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March 2012

Charlotte-Amalie Daehn


The young editor of Montres Magazine did not intend to end up with this career. After studying law and political science, Charlotte-Amalie wanted to be policewoman and enrolled herself in the Institute of Criminology. But after discovering that she did not have the right body mass index (she was five pounds too light!), as well as witnessing some horrendous scenes, the young woman agreed to go and work with her father, the founder of Montaigne Publications, most notably the publisher of Montres Magazine and Monsieur. Since then, she travels around the world to glean information and frequently visits Switzerland since she, above all, loves working with her father

Are you more of a hand-carry, trunk, suitcase, travel bag, backpack or no baggage person?
I use my Paul Smith travel bag all the time, which is very soft with a vintage ‘English’ look. My husband and my son have the same! Each of us has our own one, with a different design. There is a Mini on my son’s bag, a license plate on my husband’s and the Union Jack on mine. And I always take a big bag, which I manage to pack to the brim

What are the essentials for your suitcase?
I always take my Kindle (from Amazon), my perfume “Piment Brûlant” by L’Artisan Parfumeur, an Hermès scarf that is multifunctional, a long Simrane kimono that I wear when I want to feel comfortable, and above all the ring that my mother had made for me with the phrase “I’m here” engraved on the back. She gave it to me when I moved to the United States. And ever since then it comes everywhere with me…

What do you bring back from your trips?
Books, notebooks, materials. I especially like decorative objects that are typical of the country. I found some cushion covers and a carpet in Istanbul. To transport it, the vendors folded the carpet and vacuum-packed it into a travel bag to fit its dimensions.  It was very practical. From Shanghai, I brought back gadgets, iPhone headphones, and a phone cover. In the States, I bought a pair of chairs that I had shipped back to France

What are your favorite destination and hotel?
In the winter, the Grand Hotel du Golf in Crans Montana, Switzerland. It was my husband who made this discovery. It is from another era. I also do a lot of trips to Switzerland for the newspaper and I love La Réserve in Geneva. My next destination will be Wales, where I plan to do a route on horseback, without a guide. The agency that organizes the trip is responsible for transferring the luggage from bed & breakfast to bed & breakfast

Do you have memories of memorable trips?
Waking up in the bush in front of a lion in South Africa was incredible. My first solo holiday with a friend in Greece was also very memorable. We had a scooter accident and I fell in love with my doctor at the time! And my most recent fond memory was with my husband at the Standard Hotel in Los Angeles where we were upgraded to a huge suite, after being given the option to “Upgrade”

Charlotte-Amalie Daehn

Clever Tips

I like to soak up the atmosphere of the country so I read novels about them before leaving. For example, before travelling to Africa, I read The White Masai by Corinne Hofmann. Recently I journeyed through the English countryside and I read Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen. If I go on a weekend trip to St. Tropez I re-read Bonjour Tristesse by Françoise Sagan. I try to find novels that are going to plunge me into the ambience of the place.
I often take the option to “Upgrade” in a hotel, which will give you a better room if there is space. The price is a little more initially, but it’s worth it


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