catalan artist and the terms and codes of urban art has produced an original and creative experience. A handful of prestigious guests (Basquiat, Banksy, Keith Haring, Ramellzee) and certain events will become temporarily synonymous in this constantly evolving exhibition. A studio dedicated to street-art destined for children and adults will also be introduced.
    Until 15th March 2015.

  • « China at Versailles » at the Château de Versailles.

    This exhibition retraces the history of political and artistic exchanges between China and France during the 18th century, to commemorate the establishment of diplomatic relationships between the two countries in 1964.

    In the apartments of Madame de Maintenon, a display of paintings, furniture, lacquer pieces, porcelain and tapestries is a testament to the spectacular luxury of their era and their rarity today. Some 150 works gather together to illustrate the French taste for artistic Chinese artefacts, made popular during the reign of Louis XIV. These pieces also reveal the European interest in descriptions of China, expressed by the French Jesuits in their correspondences throughout the 18th century.
    Until 26th October.

  • « Air France, France is in the Air » at the Grand Palais, Paris.

    This exhibition created by Air France stops over in Paris, before jetting off to Shanghai and New York.

    The French airline invites every visitor to discover a new travel concept and its latest cabin designs for medium and long-haul flights. Designed like a journey, visitors are led through realistic and virtual experiences in the new world of the company, revolving around productions and animations. Guiding you through the exhibition, a downloadable mobile app (available from the Apple Store and Google Play) accompanies visitors, with extra content and enhanced reality games for kids.
    From 13th to 21st September.

  • « Artcurial Highlights » at the Biennale des Antiquaires, Paris.

    As part of the Biennale des Antiquaires gala, Artcurial unveils as exhibition of remarkable works and pieces that are soon to be sold.

    Pieces of furniture from the Corbusier mingle with contemporary artwork, a collection of tribal art, artistic objects from the 18th century and even a private selection of Islamic art. This exhibition shall also be presented in Artcurial’s other spaces in Europe in Vienna, Brussels, Milan and New York.
    Until 21st September.

  • 107Rivoli takes part in the AD Intérieurs 2014 in Paris.

    The boutique of the Arts Décoratifs participates in the AD Intérieurs 2014 and gives free licence to 16 designers chosen by the AD magazine.

    For the fifth edition of the event, the shop of the museum of Decorative Arts asked each designer to chose a ‘manifest’ object, either already in existence or created especially for the show, which epitomises their world. Fifteen unique creations will be presented. Following the theme of the AD Intérieurs 2014 project, the chosen objects aim to allow living art to reach its fullest potential, appealing to the designers’ savoir-faire, also echoing the fundamental principles of Arts Décoratifs, the creation of beauty in practicality.
    From 6th September to 3rd November.

  • « L’une et l’autre » at the Galerie Ikono, Brussels.

    These various works of photography based on the theme of identity produced by 25 sheltered women and accompanied by the Aurore association questions the connection between genres.

    As part of the biannual « Summer of Photography », this exhibition exemplifies the work of these women who are experiencing or have experienced a situation of great distress, helplessness and resignation. Thanks to the support of the Aurore Association, they can broadcoast their voice and their vision of vision across pieces including “Roadmaps”, “Animal Totem” and “Meetings”. This variety show is a result of exchanges between these photographic females and professionals who guide these artists throughout their journey.
    Until 27th September.

  • « Chantilly Arts & Elegance Richard Mille » at the Domaine de Chantilly.

    During the course of a weekend, the Domaine de Chantilly unites elegance, vintage cars and gastronomy as part of a exceptional event.

    Three different competitions will be headlining: a State competition for vintage car collections, a contest of elegance and the Club Grand prix for witnesses of automobile history. On the culinary side, the chefs of Relais & Châteaux come to the forefront in a series of exquisite moments that reunite several of the biggest names in French cuisine. Furthermore, during the opening parade of the car competition, Mario Luraschi will unveil his show ‘Riding Notes by Marion Luraschi’. A sophisticated countryside weekend…
    6th and 7th September.

  • « Rythme » at the Galerie Laure Roynette, Paris.

    The Parisian gallery unveils a new exhibition by Noëlle and Anaïs de Chabaneix, a dialogue between musical rythme, light and silence.

    A collection of pure and powerful works, fabricated in raw materials: sheaths of metal, stone and glass. In a gradual evolution revolving around form and sonorous or visual language, Anaïs de Chabaneix and Noëlle endeavour, in their choice of materials and objects, to raise the profile of something a priori tactile and to silence an audible sound: to freeze an action or word, holding it in suspense. Through bizarre and contradictory associations in terms of materials and references, these artists play on the inversion of the senses, shining a light upon the complexity of our perception.
    Until 21st Setptember.

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