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September 2016
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Reason number 3: the Hotel Tower on the harbor

SANARY SUR MER, Hôtel de la Tour sur le port. UNE BALADE À SANARY SUR MER. PLUME VOYAGE, le guide de vos voyages légers. © Françoise Spiekermeier DR Plume Voyage

The path of the Hill descends steeply to the village opening on a dream panorama. The small port deploys its Provencal facades lapped by the palm trees. In the northwest corner, the tower dominates the fourteenth century, draped in his welcoming setting that is the Hotel Tower built like a coat around its walls. Géraldine Chatelet-Mercier, the granddaughter of Lucien Mercier, its purchaser in the 30s, cultivates the memory of his grandfather who was the first to welcome the German exiles and kept the door open kitchen for the needy. Room 17 is an absolute must with its high ceilings and its own bathroom with bathtub has a view overlooking the harbor basin with the finest collection of fishing pointed to the French Riviera. This is the restaurant that is eaten bouillabaisse (order) or dentex baked in salt, one of the most delicious Mediterranean fish. Picasso had drawn on his slicks but works crept into the first book Golden disappeared when it was stolen during the war.

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