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December 2015
It’s Now

Béatrice Delamotte

To extend this month of December, we invite you to discover four very different exhibitions: Lucien Clergue in Paris, Magritte in Brussels, Grayson Perry in Sydney or even Yoko Ono in Tokyo. And let’s go to Rome to discover the CoBrA movement, Barcelona with the work of the Chilean photographer Paz Errazuriz, Melbourne for a dialogue between Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei, before returning to Paris for the beautiful exhibition of Orsay devoted to prostitution in the art of the nineteenth century. And remain in France with the exhibition devoted to cityscapes in Chamarande, the illuminations of Epernay, the best of nail at the MuCEM or a major retrospective devoted to Georgia O’Keeffe in Grenoble. Every week, the PLUME VOYAGE magazine offers you a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions. Come on, it is all happening now!

  • "Lucien Clergue" at the Grand Palais.

    Lucien Clergue is not yet twenty years old when Pablo Picasso decides to sponsor him after he presented his first photos at the exit of a bullfight in Arles.

    He agrees to draw for him the cover of several books to come and introduces him to Jean Cocteau who helps him to structure his work discourse. It is through the discovery of working albums, at the death of the photographer, that can capture the dazzling and deadly poetry that lived inside Lucien Clergue and that attracted these two great artists.
    Until the 15th of February 2015. B.D. www.grandpalais.fr

  • "Les Magritte disparus" at musée-maison René Magritte, Brussels.

    René Magritte became a painter there nearly a century ago, in 1916, and completed his work in 1967.

    Half a century of creativity which generated some 1,100 paintings and 600 awesome watercolors and collages. There will not be another Magritte. But all these years, some have disappeared or been destroyed. Part of the work that presents the exhibition is a collection of paintings, gouaches and objects, forgotten for years, but of high quality. Both by the themes represented only once, because some are building an essential link in his work. Now Magritte’s work is truly complete.
    Until December 21. B.D. www.magrittemuseum.be

  • "Grayson Perry - My Pretty Little Art Carreer " at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia, Sydney.

    Winner of the prestigious Turner Prize, Grayson Perry is one of the most renowned artists of British artists of his generation.

    Recognized for its ceramics, sculptures, paintings and tapestries, he is presenting his first major exhibition in the Southern Hemisphere. His decorated pots show a variety of images ranging from the highly personal to the political, taking up subjects both very personal (as his family), that the world of art, biblical stories, the British royal family or war pictures and fantasies.
    Until the 1st of May 2016. B.D. www.mca.com.au

  • "Yoko Ono - From my Window" at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo.

    For sixty years, Yoko Ono has been working freely between different things and new creative channels.

    In the context of after-the-war american art, this exhibition is presenting her artistic practice as part of Tokyo, birthplace of Yoko Ono. Many works of the years from 1950 to 1970, but also recent installations, reveal how she managed to connect modern and contemporary, Europe, Japan and the United States, linking art, music and literature.
    Until the 14th gfFebruary 14, 2016. B.D. www.mot-art.jp

  • "A great European avant-garde" at the Museo Palazzo-Cipolloa, Rome.

    From 1948 to 1951 the CoBrA group was the first large group of vanguard of the international postwar revival.

    The exhibition offers a vast panorama of paintings, sculptures, works on paper, photographs and publications that reflect the activity of the leaders of the movement, which Jorn Pedersen, Dotremont, Appel, Alechinsky and Constant. One hundred and fifty works are on display, loaned by museums and European collections, guardians of the works by CoBrA.
    Until the 3rd of April 2016.

  • "Paz Errazuriz" at the Mapfre Foundation, Barcelona.

    Chilean self-taught photographer, Paz Errázuriz has ben transgressing the rules of the political regime for a long time, since it was likely she was working in environments where women were not welcome.

    Her pictures show spaces and environments marked by marginalization and confinement. Where the characters engage in behaviors outside the conventions and the established order. The courageous gaze of the artist gives us to see the hidden aspects of everyday life in Chile, following a working method based on moments of life shared in confidence and mutual respect.
    Until he 28th of February 2016.

  • "Andy Warhol - Ai Weiwei" at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

    In partnership with The Warhol Pittsburg, the exhibition explores the significant influence of these two artists on the modern and contemporary life, focusing on parallel, crossings and points of differences in the practice of both artists.

    The National Gallery of Victoria presents more than 300 works, including large immersive installations and many paintings, sculptures, videos, photos, etc. The exhibition also aims to explore the modern and contemporary art, life and culture through political activities of these two figures, one representing the modernity of the twentieth century, the American one, and the other, our era announced as the “Chinese century” ahead.
    Until the 24th of April 2016. B.D. www.ngv.vic.gov.au

  • "Splendour and Misery" at the Musée d'Orsay, Paris.

    Protean and elusive, prostitution is rampant in the Parisian society of the nineteenth century.

    In the wake of Baudelaire, artists see it as a modern subject by excellence. The exhibition, the first devoted to this theme, shows how artists living in Paris between the Second Empire and the Belle Epoque have continued to seek plastic ways and explore emerging medias, such as photography and cinema, to represent the universe of priced love.
    Until the 17th of January 2016.
    B.D. www.musee-orsay.fr

  • "Urban Landscapes" at the Domaine de Chamarande.

    After getting interested in habitat, the Domaine de Chamarande offers another perspective, that of landscape.

    Between documentary and projection of a future dream, it is a panorama of urban development images conducted in the last seventy years that shows us how human footprint, including his habitat, profoundly transformed our environment. Fifteen photographers present their work and vision of these urban landscapes and their impact. B.D.

  • 16th edition of "Habits de Lumière", Epernay.

    Dragons and giant snakes, poetic fire walks, drums ambulation, projection mapping and lighting are featured in this sixteenth edition of "Habits de Lumière" of Epernay, under the sign of Unesco.

    Three days of rejoicing in the illuminated city which celebrates the classification of the Champagne region in the World Heritage of Humanity. With its prestigious houses, 110 km of cellars where more than 200 million bottles are aging, the Avenue of Champagne is one of the three outstanding sites concerned by this decision. These “Habits de Lumières” thus have a special flavor this year.
    From December 11th to 13th.

  • « Le clou » at the MuCEM, Marseille.

    Among the countless objects kept in the MuCEM collections, there are over four thousand nails, but also objects that divert this rudimentary and familiar tool in an amazing way.

    For the exhibition, the museum has imagined a display which plays on the codes of the museum and contemporary art hanging to establish a link between some of these hidden treasures with works of modern and contemporary art from public and private collections or produced for the occasion. Symbol by excellence of the hooking action, the nail becomes the tool of a poetic and unusual meditation on how the show transforms our view on objects.
    Until the 24th of June 2016.

  • "Georgia O'Keeffe and her photographers friends " at the Museum of Grenoble.

    First monograph devoted to the American painter artist in France, Georgia O'Keeffe, the exhibition traces the career of an American art icon as famous as Jackson Pollock in the US.

    It covers over an half century, from early American modernism to the abstraction of the 1960s, and was strongly influenced by modern photography. The exhibition establishes a dialogue between her paintings and images from her photographer friends and is composed of 80 works.
    Until the 7th of February 2016.

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