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March 2015 It’s Now

Each month, PLUME VOYAGE Magazine offers you a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions. To conclude this month of March, we urge you to discover the knowledge of craft arts at the Quai d’Orsay or to even marvel at the talents of these artisans from around France and Europe. Or you may prefer to rediscover the magic of Degas’s canvases in Giverny or take a glance at the work of fresh talent in the world of contemporary drawing. We invite you to dive into the magical canvas universes of Paul Gauguin, to discover the work of Thai artist Arin Rungjang, to admire contemporary British jewellery creations and even praise the special collection of buttons on display at the musée des Arts décoratifs. And as Paris Fashion Week draws to a close, we suggest that you head for London, for a rendezvous with Alexander McQueen. Or you may prefer to take a look into the concept of landscape in Graz, in Austria or to rediscover the Winged Victory Samothrace at the Louvre. Or you may even want to go a little further afield, to Brisbane, to immerse yourself in the world of David Lynch. We also invite you to two catch-up sessions: after a stint in Paris, the Garry Winogrand exhibition stops in Madrid whilst the one dedicated to David Bowie, which stirred up a storm in London, comes to Paris. Or you may prefer to celebrate Women’s Day or even check out the first exhibition dedicated to photos created by mobile telephones. Come on, it’s happening now!

  • "AD Collections" at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Paris.

    AD magazine is organising a new furniture exhibition at the Quai d’Orsay. In the hopes of bringing decorative arts,

    a French speciality, to the forefront, the magazine displays the talent of these exception interior designers. “AD Collections” presents objects and high quality pieces of furniture devised in noble and defined materials in small volumes. From artisans to decorators and even designers working for the big luxury fashion houses, 50 talented individuals, selected by the editing team, each present three previous unseen pieces that are significant to their universe.
    Until 5th April

  • « The spirit and the hand/L’esprit et la main » at the Manufacture des Gobelins, Paris.

    For over ten years, the “Journées européenes des metiers d’art” organisation has acknowledged the diversity and the dynamics of craft art across thirty European countries.

    This year, almost 6000 events – gatherings, demonstrations of knowledge, discovering workshops, guided visits etc. – take place around France in artists’ studios, museums and training centres. This ninth edition depicts the theme of “the territory/land of innovation” and aims to show how these ambassadors of such exceptional savoir-faire reinvent their crafts, pushing the limits of creation and illustrating the challenges of economic and sustainable cultural development. For the firs time, the Manufacture des Gobelins also presents an exhibition that is relevant to its restoration workshops, a very particular space that is still closed to the public. This is a unique chance to experience an insight into the wings of a secular institution, the imperial and republican royal Garde-meuble, know today as ‘National Furniture’. 27th, 28th and 29th March

  • "Degas: an impressionist painter?" at the Impressionist museum, Giverny.

    Whilst Edgar Degas is considered today as one of the great impressionist artists, he maintains a complex relationship with his comrades and open-air painting, which is definitive of the impressionist era in the career of numerous artists. The exhibition, organised in collaboration with

    the musée d’Orsay, presents 80 pieces of work – paintings, sculptures, pastels, monotypes and drawings – which allow you to explore the different aspects of work by Degas. Until 17th July

  • "DDessin (15)" at the Atelier Richelieu, Paris.

    For its third edition, DDessin, a bureau of contemporary drawings, unites around twenty French and foreign galleries, highlighting once again the world of drawing in all its forms, across the work of both emerging and well-established artists. Specific projects intersperse this intimate insight, conducive to rambling.

    Contemporary art collectors Denis Croisat and Didier Beaumelle make the most of their blank canvas in order to discover a selection of their treasures for the first time.
    From 27th to 29th March

  • "Paul Gauguin" at the Fondation Beyeler, Bâle.

    This major retrospective is the most important one dedicated to Paul Gauguin

    in Switzerland for sixty years, exhibiting the various self-portraits of the artist as well as visionary canvases and a spiritual imprint dating from his sojourn in Brittany. But above all, this exhibition gives prominence to the world-renowned paintings that Gauguin created in Tahiti. Here, the artist celebrates the perfection of an unsullied world linking nature and culture, mysticism and exoticism, dream and reality in perfect harmony. To compliment these canvases, the exhibition also presents a selection of mysterious sculptures by Gauguin, which revives rare Southern Ocean art that has widely disappeared. Until 28th June

  • "Arin Rungjang, Mongkut" at the Maison d’art Bernard Anthonioz, Nogent-sur-Marne.

    Heavily inspired by particular unknown aspects of Thai history and their links with the present, through the sites and contexts in which he exercises his artistic skills, Arin Rungjang focuses his work on sensitive objects

    in order to reunite distant events from one to the other through time and space. With Mongkut, the artist bases his research on a symbolic form revered amongst Thai people. In this exhibition, he depicts French-Siamese relations forged during the parallel reigns of King Rama IV (1851-1868) and Napoléon III (1852-1870). This period marked European colonial expansion in a large part of what is now known as South-East Asia.
    Until 17th May

  • "Britain 2015" at the Galerie Elsa Vanier, Paris.

    Once again, the Galerie Elsa Vanier hoists the Union Jack to present contemporary British creations. The gallery’s wishes to reiterate the diverse

    styles of the art of jewellery-making from across the channel comes alive in this exhibition, which highlights an eclectic mix of new talent. The various designers, many of whom have received international recognition, propose both ‘rock’ and gothic pieces, as well as precious, discrete jewellery.
    Until 8th May

  • "Unbutton the world" at the musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris.

    This exhibition unveils a world-first collection of more than 3000 buttons,

    plus a selection of over 100 items of clothing and accessories from the worlds of male and female fashion, chosen from the designs of the most emblematic couturiers, including Paul Poiret, Elsa Schiaparelli, Christian Dior, Jean-Paul Gautier and even Patrick Kelly. Dating from 18th to 20th century, these buttons are truly objects of art, defined by the precocity of materials and techniques incorporated into their fabrication. Created by artisans of different disciplines (lace-makers, embroiders, goldsmiths, glass-makers, ceramicists…), they alone crystallise the memory and evolution of this knowledge. Acquired in 2012, this collection was awarded the status of ‘Work of Major Heritage Interest’ by the consultative commission of National Treasures.
    Until 19th July

  • "Landscape in Motion" at the Kunsthaus Graz, Graz.

    These first photographs taken from outer space have revealed the limits of the earth’s surface. This raising of awareness has inspired a new

    understanding of our interaction with the world and its landscape. And as we live in an anthropocentric age, a period in which humanity is the dominant force, our conception of the landscape changes. Considered infinite, it appears ever more and more finite. This exhibition offers a historic insight into the perception of the earth’s landscape, by supporting the development of this kind of 1960s photography. Until 26th October

  • "David Lynch: Between two Worlds" at the Gallery of Modern Art, Brisbane.

    For the first time in Australia, the artistic and cinematographic creations of David Lynch are displayed as part of a retrospective that considers the artist’s use of every kind of media. Casting back to paintings and drawings from the 1960s to more modern pieces,

    the exhibition paints a picture of David Lynch as multi-talented, brilliant and immensely creative, whatever sort of media he uses. Painter, photographer and cineaste, every side of this figure are explored and illustrated by these works, some of which are rarely exhibited in public.
    Until 7th June

  • "Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London.

    Alexander McQueen, visionary fashion designer and one of the most innovative of his generation, is being recognised for his extraordinary talent.

    He knew how to match a deep understanding of couture with an eclectic influence, relentlessly challenging the borders of art and fashion. This exhibition is the only major retrospective dedicated to McQueen in Europe, displaying more than 200 creations, including some rare pieces on special loan from private individuals and collectors. This treasure trove also presents drawings by McQueen in collaboration with jewellery-maker Shaun Leane and milliner Philip Treacy.

  • "The Winged Victory of Samothrace: rediscover a masterpiece" at the Musée du Louvre, Paris.

    Following a year of restoration work, the silhouette of one of the most famous monuments in the Louvre becomes available to visitors once again.

    Offered to the gods of Samothrace following a naval triumph, the Winged Victory of Samothrace comprises of a winged goddess – the messenger of victory – and is made up of a prow-shaped base in the image of a boat, posed upon a low stone plinth, having been discovered in 1863 in the Samothrace sanctuary, north of the Aegean Sea. Since its arrival at the Louvre, this monument has constantly evolved through restorations that permit us a better understanding of the sculpture. Its latest renovation highlights the splendour of shades of marble and, for the first time, allows us to study the fragments of the arms and the right wing, which until now have been kept in storage. Until 15th June. www.louvre.fr

  • "Garry Winogrand" at the Mapfre Foundation, Madrid.

    If you missed this exhibition dedicated to the American photographer, then head down to Madrid!

    Defined by John Szarkowki, director of photography at the MoMA at the time, as ‘the central artist of his generation’, Garry Winogrand established himself as one of the most important and influential photographers of the 20th century, ranking amongst the likes of Walker Evans or Lee Friedlander. This display comprises of more than 200 photographs acts as a testament to the reality of the effervescent United States during the second half of the 20th century, earning this photographer the title of ‘the chronicler of America.’
    Until 3rd May

  • "Women of the World" at Maisons du Voyage, Paris.

    As part of International Women’s Day on 8th March, the Maisons du voyage celebrates womankind across an exhibition that spreads itself across three sites, around the Saint-Sulpice Square.

    Whether famous or anonymous, these women share one thing; they have all marked their era with a pose or action that changed the course of history forever. Whether they are elegant, passionate, rebellious, courageous, tireless activists, idolised or even sacrificed, they opted to go against the expectations of their time and knew how to cast a critical eye on their era. Some of these portraits were painted by Fabrizio Ruggiero; other women, who were simply anonymous, both ordinary and extraordinary, have been photographed by Marc Riboud and Floriane de Lassée, from all around the world.
    Until 6th June

  • "Mobile Photo Now" at the Colombus Museum of Art, Colombus.

    Presenting the first ever exhibition commissioned by a museum that displays photographs created with a mobile phone, the Colombus Museum of Art (CMA) takes a keen interest in this

    emerging art form and the power of social media. To make this exhibition a reality, CMA and #JJ Community, one of the most active photographic communities in the world, have teamed up to present 320 photographs taken by 240 photographers in 40 countries.
    Until 22nd March

  • "David Bowie is" at the Philarmonie, Paris.

    Following in the footsteps of the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Philarmonie in Paris welcomes this major exhibition dedicated to David Bowie and inspects the creative process of this pop icon.

    An authentic visual and sonorous experience, “David Bowie is” re-examines the forever changing style and perpetual reinvention of the singer, over the course of five decades. This display pays testimony to the extraordinary journey of a unique and unclassifiable artist, and his influence over popular culture. This rich and exciting story travels from London to Paris, from New York to Berlin.
    Until 31st May

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