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July 2014
It’s Now

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE Magazine offers you a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions.

And to complete the month of July, PLUME VOYAGE introduces you to Swedish ceramicist and designer Gustaf Nordenskiöld in Vallauris and wonderful photographs of horses taken by Tim Flach at the Abbaye d’Epau. Go on, it’s happening now!

  • « Equus by Tim Flach » at the Abbaye de l’Epau, Yvré L’Evêque.

    As Normandy plays host to the equestrian world championships, Tim Flach presents his horse-themed snaps.

    With around fifty large-format photographs, he shines a new light on these creatures, which have fascinated humans for thousands of years. Equus is the result of seven years of work, during which tim Flach as travelled the world, from the plains to Utah to Iceland’s snowy surfaces, discovering various species of horses, including mustangs, icelandic and pure-blood Arabs.
    Until 21st September.

  • « Gustaf Nordenskiöld » at the Espace Grandjean, Vallauris.

    As part of the 23rd Vallauris biannual international competition in ceramic arts of, the Swedish artist and designer explores different expressions of pottery.

    Far from the codes of conventional Scandinavian ceramics, he pushes the traditional boundaries between functional objects and unique pieces in order to more carefully question the viewer on their opinion of the object. His work is also a reflection on the manufacturing process, often allowing this element to appear in the finished product, like a sort of memory.
    Until 17th November.

  • « Mechanical Waves – Ayrton, Enzo, Françoism Steve and others… » at the Sakura Gallery, Paris.

    Amateurs in nautical and automobile sports especially will appreciate this exhibition, which presents the most captivating photographs, extracted from the depths of the DPPI Press Agency.

    After nearly 50 years of reporting, we relive and reencounter the greatest moments and famous faces of some of these great competitors who have marked the history of these particular sports and a handful of iconic race courses, like that of Mans with Steve McQueen from the 1960s.
    Until 2nd September.

  • « Daniel Humair » at the Château Palmer, Margaux.

    As the 2013 sponsor of the famous Château Palmer in the protected Margaux region, Daniel Humair shows off another of his talents with this outstanding exhibition.

    Whilst we all know him as one of the greatest jazz drummers of his generation, these days he also directs this complete and entire independent pictorial work. Taking over the Barbare Schroeder suite, the tasting room of the Chateau Palmer plays host to thirty pieces, either on paper or smoothed down on canvas and six vinyl records all by Daniel Humair, the artist.
    Until 31st October.

  • A dedication to « The Maeght Saga » at the Sénéquier, Saint Tropez.

    Yoyo Maeght, granddaughter of genial art merchant, collector and patron Aimé Maeght, takes part in a one-off signing of his book of memoirs in the Sénéquier, Saint Tropez.

    In this beautiful book, the author tells of her extensive family’s daily life, where artists and writers rub shoulders and collaborate. A bevy of past memories come to life in a whirlwind of previews, parties, failures and triumphs, dramas and joy, between Paris and Saint-Paul-de-Vence. Here is a chance to slowly piece together a picture of her grandfather who dedicated his life to modern and contemporary art, establishing the Marguerite and Aimé Foundation in 1964 in Saint-Paul-de-Vence.
    20th July at 12pm.
    Robert Laffont Editions. 21.50 euros.

  • Kirikou establishes itself at Planète Sauvage, Port Saint-Père.

    The village of Kirikou and the entire universe of the famous tiny hero establish themselves at the centre of an animal park.

    The settlement, animated by an astonishing array of background noises (roaring lions, African music…) fills us with wonder whilst watching the documentary of Kirikou and Wild Animals or intimates secrets of Karaba the sorceress in the Cave of Fetishes. A ludic and pedagogic arrival welcomes you before venturing further into the park and the territory of wild animals…

  • “Scholten & Baijings” at the Villa Noailles in Hyères.

    By invitation of the Villa Noailles, Dutch designer duo Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings incorporate a vast selection into their production to publically present their creations.

    Luce di Carrara marble tables, Strap Chair Moustache, Dot Chair by HAY and Shift Cabinet by Pastoe are just some of the pieces on display. The science of colours that characterise these works infuses the swimming pool of the Villa Noailles, which is shaded off, inspired by the surrounding landscape and sky, created specifically for the exhibition. In turn, the designers call upon another duo, photographers Scheltens and Abbenes, requesting a photographic commission printed on porcelain, entitled “Tea with Georg Collection”, presented in the Villa’s own private squash courts.
    Until 28th September.

  • “Homeward Bound, by Paul Frank Wagner” at the Six Senses Con Dao.

    The island resort welcomes Paul Frank Wagner who presents an original exhibition comprising of his latest work.

    Currently residing in Paris, the contemporary artist, whose work is heavily influenced by the 1960s, has created a unique art form that blends painting and the suspension of the frame by ropes. The tension and contortions of these rope installations gives an intimate feeling that surpasses all tangible space. All the profits from the exhibition will be donated to a local turtle fund, which provides swimming lessons for children living on the island.

  • “Ecrin/Jewellery Box” at the Lavitrine Gallery, Limoges.

    Lavitrine plays host to a previously unseen collective exhibition that focuses on the role of jewellery in modern art.

    A mixture of daily and luxury objects, “Ecrin/Jewellery Box” comprises of a displaced, embellished world of chests of drawers and sofas. The exhibition presents a body of work that, through their shapes and materials, recalls the most classic of ornaments; rings, bracelets, broaches and necklaces. But besides its decorative purposes, the jewellery has multiple functions. The ‘works of jewellery’ sparks a sense of curiosity.
    Until 26th July.

  • « The Surveyors » at the Saline Royale, Arc-et-Senans.

    Continuing it's exploration of the 'world citizen', the Saline Royale invites you to question the notions of migration, exile, wandering, travel and map-making...

    For this second exhibition, which follows ‘Nomadic Tales’, fourteen artists of diverse origins and all disciplines (photography, video, installation, painting and drawing) tackle the issue of otherness, each according to the individual point of view of their creators, oscillating between illusion and disillusion. ‘The Surveyors’ encourages you to consider the concepts of territory, belonging, borders and identity during an era where ignorance of the others and rejection of the strange continues to persist.
    Until 5th October.

  • «Nomadic Gardens» at the Saline Royale, Arc-et-Senans.

    For the latest edition of the garden festival, the Saline Royale in Arc-et-Senans apprehends, with various demonstrations, the theme of the world citizen.

    In the arc that preserves the memory of farm workers surrounding the Saline, it is the idea of 16 ever-shifting gardens generated by an imagined map where vagabond plants migrate and reseed, transported by the wind, insects and birds, which blossom and flourish. The presence of water, an imitation of certain major rivers, is one of the favourable wandering waterways. Visitors can also indulge in sensory experiences, uplifted by the simple pleasure of walking.
    Until 19th October.

  • « Vélo Vélo » at the Gallery S. Bensimon, Paris.

    Gallery S. Bensimon houses an original exhibition based on a play on words.

    In Italian, ‘vélo’ (translation: bicycle) means scarf…and a team of designers have had fun in expressing themselves revolving around the world of two wheels. A series of 25 limited-edition creations are also on offer in the gallery, with original pieces by Anne Lutz, Antoine Lesur, Garth Roberts, Marc Venot and even Weiche Wu…

  • « Robert Arnoux », Megève.

    The town of Megève plays host to the great summer exhibition of sculptor Robert Arnoux.

    After the Gardens of Bagatelle, Miami International and the Palm Beach Fair 2014, and then the Jardins du Marais, Robert Arnoux proposes a summer adventure through the streets, squares, streams and alleys of Megève, transforming it into an open-air museum. 20 monumental sculptures also energise the village. Accustomed to conversing with nature, where he establishes his own ‘miniature human societies’ in the most beautiful gardens and parks that France had to offer, Robert Arnoux takes a chance on Megève as the venue for his first mountain exhibition.
    Until 29 of September.

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