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March 2014
It’s Now

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE magazine chooses a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions for you to keep up with on your getaways or city breaks or just keep your mind open with a motionless journey.

To end this March, we take you to discover some of the exhibitions of the PAD (Pavilion of Arts) held at Jardins des Tuileries until March 30 (En Attendant les Barbares and Negropontes), suggest that you participate in the exhibition of sustainable luxury in Paris, 1.618 and discover the talents of French design at the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan. Go on, it’s happening now!

  • En Attendant les Barbares Gallery in the Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.

    Agnès Kentish is presenting a selection of recent exhibitions from the gallery: Elizabeth Garouste (Eclectismes), Eric Robin (Arborescences), Eric Jourdan (Fauve) and Garouste & Bonetti (Ors).

    But also new things such as a new version of a Garouste & Bonetti lamppost made from 100% gold leaf, a new Eric Robin high table in black iron, white gold sheet metal and brushed wood, a desk by Eric Jourdan and a pouf by Eric Schmitt.

  • « 1.618 Sustainable Luxury » at the Carreau du Temple, Paris.

    The sustainable luxury salon is proposing a selection of forty French and international companies from all areas of lifestyle:

    architecture, design, mobility, tourism, gastronomy, technology, fashion, jewelry, wellness…All must fulfill creative, ethical and aesthetic criteria, and meet the expectations of a public in search of meaning. 1.618 validates sustainable development initiatives by an independent committee of renowned experts, to avoid all greenwashing. It is Sonu Shivdasani, founder of Soneva and Six Senses, the first green luxury hotel group, who will be the ambassador for this new edition of the show.
    From April 4 to 6.

  • « Hommage à Brancusi » by the Galerie Negropontes in the Jardin des Tuileries, Paris.

    The Galerie Negropontes is presenting a new collection of furniture and glass sculptures.

    Created by the designer Hervé Langlais and glass artists Perrin & Perrin, it embodies the creative principles dear to the Romanian sculptor: the simplicity of form, the art of assemblage and the repetition of volumes. On display in the background of this exhibition are photographs of the iconic sculptures of Constantin Brancusi by Dan Grigorescu-Negropontes, the father of Sophie Negropontes the creative director of gallery, completing a truly radical ensemble.

  • « France Design, les talents français du design» at the Superstudio Piu, Milan.

    On the occasion of the International Furniture Exhibition in Milan, the "France Design" event is bringing together through two exhibitions as part of the off-programming during the week of Milanese design.

    “Talents & Economy” presents a broad overview of the involvement of French industrial design in all areas of activity of the economy. Over seventy new everyday products and equipment will be on display. At the same time, “VIA Design 2014” will present seventeen prototypes designed by 13 emerging designers. These tables sofas, chairs, consoles etc. all incorporate innovations in terms of materials, experimental techniques, and research into new industrial processes .
    From April 8 to 13.

  • « Avec motifs apparents » in Centquatre, Paris.

    After inviting five artists to create or recreate an iconic a monumental piece from their portfolio of work in situ,

    this exhibition is based on architecture designed for specific spaces.

    The pieces often go beyond the surface used to engage visitors. Their motif is clearly apparent: they intend to seduce to attract attention, and to create tension between the plastic “charm” of what is shown and the reality of the subject.
    From 22 March to 10 August.

  • « Etrange Bestiaire » at L’Atelier d’art de France, Paris.

    On the occasion of the reopening of the Parc Zoologique de Vincennes, L’Atelier invited four artists to exhibit their poetic, strange and sometimes facetious vision of bestiary.

    Historically, humans and animals have always coexisted in a complex relationship. Since prehistory, wildlife art has stood as an essential artistic pattern. Today, the arts continue to capture this universal theme. Four designers deliver their version of the beast through a humorous satire of society, while searching for the shift and the other.
    From April 11 to May 28

  • « L’Etat du ciel, Part 2 » at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

    'L’État du Ciel' is a homage to many artists’, poets’ and philosophers’ reflections on the physical, moral and political factors that shape our world.

    Over the course of a season, it will present a dozen proposals and exhibitions surrounding this theme. Looking at the world as we look at the pictures, today stops being an imposed destiny and becomes a changing surface

    that we could, perhaps, transform. In this spirit, the work of David Douard plunges into the most contradictory of references. Transforming the exhibition into a rumor, David Douard proposes to slip into the “diseases of the real” for his first major solo exhibition.
    Until September 7.

  • « It's Shanghai Time » at UNESCO, Paris.

    To celebrate the 50th anniversary of diplomatic relations between China and France, this exhibition gives an overview of contemporary design specific to Shanghai.

    Organized in partnership between the city of Shanghai and Elle Decoration China, this multi-media exhibition will transport you to the Chinese megalopolis of today thanks to the work of the designers created especially for the occasion.

  • «Solutions en lumière» at the Palais d'Iéna, Paris.

    The Miss Sissi Bio-One lamp, designed by Philippe Starck for FLOS, will be interpreted by sixty different artists and renowned personalities for "Solutions en lumière" to benefit the Reporters d’Espoirs.

    These ecological and innovative bioplastic lamps, customized by artists such as JonOne, Raymond Depardon,

    Inès de la Fressange and Lou Doillon, will be out up for auction. The funds generated by the sale will be donated to the Reporters d’Espoirs association to benefit its fight for “information that makes you want to act”.
    Exhibitions on 22 and 23 March. On sale March 24.

  • «Splender Solis. Douglas White» at the Eden Rock Gallery, St. Barts.

    In this exhibition, Douglas White presents a series of work inspired and created during his stay on the island of St. Barts.

    A highly individual world of symbols and raw materials, his work offers a unique view of life on the island. Whether its an octopus printed using its own ink, or a monumental palm tree created with scraps of tires or a dead cactus, found on a roadside, Douglas White offers a very personal and different view of St. Barts, falling somewhere between aesthetic and a poetic narrative .
    Until 30 April.

  • «FauveParis», a new auction house in Paris.

    New Paris-based auction house FauveParis wants to make auctions accessible to an uninitiated audience.

    For the founders, traditional sales seem to be organized in

    order to exclusively satisfy a clientele of professionals and discerning collectors. In order to “liberate auctions”, FauveParis – named as a nod to the artistic movement that marked the beginning of the twentieth century – will open an eponymous space in the Upper Marais where pieces will be exhibited for sale and publish, for each sale, a heavily detailed magalogue. The first sale is scheduled for May.

  • «Bill Viola» at the Grand Palais, Paris.

    With twenty major works, fifty-odd screens and hours of footage on display, "Bill Viola" is one of the largest retrospectives ever dedicated to the artist.

    Bill Viola’s use of video evokes a universe of digital images that has earned a place in art history. The four decades of his work are represented

    from The Reflecting Pool (1977-1979) up to The Dreamers (2013): film videos, monumental installations, portraits on plasma, sound pieces, sculpture videos, intimate pieces and blockbusters. All the genres are there and with them, all the great iconic series of Bill Viola.
    Until July 21.

  • «Klimt and Vienna, a century of gold and color» at the Carrières de Lumière, Les Baux-de-Provence.

    The Carrières de Lumière are inaugurating a new multimedia show to initiate a dialogue between the works of Gustav Klimt,

    Egon Schiele, and Hundertwasser. With thousands of images of digitized art projected onto every surface in these old quarries and set in motion to the rhythm of the music, this high-tech exhibition clicks through a hundred years of Viennese painting. A fresh look at Klimt and his successors through the staging of portraits, landscapes, nudes, colors and gilding that revolutionized Viennese painting from the late nineteenth and throughout the following century.
    Until 4 January 2015

  • «IXe Festival international du film des métiers d'art» in Corum , Montpellier.

    Created in 1998 by the Ateliers d'Art de France, the Festival aims to help develop the creation and diffusion of films about crafts from around the world.

    For its ninth edition, the FIFMA is showing thirty films that focus on eight themes: transmission, contemporary art,

    traditional craft techniques from around the world, portraits of artisans, women in the crafts, and the history of art, heritage and politics. It shows us how there are so different visions from around the world that are enriching this conversation.
    Until March 9

  • «Equality for women is progress for all» at UNESCO Paris.

    To celebrate Women's Day, March 8, UNESCO has organized a series of events focused around the theme "Equality for women is progress for all".

    Gender equality has been a global

    priority for the Organization since 2008 and it still is today. To commemorate this day, UNESCO has organized meetings, debates and an exhibition that will present pieces of work by a variety of artists who all feature women as their principal source of inspiration.
    Until March 20

  • «Michaël Borremans, As sweets as it gets» at the Palais des Beaux-Arts, Brussels.

    Since the late 1990s, Michaël Borremans has acquired an international reputation for his diverse production of work (drawings, paintings, films) in which he highlights,

    in an ironic and suggestive manner, the illustrative nature of our representations and the absurdity existence. He doesn’t shy away from reinterpreting the historic paintings of Velasquez, Goya and Manet and also often makes references to literature, photography and cinema. So many good reasons to discover this fascinating artist through a hundred pieces of his work from the last twenty years before the exhibition heads to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the Dallas Museum of Art.
    Until August 3.


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