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09 May 2014 – French Savoir-Faire

Porcelain by Revol

Revolutionary Porcelain

By Beatrice Delamotte

These little colored porcelain cups that look as though they have been crumpled have been all around the world. And yet, it is in Saint-Use in the Drôme, that they are manufactured by Revol. This discrete number one of culinary porcelain in France has got an amazing story to tell.

  • Established in 1789 by two master potters

    Founded in 1789, with the Revolution in full swing, Revol has remained 100% family owned and preserved its roots.It was first of all in Lyon that two master potter brothers, already produced plates and dishes and secondly they made an important discovery in the Drôme ((the french department was created during the french révolution): that a deposit of kaolin is essential to produce a quality porcelain.

  • An exceptional know-how brought about by eleven generations of workers

    Over two hundred years later, the Saint-Uze factory produces all the cups, plates and pots used by chefs and food lovers worldwide. Exceptional savoir-faire preserved by eleven generations of workers who often succeed from father to son and from mother to daughter in the workshops. Each year, more than four million pieces leave the Drôme to go to eighty-four different countries, including China and the United States.

  • Revol combines technology and design today

    A veritable laboratory of ideas, Revol knows how to mix technology and design and renew its creations that always have a common point, “an eye for beauty” says Olivier Passot, President of Revol and descendant of the first potters in Lyon. To ensure a unique quality, many steps are still done entirely by hand, to preserve the precision of movement and the beauty of the object.

  • A single clay composition

    Another interesting thing about Revol, is that is one of the few porcelain makers to also make its own barbotine, from a unique composition of clay, feldspar and kaolin.

  • A method for incorporating color pigments in the original material

    Besides crumpled cups, from the size of a coffee mug to that of a champagne bucket, Revol has created a new line entirely in black. By a method already used in China for incorporating color pigments in the original material, porcelain becomes the perfect imitation slate, without the drawbacks of the real thing, which is incredibly fragile.

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