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16 May 2014 – French Savoir-Faire

Maison Barthelemy

I want leather…

By Laurence Gounel

With no sequins, vinyl or silicone in sight, in just a few months Maison Barthélémy has become the saddler of choice for our techno playthings, scooping up the prize for good taste at the same time. All in the name of pampering our most treasured possessions.

  • The Smartphone and the tablet are among the accessories that never leave our side

    And instead of a saddle stitch, they are typically adorned with bunny ears, covers that shine like car bumpers, faux-leather cases with dubious finishes and other such atrocities. Move along, nothing to see here!

  • Maison Barthélémy, after only 6 months in business, is redefining the game with dignity

    “Between gaudy Made in China covers and the unaffordable leather cases made by the big brands, we found there was not much in between,” explains Caroline Gaudibert, co-founder of this 100% French brand. In other words, the opportunity was too good to go to the artisans what they left us the opportunity to cultivate the legacy of existing know-how, especially in leather.

  • A local Eco-system, made in the Massif Central

    The two childhood friends who initiated this beautiful adventure started it mostly out of convenience, as they both hail originally from Auvergne, the historical base of the leather trades. Everything just made sense: they could respond to a demand by utilizing a local craft already in place. For these born-and-bred locals, all that remained was to seek out the talent. They looked from Thiers to Saint-Etienne, from design studios to the ateliers and the result was the Maison Barthélémy – in honor of the patron saint of tanners – determined from the outset to share the petites main of the Puy-en-Velay region with the most prestigious leather goods brands. And if the collection appears to be at a lower price point currently, it is only to offer an affordable luxury. And to ensure handmade manufacturing for each piece.

  • The first collections are already making waves in the world of design

    The patterns created by Pascaline de Glo de Besses traveled across France during the most recent Design Tour and were exhibited at the Cité du Design in Saint Etienne “Homework, une école Stéphanoise”. All that remained to be conquered were the fans, who found what they were always looking for but never could find before. You’re welcome.

  • Duotone is Maison Barthélémy’s signature. With a lighter tone for the saddle stitching.

    Lambskin , grained leather, leather with fur as well as the option to choose exotic leathers, a range of colors and to personalize your purchase with embossed initials.
    In Paris, at Claudia Paz (Paris 75004), A mon Image (Paris 75009) and Sépia Paris (Paris 75007), in Nice at Man by Impact and on www.maison-barthelemy.fr, www.we-shop.fr
    Soon to be available at Galeries Lafayette online.

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