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June 2014
It’s Now

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE magazine chooses a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions for you to keep up with on your getaways or city breaks or just keep your mind open with a motionless journey.

And for the end of June, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to discover the Collection Antoine de Galbert at the Maison Rouge in Paris, to take a trip to the cinema to see Talking to the Trees, which aims to denounce child prostitution in Cambodia, to dine in silence at the Electric in Paris, the perfect moment to seek a little serenity. Or why not (re)connect with work by iconoclast Georges Dubuffet in Landerneau. Go on, it’s happening now!

  • « Le Mur - Collection Antoine de Galbert » at the Maison Rouge, Paris

    In honour of its 10th anniversary, the Maison Rouge unveils the eleventh chapter in a series of exhibitions that solely deals with private collections.

    And this time, it displays work by the founder and president of the Maison Rouge, Antoine de Galbert. Over 1200 pieces by 800 artists form a long frieze that is 3-metres high and 200-metres in length, along every picture rail of the foundation. These works, hung at random, irrespective of their shape, size, medium, story, commercial value or the notoriety of the artist, are reminiscent of Antoine de Galbert’s personal library, « a Noah’s arc where every artist surfs the same wave for the same reason ».
    Until 21st September.

  • « Dubuffet, l’Insoumis » at the Fonds Hélène & Edouard Leclerc pour la Culture, Landerneau

    A major art figure in the 20th century, Jean Dubuffet is honoured by the Fonds H.&E. Leclerc pour la Culture.

    Embedded in modernity, this artist examines humans against movement, the benefits of the work and the principles that govern the art world. A subversive character, reputed iconoclast, simultaneously a painter and sculptor, designer and lithographer, author, architect, showman and musician, Dubuffet emerges as a staunch adversary of cultural pretention and a fervent supporter of original, extra cultural expression. In partnership with the Decorative Arts and Dubuffet Foundation, the Fonds Hélène & Edouard Leclerc pour la Culture unites these two major collections to create a previously unseen phenomenon of this artist’s masterpieces.

    Until 2nd November.

  • « Dine in Silence and Mindfulness » at the Parc des expositions, Porte de Versailles, Paris

    Welcome to an exceptional and unique dining experience, where guests consciously embrace silence whilst eating, with the aim of reconnecting with themselves and others.

    This is exactly what is offered by Electric, the alternative culture centre at the Porte de Versailles, formed like a suspended bubble above the city. An original experience that allows you to live for right now, encouraging us to meet others in alternative ways and taking us out of our comfort zone. If the precise dining method remains a secret, it will be accompanied by an opera singer and other poetic moments in the midst of a forest, suspended between heaven and earth, in a monumental surge of electrical harnesses, a jungle of deep black trees.
    On 30th June.

  • « Talking to the trees »

    A film by Freddi Guido and Ilaria Borrelli, Talking to the Trees tackles the difficult themes of child prostitution and the sexual abuse of minors.

    Filmed in Cambodia and presented at the Cannes Film Festival in 2013, the movie traces the story of Mia (played by the director), a young Parisian photographer who, jaded by her life, decides to join her husband in Cambodia for his birthday. But our protagonist finds him in a brothel with a ten year-old girl. Buying back the little girl’s freedom and those of two others in the same situation, they set out on a journey into the jungle to find their families and rediscover their freedom. Talking to the Trees is a project supported by Amnesty International, Unicef and ECPAT, a network of organisations and people who strive to put an end to « the sexual exploitation of children as tradable commodities ».
    In cinemas now.

  • « Portraits of China » at the Maison de la Chine, Paris.

    Art collector Thierry Sauvin has amassed an exceptional collection of photographic archives that bear witness to the pre and post-Mao years, an epic era in the history of China.

    Produced in Chinese studios between the 1930s and 1980s, this selection of portraits draws a non-judgmental, objective panorama of this period. An accidental collation through which we stare a society square in the face.
    Until 27th September.

  • « Georges Braque » at the Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao.

    To commemorate the 50th anniversary of the death of Georges Braque, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao puts on a retrospective dedicated to one of the leading avant-garde figures during the early 20th century.

    Presented in a chronological order, this exhibition covers every phase of his career, from his fauvist beginnings to his final series: Workshops, Birds and landscapes of Varengeville. This is the most important retrospective of Georges Braques presented in Spain to date.
    Until 21st September.

  • « Tayouwood, by Pascale Marthine Tayou» at the Galleria Continua, Art Basel Fair.

    As part of the biannual Art Basel Fair, the Galleria Continua in San Gimiano displays a video installation designed by Pascale Marthine Tayou.

    Alongside this, the artist and Lorenzo Fiaschi will meet to discuss the theme of the artist and gallery owner. Always at the heart of Art Basel, the Galleria Continua will also present pieces by its other major artists: Ai Weiwei, Daniel Buren, Chen Zhen and Michelangelo Pistoletto…
    Until 22nd June.

  • « The Magnets’ Poles by Sarkis » at the musée du Château des ducs de Wurtemberg, Montbéliard.

    The exhibition presents a meeting of celebrated figures who influenced the history of France and unknowns who vanished a century ago, having shaped local history.

    Sarkis pursues his project, developed in 2000 that focused on a specific Parisian monument. Neon signatures of famous personalities brought a new inspiration to the Pantheon dome. He gives also them a second life in entirely new surroundings. For this first solo exhibition in Montbéliard, like a seismograph mindful of the history of places and objects that he discovers, Sarkis registers stories, digs into archives and personal, collective memories and intertwines these elements in a desire to recreate.
    Until 4th January 2015.

  • « Sensations by On aura tout vu » at the International Centre of Lace and Fashion, Calais.

    The International Centre of Lace and Fashion warmly welcomes couture house On aura tout vu. Loyal to lace since their debut in 1998, the designers freely play with fashion codes.

    Embroidery, painting, soldering, sculpture and textile printing juxtapose one another, blurring the boundaries between fashion, visual arts and costume design. Their extravagant and festive style leans upon the creation of sensations, a dominating theme imposed by the house.
    Until 31st December.

  • « Earth »: a call for applications for the Skills Academy Programme organised by the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès.

    Dedicated to knowledge and creativity, the Fondation d’entreprise Hermès launches its second edition of Skills Academy.

    This Academy reunites two years of artisans, designers and engineers who will explore together, over the course of nine months, the paths of innovations in the areas of artisanal savoir faire. In 2015, the second Academy, devoted to the theme of earth, will be under the educational direction of Guillaume Bardet. The Fondation d’entreprise Hermès also implements a work programme from a prospective angle. Participants of the Academy must enrich their knowledge by attending a series of conferences and master classes led by experts, and then hone their abilities by taking part in a workshop, a real laboratory of new practices. It is all about associating transmission with exploration.
    Taking applications until 6th July.

  • « Imagine France, the fantastic voyage » at Bercy Village, Paris.

    In partnership with Atout France, the Institut Français and Agence VU, Maia Flore takes us on a dreamy photographical voyage, a discovery of the most beautiful French cultural sites.

    Comprising of around 30 large prints, this exhibition is an original project that seeks to offer tourists from around the world a fresh, poetic and staggered perspective on our patrimonial heritage, with images of castles, museums and monuments, all reinterpreted by Maia Flore. Alongside its stint in Bercy, the exhibition will be flown to all four corners of the globe over a period of three years.
    Until mid-September.

  • « Narcissus, the image in the wave » at the François Schneider Foundation Centre of Contemporary Art, Wattwiller.

    The François Schneider Foundation Centre of Contemporary Art hosts an exposition that broaches the famous myth of Narcissus.

    A theme that makes perfect sense in this new centre of art dedicated to water. Around 20 modern artists, including Fabric Hyber, Bertrand Lavier and Bill Voila present their contemporary readings of the myth. Every step of the way, across works by various artists, the exhibition allows the confrontation of its own image, face and being. Certain artists also play with metaphor, provoking the thoughts of onlookers. The exhibition also includes pieces created especially for the occasion by Franck Scurti, Maxime rossi and Abel Abdessmed.
    Until 14 September.

  • «Aki Kuroda, Cosmogarden/Midnight Spaghetti» at the Galerie Lazarew in Paris.

    After five years dedicated to research into plastics, Aki Kuroda unveils fifteen previously unseen works.

    Cosmogarden has been the main theme throughout this artist’s research since the beginning. Over the course of his ramblings and his ‘mix-ups’, he unfurls a colossal cosmic garden that combines space, the urban, the body, nature, animals, music and dance etc. In his Midnight Spaghetti exhibition, the artist sheds light for the first upon the figure of the artist in full creation flow.
    Until 25th June.

  • «Anish Kapoor & James Lee Byars» at the Galerie Kamel Mennour in Paris.

    The Galerie Kamel Mennour lends its space to a dialogue of embossment and sculpted materials between Anish Kapoor and James Lee Byars.

    Separated by an age-gap of twenty years, one born in Bombay and brought up in London whilst the other born in America and died in Cairo in 1995, their fragile, spiritual works fill the space. Four pieces by each artist are on display and match each another in their plays with materials and their powerfulness.
    Until 26th June.

  • «Hilda Hellström, Eppur si muove» at the Galerie Bensimon in Paris.

    Serge Bensimon chose to leave a blank canvas for the Swedish artist to work on an original creation

    examining the analogy between the potter’s universe and planet Earth, both set in motion. In fact, Hilda Hellström’s compounded world outlines galaxies, northern lights and imaginary deep-sea depths. Working with soil, a fundamental human act, finds its true meaning in this work, as this substance remembers those that touch it. Her creation retraces the continental drift from the earth’s conception to the world we know today, marked by the endless cycle of birth and destruction.
    Until 14th July.

  • «Oscar Munoz/Kati Horna, Protographes » at the Musée du Jeu de Paume in Paris.

    To celebrate its 10th anniversary, the Musèe du Jeu de Paume presents images by Oscar Munoz, Colombia’s most emblematic artist, alongside those by Kati Horna.

    Across his protean work, which fluctuates freely between photography, engraving, painting, installation, video and sculpture, Oscar Munoz reflects on the mind’s ability to retain images. If photographic ontology consists of definitively and eternally capturing the mobile image, you could say that his work is centred in a previous (or alternative) temporal space in a truly decisive moment where the fixed image resides, this proto-moment where it is poised to emerge, photographed at last. Turning to the first retrospective dedicated to Kati Horna, she retraces more than six decades of production in Hungary, France, Spain and Mexico. Mexican by adoption, she forms part of the generation of Hungarian photographers compelled to leave their motherland at the dawn of the 1930s.
    Until 21st September.

  • «In Rubens’ Footsteps, Erasmus Quellinus» at the Musée Départemental de Flandre in Cassel.

    For this first retrospective dedicated to the work of Rubens’ pupil and collaborator, the musée de Flandre assembles fifty of his canvases.

    Whilst many of these fall in line with the baroque movement, mirroring the grand master that is Rubens, there is a hint of evolution that leans towards his subjects’ gestural restraint, the strengthening of monumental architectural décor and the emergence of a glistening palette. We can regard Erasmus Quellin as one of the pioneers of classicism in Flemish painting.
    Until 7th September.

  • «In Situ 2014, Patrimoine et art contemporain » at Languedoc-Roussillon.

    For its third exhibition, this summer show sets up a dialogue between patrimonial architecture and contemporary art.

    Frequently spectacular installations are fleeting and adapted to their surroundings. This year, three circuits are dedicated to the discovery of important sites and recognised artists, across the region’s three departments. Opening the event, Lilian Bourgeat displays her works at the Abbaye de Fontfroide in Narbonne before settling in the Palais des Archevêques.
    Until 21st September.

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