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November 2019

Huttopia Senonches. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

Pauline Pinsolle & Sandra Serpero

Huttopia: Green retirement

Friday: it is time for 2 days in the heart of the Senonches national forest for a detox and sports getaway. On the agenda, 48 hours in green mode in the middle of nature to reconnect in depth, recharge the body, clear the mind and evacuate all tensions.

Huttopia Senonches. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

Get up before the sun and greet it properly. Feel the autumn humidity under your feet with large strides. Listen religiously to the chef detail each dish designed especially for you and wait patiently to be served. Enjoy in full consciousness a vegetable curry and a delicious chocolate mousse generously made with chickpea water. Honour the moon before returning to your wooden cabin at 9pm, stretch and unfold fully in bed and finally snuggle up in a gentle restful sleep.

Huttopia Senonches. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

Between hiking, intense jogging and yoga classes, interspersed with delicate vegan or gluten-free snacks, Huttopia’s program has been designed to trigger awareness and learn to really listen to yourself. The watchword? Slow down the pace. Lift your foot because, all things considered, there is no hurry – quite the contrary. Let’s take the time to appreciate, observe, taste, meet and even be bored, a simple but terribly destabilizing happiness.

Guided very gently by the coach, Christelle Javelier, our small group of 12 people managed in only 48 hours to let go thanks to a real reconnection with ourselves. This green retreat resources, rests, reboosts and soothes in depth. And, once the aches and pains are over, you just want to register for the next session!

Huttopia Senonches. Plume Voyage Magazine #plumevoyage @plumevoyagemagazine @plumevoyage © DR

Zoom on the program:
– 2 days of “green retreat”, in other words an oxygenating and resourcing immersion in the heart of the Huttopia Senonches Village, to (re)connect to your deep energy, free yourself from stress and prepare/strengthen the body and mind at the beginning of winter

– Yoga, meditation and sports sessions with Christelle Javelier from the blog Le Canard Ivre. Example of sessions: Deep Stretch & relaxation. Respirology & Guided meditation. Cardio Training Run & Bike, Dream Flow or Heat Yoga (yoga and muscle strengthening)

– Access to the forest SPA by the lake.
The cuisine by Divine Kitchen Food, is 80% vegetable, contains no refined sugar or alcohol. Menus are homemade and made with seasonal, fresh, healthy and first choice ingredients.

– 1 culinary workshop.
Villages and campsites Huttopia Senonches, Etang de Badouleau, 28 250 Senonches (Gare La Loupe). Green Retreat, 400 € for 2 nights from Friday to Sunday. https://europe.huttopia.com/

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