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September 2015
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Neon Museum : a national treasure!

Neon Museum, Warsaw © Ludovic Bischoff

Whilst shops remained empty and sales nonexistant during Poland’s dark Cold War era, the neon signs that remained illuminated brought a small amount of heat to Warsaws inhabitants and gave them confort as if they were just in any normal town…an illusion that many Varsavians still remember today. Indeed the neon sign’s polish designers certainly brought a creative flair typical of the 40s and 50s. The signs were unfortunatly taken down and forgotton, until recently, when a passionate couple started collecting them and saved them from inevitable destruction. 3 years ago, the couple chose the heart of Soho Factory, in one of the last remaining red brick buildings , as the place to showcase their collection of neon signs, a museum unique in the world! One walks around admiring the stunning iluminations of another time. Signs whose captivating and poetic nature is so powerful we would love to see them on our own streets.


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