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January 2014
It’s Now

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE magazine puts together a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions for you to keep up with on your getaways or city breaks. Come and check out It’s Now!

To continue into January, we invite you to participate in the Fête du graphisme at the Cité de la mode et du design, to discover pre-revolution Russia at Musée Zadkine, to appreciate Etruscan art at Louvre Lens, to discover depictions of the Provence on canvas at the Atelier Grognard, and to visit «Maison & Objet» in Paris Nord Villepinte.

  • «Maison & Objet» in Paris Nord Villepinte.

    For its new edition, the Maison & Objet offers a space for expression to six signature Turkish creatives.

    The exhibitions of creation, design and new trends presents for its new session the works of Turkish artists in partnership with Tasarim Publishing Group. Coming together in the hall 7, Büyükünal Burcu Deniz Buru, Sule Koc, Ceren Basgöze, Meric Kara and Umut Demirel will all present their latest productions. Industrial design, interior architecture, furniture … many fields of experimentation and innovation that prove the talent of the Turkish creator of the new generation and as always the trends proposed by Elizabeth Leriche, François Bernard and Vincent Grégoire which develop here the theme of “Elsewhere”, “Elsewhere in nature ” for Elizabeth Leriche.
    From January 24 to 28

  • «1ère Fête du graphisme» in the Cité de la mode et du design, Paris.

    For the first time, the Cité de la mode et du design is organizing a major national event dedicated to promoting the graphic arts in all its many forms.

    This first edition will be an opportunity to open the field of graphic design to the wider public through exhibitions, screenings, events and celebrations. The event is organized around four exhibitions: Paris has invited the world (345 posters by international artists),

    a ‘tour de France’ of young designers, Gig posters (150 contemporary posters) and the tribute film “Galerie Anatome, 50 expositions” which traces the history of the one permanent place in France dedicated to contemporary design.
    January 30 to February 2

  • «Voyage dans l’ancienne Russie» at the Musée Zadkine, Paris.

    By way of this exhibition, visitors will have the chance to immerse themselves into a world that was thought to be lost forever – that of Russia before the Revolution.

    The images taken between 1909 and 1916 by Sergei Mikhailovich Procoudine-Gorsky reflect everyday Russians with a freshness and unique tenderness. Produced in Russia in 1918, the photographs taken on some 200 glass plaques were acquired by the Library of Congress in Washington in 1948. Now digitized, the surprisingly contemporary images recreate a bygone era. Utterly fascinating.
    Until April 13

  • «Les Etrusques et la Méditerranée» at the Louvre-Lens.

    For its first archaeological exhibition, the Louvre-Lens is presenting the Etruscan civilization through the portrait of a city – Cerveteri, the best known and one of the major Ancient Mediterranean cities.

    The rich archaeological, cultural and artistic heritage of the city has been gradually discovered over the centuries.

    More than 400 pieces from the major collections in Europe are being reunited with the Sarcophagus of the Spouses, the jewel of Etruscan collections from the Louvre Museum, exhibited for the first time outside of Paris. This is a close-up look that allows us to address for the first time a portrait of a city that played such an important role in the Ancient Mediterranean comparable to that of Athens, Carthage and Rome.
    Until March 10

  • «Les peintres du paysage provençal»

    at the l’Atelier Grognard, Rueil-Malmaison.

    After the painters of Pont-Aven at the beginning of 2013, the Atelier Grognard is now providing

    the chance to return to the Provencal landscape through the eyes of several generations of regional and Parisian painters. With the Ecole Marseillaise, of course, as a real instigator of the Provencal style. These artists will portray this unique landscape with the aim of depicting the Provence that they are so dearly attached to. Thereafter, through exchanges with the artistic circles of the capital, other artists will try to capture this incomparable light on canvas. As a result, Provence becomes a veritable subject of pictorial research and supports all the creativity associated with this time. Until March 17

  • «Sarkis, Au commencement le blanc» at the Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris.

    The third collaboration between the artist and the gallery after «Opus 2» and «Aura d’après Vaudou», this exhibition brings together a wide selection of new works and earlier pieces by Sarkis inspired by the color white.

    Arranging objects like sounds, the artist modulates the intonations through attachment and audience participation. By inviting the viewer to touch the windows

    to see the drawings in a metal display or manipulate ancient silk curtains, Sarkis adds a tactile and physical aspect via an active interaction with the art.
    January 9 to March 1

  • «Decorum, carpets and tapestries by artists» at the Museum of Modern Art, Paris.

    The Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris is highlighting the art of textiles with this exhibition of over a hundred rugs and tapestries created by modern artists.

    Decorum is a chance to discover the often unknown woven works of unjustly lesser known artists.

    The exhibition also includes anonymous works from different time periods and regions in order to underscore the meaningful similarities and differences. Objects both visual and tactile, aesthetic and functional, and certainly easily transportable, these carpets and tapestries transcend the traditional boundaries of decorative arts and design.
    Until February 9

  • «Donation Florence and Daniel Guerlain» at the Centre Pompidou, Paris.

    The Centre Pompidou is dedicating an exhibition to the exceptional donation of works on paper granted by Florence and Daniel Guerlain.

    This unique presentation of some three hundred drawings selected from a group of 1,200 pieces that make up the Guerlain donation provides a fascinating overview of art on paper. This referential collection of contemporary art consists of work created since 1990, and brings together over two hundred artists of thirty different nationalities.
    Until March 31

  • «Bon voyage» at merci, Paris.

    On the occasion of Maison & Objet (from January 24 to 28), merci is organizing an exhibition that illustrates the art of traveling today.

    Ever since mankind began to move, travel objects have reflected the evolution of society. Today, they reflect our need for comfort, lightness, practicality and creativity. We have come a long way since the chests of the Middle Ages

    or the foldable cabin trunks born with transatlantic voyage – travel objects have always adapted to our needs as evidenced by the products presented here.
    From January 22 to February 8

  • «Chu Teh-Chun, les chemins de l’abstraction» at the Pinacothèque, Paris.

    The third part of a trilogy devoted artists of their time, this exhibition made waves in the abstract world.

    Never presented as one of the important factors that led to the birth of abstraction,

    yet photography frees the artist who can give free rein to his imagination, without being attached to the actual topic. To illustrate this analysis, the choice of Chu Teh-Chun is displayed. Inspired by the art of Goya, the Chinese artist – less known than his contemporary Zao Wou-Ki – shows that nature, even when released from figuration, remains the greatness witness of its time. The work of Chu The-Chun takes nature as its starting point, where the only thing that counts is movement, the perpetual evolution of colors and shapes.
    Until March 16

  • «David Lynch, Small Stories» at the Maison européenne de la photographie, Paris.

    Renowned filmmaker David Lynch is also a visual artist, designer and musician. And for the MEP who gave him carte blanche, he has put together an exhibition.

    Through around forty black and white photographs, created especially for the occasion, David Lynch tells little stories.

    Disturbing, inhabited, dreamlike images…in which the visitor will detect the recurring patterns within the universe of David Lynch.
    January 15 to March 16

  • «Laurent Craste, Transforme/pose /figure» at the musée des Beaux-Arts, Montreal.

    French-born artist working in Montreal since the early 1990s, Lawrence Craste is presenting an original and contemporary exhibition,

    highlighting his work on porcelain that combines craftsmanship and conceptual exploration. Using archetypes from the main directory of the French porcelain factories of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, Laurent Craste hijacks form and iconography by alteration, distortion and even destruction, as he questions the status of the decorative object. He explores several themes: fetish, betrayal and violence, as well as ornamentation, especially floral motifs and the representation of the human figure.
    Until March 30

  • «Hommage à Nelson Mandela» at the Musée Dapper, Paris.

    A space dedicated to the arts and culture of Africa, the Caribbean and their Diasporas,

    the Musée Dapper is paying a dual tribute to the South African leader.

    Two events will celebrate the man who was the first president of post-apartheid South Africa. An evening of reading enabling visitors to hear his soothing voice – sometimes angry, but always tough, Madiba the fighter, and future Nobel Peace Prize winner. Conversations with Myself, his collection of thoughts with a foreword by Barack Obama, and A Long Road to Freedom, a narrative of memories of his captivity, provide the material and words for the readings. There will also be a screening of the Clint Eastwood film, Invictus, revisiting a rugby match that was one of the first steps in the creation of the “rainbow nation”, which was then still in its infancy.
    17 and 18 January

  • «Mira Schendel» at the Tate Modern, London.

    Mira Schendel was one of the most important post-war artists

    and the most prolific from Latin America. Along with her contemporaries Lygia Clark and Hélio Oiticica, Schendel reinvented the language of European Modernism in Brazil. The Tate Modern is organizing the first international retrospective dedicated to the artist. The exhibition reveals the dialog Schendel had with the philosophers and thinkers of her time, and her commitment to the universal ideas of faith, self-understanding and existence. With more than 250 works, drawings and sculptures, this exhibition also features pieces that have never been exhibited before. Until January 19

  • «Before the horizon»

    at the Miró Foundation, Barcelona.

    The horizon line is a feature of landscapes that we all have admired at least once.

    This was also the case for these artists. The power of attraction of the horizon is the central axis of the exhibition. Through paintings, photographs and sculptures starting from romanticism and impressionism to the present day, Before the horizon explores the enigmatic duality of the horizon, by revisiting the changing nature of its presentation and questioning its paradoxical mirror role of mutations of history and culture. Until February 16

  • «Pouet !» at the Musée du Cinquantenaire, Brussels.

    Of course, in the family of squeaky rubber toys there is Sophie the Giraffe.

    But this is far from the only example as shown in this playful

    exhibition that immerses the visitor in the popular culture of children from the twentieth century. The 600 pieces presented reveal patterns of fashions and even sometimes surprising designs from the past. The first rubber party blowers (pouets) from the 1930’s until their intensive industrial manufacturing which sent them to the four corners of the globe, ” Pouet ! ” will enthrall younger visitors as much as the connoisseurs who appreciate the very rare pieces on display.
    Until 15 June 2014

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