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January 2013

It’s Now

Béatrice Delamotte
Artists Angels © Christian Astuguevieille Courtesy of Christies

« Artist’s Angels for Madagascar » sale at Christie’s.

Seventy-two contemporary artists are coming together for Madagascar. They have made, inspired by the doors and shutters carved by the Zafimaniry,

(the people of the Madagascan highlands), 72 pieces of art that invite you to take a second look at their culture and contemporary art. These doors and shutters will be auctioned at a special sale arrange by the Tsara Komba Lodge for the benefit of the NGO ‘Des Villages et Des Hommes’.

All profits from the sale of these works will be devoted to actions in support of people living on less than a dollar a day by giving them access to water, health, education and decent housing, all whilst respecting their culture. Because the culture of the Zafimaniry is slowly disappearing as a result of deforestation and the forest is the foundation of their existence. And because Madagascar is one of the poorest countries on the planet.
January 30th to 20th.

All-in © Mohamed Bourouissa, La Monnaie de Paris et kamel mennour/ Wallpaper, 2013 © Mohamed Bourouissa, Courtesy the artist and kamel mennour

« All-In » by Mohamed Bourouissa the Kamel Mennour Gallery.

For his second solo exhibition, Mohamed Bourouissa

addresses the issue of money. “All-in” takes its title from a video made during the Nuit blanche

for the Monnaie de Paris, filmed in the halls of the Quai Conti and Pessac factory where euro coins are minted. Put together as a clip, the piece is punctuated by various stages of the production of a coin adorned with an image of the rapper, Booba, and ends with the release of this coin on the remains of a party. Without claiming to address the comprehensive and complex network of relationships that bind us to money, Mohamed Bourouissa seeks above all to point out its attractiveness and its power as an engine and as a model of integration, of success, but also, in one dichotomous dimension, the force and the violence of its ability to exclude.
February 2nd to March 16th.

« Art Truc-Troc » à Bruxelles

« Art Truc-Troc » in Brussels.

Over the course of a weekend, Art Truc Troc is offering a program of live artistic performances. Visitors will be given the chance to be spectators as well as actors of artistic propositions as unexpected

as they are improbable. On the program, we have the surprising universe of the Messieurs Delmotte sits next to the battles of graf, the body as an artistic medium by Mélanie Peduzzi, and the notion

of order in the chaos of Clement Losson…Real experiences that are not missed.
From 1st to 3rd February

©Van Gogh Hospital en Saint-Remy

« Impression-
nisme and Open-air Painting,

from Corot to Van Gogh » at the Thyssen Bornemiza Museum in Madrid.

The Impressionists certainly did not invent painting outdoors, but they are certainly the ones

who led to its maximum expression. The aim of this exhibition is to analyse the origins and development of this approach to art, beginning with its first manifestation – the landscape painters of the late eighteenth century – to the expressionist interpretations of the early twentieth. A total of 116 works are being exhibited to trace this evolution and to analyse the phenomenon of oil painting done outdoors. An artistic practice that offers unexpected opportunities for landscape painting and one which revolutionised painting in the nineteenth century as a whole.
February 5th to May 12th

© Sven Kroner à la galerie Anne de Villepoix

Sven Kroner at the Galerie Anne de Villepoix.

At first glance, the large-scale Sven Kroner paintings

seem to be a tribute to nature.

Lush green meadows extend over the canvas, all in subtle shades of colour. A mixture of soft ochre in a foam substrate, a curved thickness to evoke a hill and fall back into the placid surface of the blue water. The German artist skilfully leads the viewer into his own worldview. He uses the tools of the painter to melt impressions gathered from real places with recognizable fragments of sublimated nature, creating an imaginary place where man is confronted with the violence of nature. Sven Kroner leads us through his childhood in the forested mountains of southern Germany, but also into a fantasy like with these icebreaker boats as seen from a plane.
Until February 28

Te?te guerrier (Delphes)©MAP

« Le trésor des Marseillais » at the Centre de la Vieille Charité.

Presented as part of the Marseille Provence

European Capital of Culture, the “La trésor des Marseillais” exhibition

reconstructs the edifice built by the Massaliètes (Marseillais) in Delphes, five centuries before our era. In ancient times, a treasure was a small, sculpted edifice, intended to receive and store valuables. Twenty-nine fragments classified as a “national treasure” by the Greeks are being exhibited for the first time outside Greece. Aided by new technologies, the visitor can discover a 3D life-size reconstruction of the building. This invitation to travel through time is available in the heart of the Puget chapel.
Until April 15

« Lionel Estève : To the Rain » à la Galerie Perrotin de Hong Kong

« Lionel Estève : To the Rain » at the Galerie Perrotin in Hong Kong.

The common point between the works presented at the Galerie Perrotin in Hong Kong? They all present an interpretation of landscape.

Although they are totally abstract like these “fringed drawings” – a set of sheets that have been painted and arranged in layers – which offer a chaotic vision of the world, a kind of schizophrenic landscape, or even expressionistic as shown with the « chapelle ».

Equally confusing, this landscape marries painted columns and extensive stone, that are half covered by the colour, to appear like the outline of a flood. Through these different conceptions of landscape, Lionel Estève offers his vision of a dreamlike world, where he would be capable of integrating into the world with total anonymity, without reference to a space, time or place.
Until March 2

©Fernando Botero-Bailarines

« Fernando Botero : Celebracion » at the Museum of Fine Arts in Bilbao.

Fernando Botero is the most famous Latin American artist

from the second half of the twentieth century, who is still active today. Coinciding with his 80th birthday, this exhibition pays tribute to the career of a painter, a draftsman, and a sculptor who developed his own – immediately recognizable – style, and who celebrated a deep exaltation of volume and colour.

« Celebracion » includes 80 pieces of his work from the last sixty years. The exhibition, organized by the artist’s daughter, provides an exceptional overview of Botero’s work thanks to the pieces that come mostly from the private collection of the painter.

Plein les Yeux - Thierry Mugler, robe pour Lady MacBethn 1985 © CNCS-Comédie Française-Pascal François

« Plein les Yeux ! Le spectacle de mode » at the cité internationale de la dentelle et de la mode of Calais.

On the one hand, a body constrained in large armatures or corsets and on the other

, a figure magnified and transformed by the inventiveness of the designers, as the splendor of the fabrics and performance of techniques.

Several emblematic silhouettes from the sixteenth century to nowadays, remind how the fashion body can make amazing and extraordinary shapes. With the historical pieces and outfits designed by Chanel, Christian Dior, Givenchy and Thierry Mugler … mingle mythical dresses worn in Gone with the Wind or The Queen Margot. Because cinema has well captured the spectacular aspect of these forms to reinvent them in its major productions.
From January 16 to April 28

Coca Cola Bottleware by Nendo © Takumi Ota / Coca Cola Bottleware(2) © Takumi Ota

« Coca-Cola Bottleware » by Nendo at Merci.

On the occasion of the event Food Food, Merci offers to discover the concept of Bottleware

from the growing trend of Upcycling: dishes devised by the consulting firm Nendo, an handmade design by Japanese glassblowers. In this growing trend of giving a second life to the object by embellishing it, the Studio Nendo has designed a complete range of dishes made from contours of Coca-Cola glass bottles.

To achieve this limited edition dishes, Japanese craftsmen use a traditional manufacturing technique in the region of Aomori. Each item is individually mouth blown, glass is melted at 1500 ° C before being wrapped around a torch. In total, five pieces were designed and produced in limited series.
On sale at Merci starting January 14

Suzanne Lalique-Haviland

« Suzanne Lalique-Haviland, le décor réinventé » at the Museum of Fine Arts in Limoges.

Lalique, Haviland … Two prestigious names that mark the decorative arts,

the first in the field of glass, the second in the field of porcelain.

Suzanne combines these two surnames: daughter of the famous jeweler and glassmaker René Lalique and wife of Paul Haviland Burty, she is herself a recognized designer of her time. She designs a line, gives new life to decor inspired by her everyday life. She marked, in addition to family businesses, institutions as famous as the Manufacture de Sèvres or the Comédie-Française. This is the first exhibition devoted to this exceptional designer in France. It shows the diversity of her creation thanks to loans from her family, famous firms she worked for and the Musée des Arts Décoratifs in Paris.
Until April 15

Tokyo 1955-1970 / Tokyo 1955-1977

« Tokyo 1955-1970 : A New Avant-Garde » at MoMA in New York.

From the mid 1950s until the 1960s, Tokyo has been transformed.

Capital of a nation torn by war it has become an international center for the arts,

culture and commerce, becoming one of the most important centers of creation. “Tokyo 1955-1970” offers a focused look at the extraordinary concentration of artists who have transformed the city during those turbulent years. Through paintings, sculptures, photographs, drawings, videos and films, the exhibition offers a history of artistic crossing, collaborations and conflicts with the city as an incubator.
Until February 25

Habitat 1964, première boutique vintage dédiée à la marque

Habitat 1964, the first vintage store dedicated to the brand.

In the upcoming weeks, in the heart of Puces de Saint-Ouen on the outskirts of Paris, Habitat is going to open a unique place

for the sale and resale of furniture and home accessories, from the collections of the 60s, 70s, 80s and even 90s.

This is the opportunity for people to offer up their Habitat products and for others to make a new acquisition. A team of experts will help you evaluate objects and determine a selling price.

« Color One for Mini » au Palais des Beaux-Arts de Bruxelles

« Color One for Mini » at the Palais des Beaux-Arts in Brussels.

Dutch design duo Scholten & Baijings are attacking the Mini One.

They have redesigned every room in the car with their formal language and personal style. The wheels have been redesigned,

the body perforated and all the textiles re-done by hand. The result is a unique dissection of the vehicle by the renowned contemporary designers. The duo of Stefan Scholten and Carole Baijings have worked together since 2000. Their work is minimalist but highly detailed and eloquent, with a thoughtful but intense craftsmanship and a colour palette.
Until January 27th

« Enki Bilal, les fantômes du Louvre »

« Enki Bilal, the ghosts of the Louvre ».

Enki Bilal walked into the Louvre in search of the museum’s “ghosts”, believed to be the people involved in the creation of artworks or their creators but,

due to a violent death, were permanently excluded from history. Little by little, he has brought them back to life, acting as a photographic developer, and providing us with the full biography of each so that the train of history, or that of the imagination

can be reinstated to its fair value. Bilal chose 23 works from the Louvre Museum. After shooting them, he drew and painted directly on the digital photo printed on canvas. The evanescent characters were born from these sketches. The artist subtly plays with making things “appear” and finishes by imposing the remarkably strong presence of these spirits.
Until March 18th

« Fashioning Fashion, deux siècles de mode européenne » aux Arts Décoratifs

« Fashioning Fashion, two centuries of European fashion » at the Arts Décoratifs.

This exhibition celebrates the acquisition of two remarkable collections,

those of Martin Kamer and Wolfgang Ruf, both collectors of antiques, costumes and vintage fabrics.

This heritage reflects the key movements of eighteenth-century European fashion at the dawn of the twentieth century. The exhibition, organised both chronologically and thematically, reveals nearly a hundred complete and fully accessorized male and female silhouettes. These pieces, mainly from France, England and Italy, show the evolution of tastes, focusing on shapes, details and savoir-faire.
Until April 14th

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