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22 August 2014 – French Savoir-Faire

Yon-Ka, a pioneer in phyto-aromatherapy

Yon-Ka Quintessence © Yon-Ka

By Béatrice Delamotte

As pioneers of phyto-aromatic treatments, the Laboratoires Multaler knew how to develop their brand Yon-Ka across the world, without ever leaving the Parisian region where all of their internationally sold products are manufactured. A family success in a universe dominated by major international cosmetic giants.

An original concept.

In the middle of the 1960s, botanical fanatics Cécile, Ernest et Charles Mühlthaler established the Laboratoires Multaler, won-over by the therapeutic virtues of essential oils, then regarded as a grandmother’s remedy. Whilst their initial creations were intended for physiotherapy, they quickly developed a range of products and care packages destined for beauticians, named Yon-Ka. From 1960, the laboratory researchers added totem assets of plants to aromatherapy. This original concept has come to be known as phyto-aromatherapy and has been an overnight success.

Care packages.

During the 1990s, lab workers managed to extract new promising, relatively unknown actives: fruit acids. Yon-Ka became one of the first brands to successfully experiment with these molecules. Driven by Françoise and Catherine, daughter and niece of the founders, the business developed its identity. Care packages are holistic, an area in which Yon-Ka will have a dominant role, and which marks the start of the international development of the brand. Today, five thousand spas and institutes spread across five continents use Yon-Ka products and have become an unconditional part of their practice.

Mastery of the production.

From the roots to the seed, more than 130 land and sea plants from around the world integrate themselves into the composition of products by the label. And it is in Argenteuil, in the nearby Parisian suburbs that the fabrication of these global products takes place. From the conception to the manufacturing, the Laboratoires Multaler oversees the entire mastery of the production process, guaranteeing total tractability.

Parisian spa ‘eSPAce Yon-Ka’.

For ten years, Parisian spa ‘eSPAce Yon-Ka’, situated bang in the centre of the left bank, has enjoyed super sophisticated treatments rooted in the nature and signed by the brand. From short care packages to those that last several hours, practitioners offer a wide range of polysensorial treatments. A peaceful haven interspersed with the refined aromas of care products.

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