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May 2013

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Event «Jardins, Jardin» at the Tuileries, Paris

10th anniversary of «Jardins, Jardin» at the Tuileries, Paris.

Created by the Jardins, Jardin association in partnership with the Louvre, this event has established itself as a reference for trends of urban gardens.

For its tenth edition, “Jardins, Jardin” chose “New Perspective(s)” as a central theme. This is a particularly eventful year since coincides with the 400th anniversary of the birth of Le Nôtre, Louis XIV gardener.

On the program, the rediscovery of the Jardin des Tuileries by a sign posted path. In addition, “Jardins, Jardin” questions the main players from the world of gardening on “new urban perspectives” through the presentation of twenty gardens, terraces and balconies teaching created by landscapers and specialized companies. Three other events are also being held to mark the 10th anniversary: the baptism of the Rose Gardens, a garden by designer Philippe Starck, the garden of the Carré du Sanglier, at the heart of the Tuileries and the baptism of the André Le Nôtre orchid by the house of Vacherot & Lecoufle.
Until June 2nd

55th Venice Biennale: The giardini and the lido of the city of Venice are welcoming the 55th edition of the Biennale of Contemporary Art

55th Venice Biennale.

The giardini and the lido of the city of Venice are welcoming, until November 24th, the 55th edition of the Biennale of Contemporary Art.

Theater, architecture, cinema, dance, music, installations and sculptures are on the program of the event.
For five months, Venice hosts one of the world’s leading events dedicated to all artistic expressions with a particularly busy program this year, located under the sign of the “Encyclopedic Palace”. At the Arsenal and in the Castello Gardens lie the pavilions from 88 exhibiting countries making up a course that aims to be interactive. Massimiliano Gioni, curator of the Biennale this year, wants to focus on the relationship between the work and the visitor. Not just to introduce a sterile list of contemporary works, but to put the links and relationships between the past and present inspirations of the 150 attending artists into perspective. Artistic productions from the early twentieth century – like those of Hilma af Klint and Augustin Lesage – will be added alongside recent works, such as the cosmographies of Guo Fengyi, the religious icons of Jean-Frédéric Schnyder and the videos of Artur Zmijewski.
Until November 24th

Exhibition «Max Ernst» at the Fondation Beyeler, Riehen : © Ernst, Au premier mot limpide, Kunstammlung Nordrhein-Westfalen, Düsseldorf Photo Walter Klein, Düsseldorf 2013 Pro Litteris, Zurich

«Max Ernst» at the Fondation Beyeler, Riehen.

With more than 180 paintings, collages, drawings, sculptures and illustrated books, this large retrospective exhibition presents all phases of the creation of the artist.

Since his death in 1976, this is the first time visitors will have the opportunity

to discover the richness and diversity of the work of an artist who made a profound mark on his century. Constantly inventing figures, shapes and innovative techniques such as rubbing, scraping, decal and oscillation, Max Ernst never stopped exploring new directions. He also gave rise to a singular work, which is beyond all clear stylistic definition and whose development has also been marked by the turbulent life and changing places of residence of the artist in Europe and America.
Until September 8th

Exhibition «Emmet Gowin» at the Fondation Mapfre, Madrid : Photo 1 Nancy, Danville, Virginia, 1969 Gelatin silver print © Emmet Gowin, courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery - Photo 2 Old Hanford City Site and the Columbia River, Hanford Nuclear Reservation, near Richland, Washington, 1986 Gelatin silver print © Emmet Gowin, courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery, New York

«Emmet Gowin» at the Foundation Mapfre, Madrid.

The biggest solo exhibition of the American photographer, this retrospective features about 200 works.

The artistic research of Emmet Gowin is clearly influenced by his education and background. Born into a deeply religious family in Virginia, he was heavily influenced by big names such as Robert Frank, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Eugene Atget and Walker Evans. After adopting the large format cameras, the images of Emmet Gowin take a mysterious and secret reality. Reconnecting with his love of nature, he created incredible stories

about volcanic eruptions or human use of land, before focusing on insects. Finally, a few months ago, Emmet Gowin decided to point his lens on the Andalusian land, producing some aerial photographs of the exhibition, produced exclusively for the occasion.
Until September 1st

Exhibition «Paul Rebeyrolles» at the Chateau Lynch-Bages, Pauillac : © Paul Rebeyrolles Le Sac De MadameTellikdjian

«Paul Rebeyrolles» at the Chateau Lynch-Bages, Pauillac.

After Di Rosa, Tàpies and Emilio Perez, the former cellars of Château Lynch-Bages welcome a selection of paintings and sculptures by the rebel artist.

Must twentieth century and a product of his time, Paul Rebeyrolles was a passionate and free man. A committed painter and sculptor who critiqued the violence of the world. A painter of excess, he admired the power of works by Rubens, Courbet, Géricault, Caravaggio and his work is part of their lineage. In his large-formats, the rage expressed is only equaled

by the wealth of materials: fabrics, netting, straw, horsehair, cardboard, glue, wood breathe a living relief, moving to huge canvases.
Until October 31st

Exhibition «Last Train» by Ron Arad at the Palazzo Cavalli, Venice : representation of the Israeli artist’s vision of Steinmetz Diamonds

«Last Train» by Ron Arad at the Palazzo Cavalli, Venice.

This «last train» is a moving and powerful representation of the Israeli artist’s vision of Steinmetz Diamonds.

The fist armed with a diamond ring through a black cloth, traces the luminous lines on a glass in a mysterious performance. As Ron Arad did not want be the only artist to look through these lines, he invited a certain number of other artists

to take on the role. This exhibition is a response from Ron Arad at the behest of Steinmetz to create a piece of diamond jewelry incorporating art. The piece designed by the artist aims to express the strength of the raw material more than its symbolic value and adornment. Like Queen Elizabeth I, who engraved love vows on bottles with her “ring scrawl”, Robert Burns drew poems on the windows of trains. With “Last Train”, Ron Arad inaugurates a series of collaborations with the house of Steinmetz. The exhibition is part of the 55th Venice Biennale.
Until November 24th

Exhibition «Safe haven» in the city of ceramics, Sèvres: Brancusi Barn with Ladder © Robert Winokur

«Safe haven» in the city of ceramics, Sèvres.

This exhibition brings eight artists together in modern and contemporary galleries, American and European, most of which have never shown in France.

Indicative of an underlying trend of current contemporary art, design and decoration to create archetypal forms impregnated with references to the rural world or to the early days of the industry, their sculptures, furniture and objects of use are an evocation of a domestic hearth rid of unnecessary detail,

looking for a more just comfort. Many trompe l’oeil pieces, beautifully evoking the patina of time, give the ceramic the appearance of metal and rust, the primordial roughness of the mineral. Beauty and humility come together for an exhibition that is at once strong and peaceful.
Until September 23rd

Event «Rendezvous in the Gardens» throughout France: public and private gardens to discover

«Rendezvous in the Gardens» throughout France.

For three days, throughout France, this event invites the public to go to parks and public and private gardens to discover their wealth and enjoy the entertainment that they provide.

The eleventh edition of this event will explore more specifically the theme of the garden and its creators. More than 2000 gardens will be specially opened on this occasion and offer many activities from guided tours to demonstrations of garden skills, exhibitions, contests and games, musical walks, lectures, theatrical events, light shows etc

May 31st, 1st and 2nd of June

Exhibition «New Lighting Designs by Paola Petrobelli» at the Gallery Libby Sellers, London

«New Lighting Designs by Paola Petrobelli» at the Gallery Libby Sellers, London.

London based, Italian artist Paola Petrobelli presents her latest lighting designs.

Through her collaboration with the same master glassmaker from Murano since the late 1990s, the artist has developed a collection of pieces characterized by strict formal qualities, which accentuates the architectural character of colourful glassware. Eschewing the decorative, she favours the functional for a pure and sophisticated expression. For her new collection, christened “24”, Paola Petrobelli uses a system of modular construction,

like the Meccano, as a source of inspiration. Moulded geometric shapes were designed to be stacked on top of each other. Each layer thus creates different forms and endlessly broadens the colour palette.
Until June 14th

Exhibition «Nuage» at the Musée Réattu, Arles: Nuage Françoise Coutant Promenoir à nuages, 2003 Courtesy Galerie Dix9 Paris Photo DR

«Nuage» at the Musée Réattu, Arles.

As part of Marseille-Provence 2013, the Musée Réattu in Arles is proposing an artistic reverie inspired by the cloud.

A manifestation, both subtle and grandiose,

of the cycle of life, an inexhaustible natural spectacle, constantly renewed and always different, the cloud is a subject of endless fascination. It embodies all the attributes of the marvellous: the elusive, metamorphosis and, above all, weightlessness. It is immediately the most effective of imaginary elevators, one that allows us to get rid of gravity. A natural phenomenon, with a paradoxical subject, a combination of opposites and extremes (mass, transparency, opacity, inconstancy…), the cloud appears in all cultures as an extraordinary event, eternally connected to infinity. This is the metaphysical object par excellence, but also the most human of celestial bodies. Extraordinarily ambivalent, at once carnal and intangible, the cloud between heaven and earth lives as a messenger.
Until October 31st

Exhibition «Jardins à la française» at the Paul Bert & Serpette markets, Saint-Ouen

«Jardins à la française» at the Paul Bert & Serpette markets, Saint-Ouen.

Following the theme of “the art of living in the garden,” the two star markets of the Puces de Saint-Ouen, the largest antiques market in the world, are inviting a special exhibition into the new Galerie des Puces.

The landscape designer and collector Olivier Riols, co-founder of “Jardins, Jardins aux Tuileries”, which is celebrating the 400th anniversary of the birth of the landscape architect André Le Nôtre with the Louvre, is the artistic director of the exposure. Nearly four centuries of the art of living in the garden are evoked through a hundred pieces of furniture, birdbaths, planters, sculptures, paintings, winter gardens, tapestries, curios and antiques…selected especially by the Paul Bert & Serpette antique market. Until July 29th

Exhibition «The Olfactive Project» at the Laboratory, Paris: Le Laboratoire © Lehanneur / © Baptiste VIALA-Le Laboratoire

«The Olfactive Project» at the Laboratoire, Paris.

More than an exhibition, this is a real sensory exploration that brings David Edwards half way between the sciences, art, design and gastronomy.

This initiatory journey unfurls in four stages and proposes to discover and understand, through experiencing coffee, how our third sense can be the

vector of a new sensory language. The first experiment deconstructs four fragmented odours consisting of the olfactory DNA of coffee. Ryan Spinoglio, a guest of the Laboratory, worked on creating four unique experiences: a cloud of coffee (the Whaf), an amazing capsule integrated into the new culinary design object by David Edwards (the AeroChef) through which we can “breathe and eat” coffee and, finally, in the traditional way, a tasting group with Siphon and Expresso.
Until September 15th

Exposition « L’Europe de Rubens » au Louvre-Lens : Les voies du génie Pierre Paul Rubbens Autoportrait © Collectiebeleid

«L’Europe de Rubens»
at the Louvre-Lens.

For its first international exhibition, the Louvre-Lens intends to explore the Rubens period through more than 170 works of the artist,

of his models and some by his contemporaries, from the collections of the Louvre and prestigious European and American museums. Referring to the European artistic culture that represented Rubens, the exhibition attempts to restore the vitality of rubénienne creation

and reflect the dramatic nature of his inspiration. It also offers intimate moments, unveiling a more personal side of Rubens.
From the 22nd of May to the 23rd of September

Exposition « Paris mon amour, Enoc Perez » à la Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris : © EP Montmartre Miami Beach

«Paris mon amour, Enoc Perez» at the Galerie Nathalie Obadia, Paris.

The third exhibition from the artist, “Paris mon amour” expresses his art through his sculptures.

After his participation in Cher

Peintre…Peintures figuratives depuis l’ultime Picabia, at the Centre Pompidou in 2012, Enoc Perez returns with shapes. He continues to explore themes of modernist architecture, nostalgia and the culture of Puerto Rico where he comes from and which is the source of inspiration for his artistic work. The sculptures revisit atmospheres of hotels in the Caribbean, a theme that is also present in his paintings from the 2000s. The most abstract architectures define, through a range of very subtle and austere colours, the even more modern buildings that are already on the way to becoming vestiges of America and its history.
Until July 27th

Exhibition «Momentané, Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec» at the Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris: Bouroullec © Studio Bouroullec / Bouroullec Installation in the nave © Studio Bouroullec

«Momentané, Ronan et Erwan Bouroullec» at the Musée des Arts décoratifs, Paris.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec revisit fifteen years of their designs in the great nave.

Conceived as a giant installation, combining the dramatic and intimate, this exhibition covers their entire career. All aspects of production have been covered: from the object to the space, from the limited series to the industrial piece, from public furniture to furniture for domestic use, from drawing to video, through photography. The nave and its two aisles allow the designers to showcase three approaches to their work. In the centre, the display of an installation in a vast architectural space. In the garden, thinking around the office and workspace. And finally, in the Rivoli, a more intimate approach integrating the creative process

Until September 1st

Exhibition «N°5 Culture Chanel» at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris: Exhibition poster

«N°5 Culture Chanel» at the Palais de Tokyo, Paris.

The mythical perfume, Chanel N°5 is revealed throughout this exceptional exhibition.

«The N°5 is a fragrance that comes from afar. It comes through countries, gardens, books, poems, artistic movements where it takes the source of modernity from its composition every time. This is a fragrance that is born from a love story, which its base note very subtly evokes at precisely the same instant in time grasps it and carries it to us; so close and never fugitive, revealing even our most secret failings», said Jean-Louis Froment, curator of the exhibition. Works of art, photographs, films, archives and objects reflect the multiple influences that fed the world and the imagination of Mademoiselle Chanel, creating an echo of her own reflection and giving birth to this unique perfume whether from her favourite places or the creations of her artist friends. Focused on the permanence of the relationship between Chanel and the arts, «N°5 Culture Chanel» reveals the artistic, timeless and iconic essence of the perfume.
Until June 5th

Exhibition «Paris haute couture» at the Hôtel de Ville of Paris: © VIONNET 1932

«Paris haute couture» at the Hotel de Ville, Paris.

Put together amongst others with the collections of the Musée Galliera, this exhibition is a chance to see some exceptional models for the first time ever in Paris.

«Paris haute couture» invites us to contemplate the mythical dresses of Chanel, Balenciaga, Vionnet, Courrèges and others selected from the finest pieces from the Musée Galliera collections, as well as loans from the most renowned institutions and fashion houses. Also united for the first time at the Hôtel de Ville, are more than a hundred creations depicting 150 years of fashion history. This is a unique opportunity to discover some masterpieces that, for the most part, have never been seen before. These outfits are accompanied by documents, photographs, drawings, and journals highlighting the invaluable talents and savoir-faire of the designers and couturiers. Discover what goes behind the scenes of the most famous ateliers in the world and witness the birth of these works of art, from conception to completion.
Until July 6th

Exhibition «Soulages XXIe siècle» at the Villa Medici, Rome: © Pierre Soulages

«Soulages XXIe siècle» at the Villa Medici, Rome.

The Academy of France in Rome has organized an extraordinary exhibition of the greatest living French painter.

«Soulages XXIe siècle» shows how this internationally recognized artist – active since the late 1940s – is now a fully contemporary artist through a selection of paintings and works on paper that date back to the beginning of our century. Without taking on the form of a retrospective, the exhibition reveals several areas that mark the different stages of the work of the artist.
Until June 16th

Exhibition at the Christian Dior Museum, Granville: © Dior Tulipe dress

«Impressions Dior» at the Christian Dior Museum, Granville.

Organized as part of the 2013 Impressionist Festival in Normandy, this exhibition reflects the permanent links between the House of Dior and the Impressionist movement.

From the first creations of Christian Dior in 1947, to those of Raf Simons in 2012. For this occasion, the Christian Dior museum displays a dialogue over 70 dresses with a selection of masterpieces from the Impressionist masters, from Monet to Degas, Renoir, and Berthe Morisot…

with an exceptional collection of loans from collections including the Musée d’Orsay and the Musée Marmottan.
Until September 22nd

Exhibition «David Bowie Is» at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London: retrospective of a unique scale that devotes the entirety of the V&A to David Bowie

«David Bowie Is» at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.

This is a retrospective of a unique scale that devotes the entirety of the V&A to David Bowie.

While sharing the same place (London) and the same date of birth (immediately post-war) of many rock stars, Bowie is the only one whose career can lend itself to an exhibition of this magnitude. In total, 300 items have been selected from the 75,000 stored in the personal archives of the artist.

Manuscripts of songs, costumes, photographs, films, music videos and stage sets tell the story of a career amongst the most spectacular in pop. Until August 11th

Exhibition «Ron Mueck» at the Fondation Cartier, Paris : Drift, 2009 © Ron Mueck, Photo courtesy Anthony d’Offay, London and Hauser & Wirth

«Ron Mueck» at the Fondation Cartier, Paris.

Australian sculptor Ron Mueck presents his moving and disturbing works, marking his big institutional return to Europe.

After the success of 2005 at the Fondation Cartier, this new solo exhibition is the most complete and most current production of the artist. It reveals, in particular, the unveiling of six new works and three sculptures created especially for the occasion. A spirituality and a deep humanism emanates from the sculptures, suggested by the seemingly ordinary subjects, causing an inevitable compassion from the viewer. Beyond any portraitist intention, Ron Mueck confronts us with the disturbing strangeness of the relation between the body and existence.

These works, revealed in the privacy of their creation through a new film, reaffirm the modernity of highly sensitive art, as powerful as it is evocative.
Until September 29th

L'exposition « Brasilia, un demi-siècle de la capitale du Brésil » à Paris, rend hommage à l’architecte brésilien Oscar Niemeyer : © Fabio Colombini Palais de l’Itamaraty (Ministère des Affaires étrangères), 2010 / © Fabio Colombini Cathédrale Métropolitaine N. Sra. Aparecida, 2010 / © Marcel Gautherot Esplanade des Ministères en construction, 1958

«Brasilia, half a century of the capital of Brazil», Paris.

For the first time in France, an exceptional exhibition pays tribute to the Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer, through the history of the construction of Brasilia, his main masterpiece.

From the vast desert plain of Planalto Central to its opening

in 1960 and its inclusion into the category of World Heritage Sites in 1987, it is the history of this utopian and futuristic city that is being told. A masterpiece by the architect Oscar Niemeyer, urban planner Lucio Costa and landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, Brasilia represents one of ten major architectural events of the twentieth century. Through a new collection of rare objects, historical photographs and models, the exhibition reflects the modernist thinking of its makers.
Until June 15th

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