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December 2014
It’s Now

Every week, PLUME VOYAGE Magazine offers you a selection of cultural news and international exhibitions. Continuing on this balmy month of December, PLUME VOYAGE invites you to discover the colossal museum-event lde the end of the year: the Musée de Confluences in Lyon. Unless you would rather marvel at the latest LIDO spectacle, or go gaga over the global success of the most Frenchy couturier – JPG – or to catch tears at the Tate modern with a spectacular exhibition dedicated to Sigmar Polke. Go on, it’s happening now!

  • Lido reborn!

    The legendary cabaret closed its doors on 2nd December, taking up a new direction.

    First of all, the hall now offers a facelift, with almost 30 names of French handicrafts who will work for four months; this will be followed by a brand new review managed by the daring Franco Dragone, who is bound to surprise amateurs. This director has become accustomed to overseeing the greatest shows in the world (he directed the first ten years of Cirque du Soleil and Celine Dion’s shows in Las Vegas…) and has spent a year and a half in the archives of the City of Light to create this most glamourous of shows with 20 different scenes, 600 costumes and a 12m high chandelier…“As we are staging this show on the most beautiful avenue in the world, I want to push the limits of my wildest dreams” concludes the director. We can’t wait to hear the reactions to the premiere, which takes place on 2nd of April next year.

  • Museum-Event.

    Recognised for the past 15 years as THE museum of the decade, given rave reviews and biting criticism…

    the Musée des Confluences finally opened its doors on 22nd December. It will have cost 239 million euros (competing against 200 million for the Mucem in Marseille and 65 million at the Centre Pompidou in Metz), displaying 2 million objects and establishing itself as one of the great science museums. More than simply a natural history museum that reunites all areas, from palaeontology to Egyptology and even mineralogy, this goldmine covers every discipline. A must-visit for the end of the year and all of 2015.

  • Prem’s!

    And now, we must take a trip to the Australian capital of the art of life to ‘grill’ mates on the exhibition that attracts crowds from around the globe:

    a major retrospective dedicated to Jean-Paul Gaultier, the world’s favourite French couturier. Don’t miss it, even if it means catching a flight to see this sublime travelling-exhibition, which won’t stop at the Grand Palais in Paris until the spring next year. Fewer people certainly, more space and unfeigned pride at sharing with the Southern Hemisphere, this irreverent and hugely talented frenchy. Amen to that.
    Until 8th February at the National Gallery of Victoria in Melbourne.

  • Sigmar Superstar.

    It is one of the exhibition events currently in Europe…

    so why not make the most of it by hopping on the Eurostar? Outside of its permanent collections (including Picasso, Warhol and Dali), the Tate Modern now displays work by one of the experimental artists of 20th century – Sigmar Polke – who, alongside Gerhard Richter, pioneered the capitalist realism movement (Pop Art). Dedicating an entire retrospective to him, which bears witness to all the most fantastical mediums that he could have used, the British museum reveals the debates and doubts that this artist challenged; the consumerist society and the values of Western society in the 1960s. There are also questions about drugs, travel and hippies…Fun and inspiring.

  • Black is beautiful.

    Once again this year, Nicolas Feuillatte’s Palme d’Or wine hits the nail on the head with his Vintage 2004 cuvée.

    Powerful and elegant, after nearly 10 years of maturity, this vintage emits notes of spiced bread and vanilla. For the time being, it values simplicity with its black case, allowing this sophisticated, couture bottle to steal the show.
    If you are invited or if you’re longing to welcome in the New Year on the dot, the house has also created an ultra-chic cool bag with a dry vintage chardonnay or rosé.

  • Precious Present.

    One of the most ancient champagne houses,

    has decided this year to align its knowledge with that of master glassmaker, Olivier Juteau, to create a case that is equal to the house’s brand new vintage Sourire de Reims Brut 2007. The bottle is presented beneath a mouth-blown glass cloche, topped with the initials of the Henri Abelé house. To taste: a blend of the best vintages of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir gathered in the Côte des Blancs and Montage de Reims regions. Candid, straight with notes of cloves of garlic and liquorice, this vintage is for those fanatics of complex wine.

  • Chin-chin below the bubbles.

    For the second year running, the Collectioneur hotel establishes itself, and its famous bottle of bubbly in the middle of the Andalusian gardens, under the Parisian celestial sky.

    In an unusual and magical setting, may we present the vintage of the moment: the Grand Vintage 2006 by Moët and Chandon, who have installed a pop-up bar for the entire winter. Why not make a booking for an aperitivo before the great flurry of Christmas Eve parties? The dinner formula has been perfectly refined by five young starred chefs, who have each dreamed up a delicate morsel to accompany a glass of this vintage nectar. The alternative? A extremely gourmet high-tea à la Fauchon.

  • Jewellery-Box.

    Every year since 2000, Evelyne Boizel gives free reign to a fashionable female to create a ‘Boizel by’ box.

    After collections by Vanessa Seward, India Mahdavi, Marie-Victoire Poliakoff….the end of 2014 is marked by jewellery designer Adeline Roussel. The result reflects the image of the Adelline brand, which takes inspiration from India and the secret of brilliant mixtures of green tourmalines and smoky topaz…This 2014 box looks like a jewellery case that protects the Brut Ultime vintage, wines unmeasured, produced uniquely during the best maturity years of the three grapes (Chardonnay, Pinot noir and Pinot meunier).

  • The Last Baccarat!

    If you haven’t yet given into the crystal legend, it is not too late.

    Baccart has been installed in the Petit Palais since 14th October. Here is a chance to celebrate 250 years of the greatest crystal manufacturer in the world. In a stunning setting, filled with almost 500 historic pieces, some of which come from extraordinary commissions – for Tsar Nicolas II, Emperor of Japan and maharajahs – from the archives and the history of the house…And the grand finale is a visit to a gallery of suspended chandeliers, which glisten with 250 lights. Until 4th January.

  • Cindy Sherman in Stockholm.

    She is one of the great artists of the last decade.

    Her portraits – in which she often pictures herself, assuming the role of powerful characters – play with codes of popular culture, provoking derision, disgust or even discomfort. Her latest exhibition Untitled Horrors unites a large part of her work that makes no exception to the rule, the common threads being fright, the grotesque, before passing onto “disturbing” portraits of images referring to the imaginary world of dark film, sordid tales and melodrama. An exhibition that will certainly cause a stir and keep you wanting more.
    Until 19th January.

  • Gondry in Tokyo.

    Having travelled the world, from Paris (at the Pompidou Centre in 2010) to New York,

    the talented Michel Gondry’s Home Movie Factory sets itself up in Tokyo until 4th January 2015. This is an opportunity to renter the creative universe of this cineaste in an interactive and fun way. What’s new? After a ‘classic’ visit, you are invited to create your own short feature in a real studio. All the necessary materials are at your disposal, including ‘homemade’ special effects. Open to those aged six and over!

  • For the Freedom of the Press.

    It is for a good cause, but not just that.

    It is also a chance to flick through (and why shouldn’t you?) the latest Reporters sans Frontières album just this once and see moving National Geographic photographs. From ice fields to Indonesian forests, here are 100 life-sized photographs taken by experts including Steve Winter and Michael Nichols who intersperse tributes and portraits with accounts of engaged journalists, such as that by our fellow Roberto Saviano, who risked everything to face the Neapolitan mafia.
    On news stands, 148 pages, 9, 90 €.

  • The good deed of the month.

    It is beautiful and it is good…

    to see the W Opéra decked out in red until 18th December, demonstrating its commitment to the fight against AIDS and to raise money for the (RED) association created by Bono and Bobby Shriver. This is a chance to take advantage of the brand new hotel bar – Bar Brûlé – and to take part in this cause for good by ordering The French Love cocktail (vodka, peach liqueur, maraschino, mixed raspberries and cranberry juice) 100% proceeds of which – 16 € – goes to the association. Give the pop-up store a whirl too, with its series of limited-edition objects, part of whose sales are donated to RED.

  • The colour of Harlem.

    Just this once, we head for Harlem to take the pulse of avant-garde creation.

    Until mid-January, the Art House has opted to dedicate an exhibition to two New York adopted artists; painter Tomo Mori and photographer Capucine Bourcart. Born in Osaka, Tomo embarked upon a maiden voyage across Latin America and Africa before setting down his cases in Harlem to finish his collages, which blend a mix of materials. Capucine, originally from Alsace, emigrated here eight years ago and has experimented with new techniques ever since. Using ordinary, everday objects, she paints, glues and creates her montages, ultimately obtaining a perfect balance between the abstract and the ‘realist’ work that are full of life.

  • The Changeover.

    Having barely reached the age of twenty-five, Hugo Mulliez (son of Gérard, founder of Auchan) and François-Xavier Trancart have recently raised a grand total of 300 000 € for their online gallery Artsper.

    The idea? “To simplify contemporary art”. In other words, don’t allow art to become a sport for the rich…with a selection of pieces whose prices start at less than 500 €. And like other works, has been the subject of a meticulously selection from hundreds of partner galleries around the world. This flexible price policy is part of a desire to support up-and-coming artists that have yet to fully establish themselves. In short, things are starting to gel, along with the promise of an exciting future! Definitely one to watch…

  • Silence is beauty!

    For several days now and until 19th December, the Purgatoire – 54 Paradis welcomes Jörg Bräuer, a German photographer who is fascinated by horizons and cliffs.

    “Natural or man-made boundaries are the most ancient forms of elementary structures that comprise the basis for our geographic and social entourage”. From landscapes to architecture, the works of Jörg Bräuer focus on exploring the concept of silence. His photos are printed with serenity, their starkness apparently revealing the delicate beauty and material of the organic elements that surround us.

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