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September 2012

Edito n°12

PLUME VOYAGE, the luxury of a light and immobile journey.

We’re back! After a wonderful summer and a compilation of our archives, PLUME VOYAGE will be back every Friday with one new topic a week. The first was posted on Friday, September 7th with a final holiday vibe: A Break in Bodrum, at the Amanruya hotel, another gem from the Aman chain.

Our welcome page will change its cover photo each week to highlight the topic of the moment.

The magazine, as always, wishes to offer its take on the beauty of things, to reveal the harmony of a place, to discuss the balance of an object, to tell of an encounter, to share the emotion of a moment, and to preserve the transient.

Curiosity that leads us beyond borders, and the desire for a different kind of journey – imaginary, self-exploratory or artistic – continues to inspire PLUME VOYAGE.

Welcome back everyone!

Plume voyage

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