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Plume Voyage, a first step to all kind of light and luxury  travel

A webzine and now a travel guide

PLUME VOYAGE is a webzine structured like a paper magazine, with a primary focus on coverage. Throughout the site, photos and images will be of great importance. It will cover its topics in eleven sections.

A bridge between two shores (tales of encounters), A walk (tales of journeys), A break (a discovery, a three minute or three hour tale), My suitcase (a traveler’s tips), The world of (the journey of a creator, a focus on creation), Travel Tales (stories of travelling actors), It’s now (cultural news of the moment). Travel objects offer a selection of traveler’s objects. The magazine is updated every Friday. Parisian News, French Savoir Faire and Short Break complete the magazine for two years.

It will officially be online the 20th of may, 2011.

An experience

The webzine is founded by Capucine Gougenheim Geagea aka Capucine Plume. Previously a free lance editor at Elle (for eight years) and Paris-Match( for seven years), as well as contributing to various other French publications and a Lebanese magazine, she wanted to translate her travels experiences through PLUME VOYAGE. A personal webzine, enriched with encounters, work and the expression of talented people.
The team she has created the magazine with share the same out-look, the same language, and the same desire to express ideas in a light-hearted, photographic manner. Photo will be a treated as a means of expression, an extension of the eye.  Plume Voyage offers a light travel around the world…

A motionless and imaginary travel

In the world of PLUME VOYAGE , travel will be used a means of expressing beauty, balance, differences and togetherness, as well as exploring the way we see others. Travel is an incentive to discover new materials, technical developments, classics, the collaboration of different fields, new ideas, as well as a reason to meet other people and discover new places.

In the style of the poet Henri Michaux, a great traveller, the magazine will constantly explore the world. It covers all that evolves in the world of art, travel, sensuality, music, gastronomy, cinema, imagination, poetry and, of course, geography.

“A man who can not travel or keep a journal wrote this travel diary.” A preface by Henri Michaux in his book Ecuador.

Plume voyage

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