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November 2014
It’s Now

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE Magazine offers you a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions. At the end of this month of November, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to win a year’s worth of culture by taking part in a unique canine event in Paris, to decode the unknown work of photographer Georges Rousse, to discover Yvonne Rainer’s courageous transition, shifting from choreography to cinema…and if that is not enough, participate in one of the first tours of the newly renovated musée Picasso. Go on, it’s happening now!

  • For Dog lovers and Jeff Koons fans.

    The Dog's Day is this Saturday 29th November at 3pm in Paris in the Marais.

    As part of the major Jeff Koons retrospective, which is on display at the Pompidou Centre in Paris until 27th April 2015, Expo in the City organises a colossal release of cultural canines in the Marais district of Paris. This extraordinary event shall take the form of a hitherto unseen stroll in the Marais. The main attraction? Hundreds of genuine art and culture prizes are up for grabs, including passes to visit exhibitions in Beaubourg for a whole year, including, of course, the Koons exhibition. And those lucky few that find one of the 50 Golden Dogs will cinch a dinner for two at the panoramic Le George restaurant and annual passes for the Centre Pompidou…the race is on!

  • From choreography to cinema.

    Until Sunday 30th November,

    the Jeu de Paume museum has chosen to display the widespread influence of American artist Yvonne Rainer, across her own creations as well as her links with artists of her own era, John Cage, Andy Warhol, Vito Acconci, Richard Serra and works from a younger generation, including Anri Sala, Natacha Nisic and Yael Bartana…this cycle presents the courageous transition of the artist, her connection between choreography and cinema and the aesthetic and political stakes with which she was confronted during a period of radical social movement.
    The Yvonne Rainer Project exhibits until 30th November

  • Picasso in all his splendour.

    Without a doubt, this is the most highly anticipated reopening of 2014 after five years of renovations.

    In the Particulier Salé hotel in the heart of the Marais, the Picasso Museum returns more glorious than ever. The successful renovation has doubled the size of visiting space from 2300m2 to 5000m2, transforming attics and basements into exhibition halls, with the reception established in the old stables. The new setting highlights the vast body of work by the painter himself but also his personal collection; comprising of Cézanne, Gauguin, Matisse, Renoir and the Douanier Rousseau.

  • Matsushima – Paris – Tokyo.

    As part of this new personal exhibition by Georges Rousse,

    the Catherine Putman gallery has chosen to reunite a group of photographs and drawings around a star motif, which appeared in his work in 2013. Beyond the plastic and complex characteristics of this shape created by the artist in the depths of a space, the star evidently represents a very strong, plural and symbolic force, the first of which could be that of light, a crucial question in the work of Georges Rousse. Of course, the gallery also exhibits his latest creations, photographs of his most recent installations, illustrating the work that he has done around the world.
    From 15th November to 3rd January.

  • B.A the month.

    This year, and for twelve consecutive years,

    UNICEF France will present its “Frimousses Creators” before the big auction of November 24, which will raise funds to enable the vaccination of children in Darfur. The 2014 edition again entails sewn dolls from Chantal Thomass, Dior houses, Chanel, Lesage, Paul Ka Orlinsi Richard, Jean-Charles de Casterbajac, Carlos Cruz Diez and David Oliveira. In addition to the exceptional mobilization of the fashion world for the sole purpose of ensuring vaccinations for more than 300,000 children, the event held at the Theatre du Chatelet is a great demonstration of the expertise and « savoir faire » of French luxury fashion houses.
    The “Frimousses Designer” Exhibition at the Theatre du Chatelet, until 23 November.

  • Papa was a Rolling Stone?

    Here is one more reason to covet the upcoming celebrations of this collector's edition,

    published by the unforgettable Taschen publishing house and released in 1150 copies. For any purist, the Art edition, printed in 450 copies, is autographed by hand by the 4 musketeers! On the inside, 500 pages of shots snapped by the biggest names, from archives to illustrations…In short, the ultimate object of desire at the end of 2014.

  • EDEN, a film by Mia Hansen-Løve and Sven Hansen-Løve,

    viewed by David Blot, journalist and author, one of the three founders of Respect is Burning, first time actor, and also our collaborator.

    An excerpt from his message after the night of the film premiere on the Champs Elysees – poetic, original, above and beyond all the typical commentary on the French touch and cinema. Written on the spot. “Eden is fundamentally unique, literary, deep, disturbing and incredibly human. Eden stems from its subject, the parties, the music, the genre, the excitement, it is marked in time, by family and children, the short screening is so far from us and remains elusive.” A film about life, 20 year-old Sven Løve, the brother of Mia Hansen-Løve, precursor to Garage music, coming from the generation that created the “French Touch”. Without nostalgia or celebration, the film puts its finger on the real gap between everyday, common and sometimes difficult times and the success of this dj, known in a world of electronic music has made dance and vibrates the entire planet with the “Cheers” evenings. A must see!
    Released on November 19

  • Shanghai Street Art.

    Until 1st December, the Bund causes a stir by playing host to an artists’ residency in the heart of the city.

    A dozen artists, each selected by the Magda Dansyz Gallery, will take control of the space in front of Bund18. The line-up promises true legends from New York, San Francisco and Paris, such as FUTURA, JONONE, ATLAS, ANDRE, LUDO, NASTY…Need we say more?

  • Winter Sunshine.

    After her debut for Colette in 2013, Lola James Harper of the Rock & Folk group establishes her new exhibition "Where the sun keeps shining" in the brand-new S.Bensimon gallery,

    in the 1st Arrondissement in Paris from 13th November to 2nd January. The label invites us to experience a slow American West coast folksong, oscillating between urban landscapes and the desert, from Seattle to San Diego. And to complete the journey, the discovery of these 40 snapshots goes hand in hand with an atmosphere that stimulates the senses of sound and taste, the fruit of artists from the same group, under the unique motto: “Embrace what makes you happy”.

  • The mad brilliance of Franck Gerhy.


    Enjoy the fanfare of the opening of the Louis Vuitton Foundation exhibition devised by the unmissable Franck Gehry, whilst finding out a little more about the work of the architect. Head for the Pompidou centre, where until the 26th January visitors can roam between the XL models by the artist and immerse themselves in his full-size work, so to speak. Sloping floors, glass roofs, exposed structures…all of his emblematic creations find resonance here.
    Franck Gehry, open everyday except Tuesday, from 11am until 9pm at the Centre Pompidou.

  • It’s all in the hotel!

    From 6th November until the end of the year,

    the Renaissance Paris Vendôme hotel in partnership with Art Actuel, offers a series of temporary exhibitions on display for 13 days each. Don’t miss either Leo Caillard and Wong Wa (7th to 19th November) or Faz and Keime (21st November to 3rd December). Right in the centre of town, you have no excuse not to visit between midday and 2pm…
    4 rue du Mont-Thabor 75001 Paris.

  • Paris-Shanghai.

    As part of the photography month taking place at the Grand Palais from 13th to 16th November,

    this year the Magda Danysz Gallery displays its efforts taken from the contemporary Chinese scene. Presenting the work of one of the most promising Chinese artists of his generation, Huang Xiaolian loves to mix ancient pictorial techniques and digital effects in his photographs, touching upon something almost childlike…we love it.

  • A few blue notes...

    Until 24th November, as part of the 75th anniversary of the most famous jazz production house Blue Note Records, Yellow Korner pays tribute to Francis Wolff, co-founder of the New York label and favourite photographer amongst celebrated jazzmen.

    Incidentally, the house publishes 1939 copies perfect for a fabulous book collector, glorifying the finest hours of the label. It seems that Christmas has come early.
    Blue Note de Francis Wolff, 149 €, available in YellowKorner galleries.

  • Modern Morocco.

    Across 2500m2, visitors are invited to discover one of France’s most important ever exhibitions dedicated to the contemporary art scene of a foreign country.

    A journey to the crux of the effervescence of Moroccan art: plastic arts, design, video, architecture, even fashion…it is all there. Hint: reserve a table at Zyriab simply because for the occasion, Noura has invited the chef of the Mamounia – Rachid Agouray – and his team take charge of the 9th floor restaurant until 24th November.
    Showing until 25th January

  • Hurry, Hokusai!

    The uncontested master of Japanese engraving, this artist recognised around the world.

    As part of the exhibition/event dedicated to him at the Grand Palais, the Réunion des musées nationaux puts together a complete catalogue – a rarity – of 500 works gathered together in a single volume. It also includes a no-queue ticket…and if this appeals to you, until 20th November, Uniqlo invites you to reproduce the great wave or Red Mount Fuji at http://uniqlo-grandpalais.com/. The three winners have their designs imprinted at a client’s request in the Marais boutique.
    Exhibition catalogue, 50€.

  • Fulguro makes it's mark at the Sakura gallery!

    Look out Goldo Expo...

    From 5th November to 17th January, the Goldorak of our childhood is the guest of honour at this Bourg Tibourg gallery, through a selection of work by ten different artists, photographers, plasterers and sculptors. An event that fits in as the logical follow-up to the Super Expo! Since last spring, celebrate superheroes.

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