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April 2017

Wander around april 2017 – Kerala, the sensual wave

It is a land of lush greenery, unusual landscapes with green tea plantations, breathtaking views and a place where you can see backwaters, an unique landscape in the world.

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April 2015

Wander Around April 2015 – Shanghai: the Pearl of the Orient shines brighter than ever!

Shanghai has the highest population of any city in China with 26 million “official” residents (as there are really almost 30 million with numerous legal workers who flock to the city from around China).

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January 2015
Pondichery , Villa

Wander Around January 2015 – Pondicherry, darling

It lingers in the air, like the scent of former colonial trading posts. Oscillating between heritage and modernity, Pondicherry is simultaneously French and conformist, Indian and tempestuous. The visit of a lifetime.

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May 2014
Hong Kong

Wander Around May 2014 – If Hong Kong could be put into words…

Pale grey, dark grey, blue grey, the sky draws interlacing lines, edged with darker, almost black tones. The sea responds in echo with an opaline green, jade green in some areas,

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