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May 3 2013

Emmanuel Bossuet, graphic artist

Emmanuel Bossuet EEM Studio, graphic artist


Rich in his multiple expressions and experiences in the field of graphic design, Emmanuel Bossuet strives today to translate his achievements not only with a pencil in hand or on a computer but by making real and tangible works. Rich in his artistic and amicable relationships as well, he also never stops wanting to assemble and communicate different worlds together, transposing graphics and designs on carpets, lamps, Stockman models ®, always with rigorous detail, a hint of fashion, an electric touch and rock’n roll.

An ultra luxury version of the Stockman bust.

Covered in Swarovski crystals, the Stockman bust ® sparkles. But for once it is not the costume, the bust is upright, slender, an oversimplified version of the form of a woman, but it has lost its white cotton canvas this time. An ultra luxury version of the bust, reinterpreted by Emmanuel Bossuet, it has almost become an icon, a museum piece, a piece to keep. Moreover, this interpretation and the others, the first ones, designed by Emmanuel, dressed in cotton black and white graphics have been much written about in the press. THE Stockman ® is no longer just a practical object, it has become a separate object. It is no longer dressed, it is adorned with drawings, jewels and it has become a creation in itself.
Emmanuel wanted a support for his drawings, something that was iconic of Paris, fashion houses and salons and so he created this collaboration with the manufacturer of the one iconic object that met all of his criteria, the Stockman ® bust. From one piece made for an exhibition that was almost a prototype, success followed and so did a lot of orders. It was a product of artisanal production that also put a French house in the spotlight. Bossuet had stumble upon a unique way to make a link between modernity, design and craftsmanship.

Decorative graphics.

Ten years ago, Emmanuel who had honed his craft in the Thompson design offices in the 2000s following Matali Crasset, Patrick Jouin and Christophe Pillet, and rubbed shoulders in the fashion scene with Maria Luisa and Martine Sitbon, realized his interest in decorative design. And self-taught, he continues to express himself in this way and has made a jump from the second into the third dimension, using the embossing of wallpaper, a tufted carpet, ceramic, leather, embroidery or other impressions to give life to objects designed with his graphic, black and white signature.
Various exchanges and collaborations with his friends, Mathias Kiss and Pierre Gonalons, also fell into the milieu of the Decorative Arts gave rise to communal efforts.
Gallery owner Armel Soyer published his embossed wallpaper in collaboration with l’Atelier d’Offard, the last wallpaper specialist in France and devoted an exhibition to him last year, entitled “Dandelion”. More recently, Emmanuel Bossuet has been publishing his other creations under his own name such as the tiles or the “Impression d’Emeraude” carpet, a mineral pattern and a true trompe l’oeil.
Emmanuel could summarize his work as graphic work interpreted with a huge variety of materials. “It’s the technique that inspires the project, but I always start with the pattern. That’s my point of entrance,” he confides. And he creates everything with the idea of endurance in mind, the idea that the object will still be there in twenty years.

The busts designed by Emmanuel Bossuet will be part of the “French Design Connection” exhibition at the Chambers Hotel from the 18th to 21st of May 2013.


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