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October 2016
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Heading South

Namibie, Cap au Sud. une balade octobre 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Beatrice Delamotte

To join the Kalahari Desert, go south. The strip of asphalt stretches under a blazing sun, between semi-desert landscapes dotted with acacia trees silhouette recognizable and stop in small towns where you can buy some local specialties (such as biltong, this high calorie dried meat that can hold several hours without a proper meal) or as in Rehoboth Mariental. Do not expect to real shopping centers. This is especially particularly busy stations. A few kilometers, and here we arrive at our hotel, the Anib Lodge.

Where to stop? The small town of Rehoboth is a good stop. Founded by Germans in the early nineteenth century, it is still known for its “Baster,” the descendants of those settlers who intermarried with local women, some of whom have incredibly blue eyes …

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