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December 06 2013

Gilles & Boissier s’exposent ! © Gilles & Boissier

Gilles & Bossier
are exhibiting!

Marie Le Fort

Presenting their first ever furniture collection at the Act2 Rive Gauche / Galerie d’en face, the “Oxymorons #01” collection by Gilles & Boissier was inspired by a unique selection of heavily contrasted analog photos.

Enter in and take A Break with Gilles & Boissier in Paris’ 7th arrondissement.
  • A contemporary cabinet of curiosities

    One enters through a heavy door, as though you would an apartment, and explores the room as you would an art gallery. Between the black and white prints and exceptional furniture, the space unfurls like a contemporary cabinet of curiosities. “We share a taste for art and photography, but also for risk and audacity”, says the designer duo, quickly joined by the gallery owners. Invited to present their outstanding pieces of furniture – all very elegant, made from lacquered gum, white ebony, refined elm – Patrick and Dorothée have come up with an entirely unique new dialogue: that of an interior that is on display, but one that also embraces the visitor.

  • Oxymoron characterizes every corner of the room

    The unique scenography points, above all, to a way of life where the curve of furniture makes sense next to a sculpture by John Stewart, where the dullness of a lava stone table harmonizes with the braided mane of a stallion. It is an installation where an oxymoron characterizes every corner of the room.

  • French luxury in the twentieth century

    Need we be reminded that Gilles & Boissier rebels, naturally, against all that is rigid? Or that creativity remains their primary engine? And rightly so, because to redefine French luxury in the twentieth century, to find a style which creates a synthesis between Orientalism and minimalism, or to engender a far-off serenity in the heart of Paris is all in a days work for Gilles & Boissier. Together, they surprise and rally, diversify and (re)unite.

  • Designers in residence

    And to round off this “out of the box” venture, Patrick Dorothée will be playing “designers in residence” throughout the year to initiate other cross-perspectives, and create as many inspired “tableaus” as possible.

    Acte2 Rive Gauche / Galerie d’en face
    7, rue Paul-Louis Courier – Paris VII

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