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May 2nd 2014 – French savoir-faire

Bois2, Ethics & Style

Copyright video: Givetogod by Benjamin Donadieu for Bois 2

By Laurence Gounel

After the success of Waiting For The Sun, the trendy collective returns with Bois2. Always stylish, but with that extra bit of soul, exclusivity and that Made in Jura savoir-faire.

They changed the game with their wood glasses.

Their desire to use a raw material resonated as evidence of something that could unquestionably be identified as responsible fashion. In reality, it was better to make us wait for these “simple” teawood or bamboo frames to place on our nose. Because Antoine Mocquard and Julien Tual, the two visionaries behind the Waiting For The Sun label, are getting ready to hit hard once again.

With Bois2 – pronounced Bois Carré – the Bellevillois collective that is “Made in France” according to “l’exception française”.

Instead of being contented with simply good-habits-to-adopt-on-a-day-to-day-basis, the desire to go further cemented itself with a project to make sunglasses that were 100% made in France, initiated in 2009. Five years later, it is the culmination of a dream: to wear Bois2 frames is to offer exclusivity with a touch of a revolutionary patent.

First, there was this great idea:

to imagine a component that was recyclable and 100% biodegradable. Whilst maintaining, of course, the DNA that makes up the personality of the brand: wood! Antoine and Julien decided then to retrieve sawdust that they could compress into a new kind of acetate, made of 70% cotton and cellulose. Upon realization, the glasses proved to be more resilient and flexible than the traditional wood model. And today the brand is the only one producing its own organic acetate boards for a 100% naturally sourced result.
Then, they had to localize all the stages of manufacturing on French soil. From the tree that grows in our mountains to the hands that would shape them, Bois2 is a showcase of traditional family savoir-faire that never outsources to China. After 5 years of research and development, they won their bet and reduced their carbon footprint: no less than 5 Jura workshops are involved in the manufacturing process of these ultra-lightweight and stylish glasses.

And the cherry on the nose:

whenever you want to change the model, don’t forgo all this hard work…plant them in your garden. They are biodegradable in 18 months!

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