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October 2014
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Zen Kashoin

Zen Kashoin © Marie Le Fort

After a flurry of morning visits, it is time to roam the streets of Kyoto, with the hope of discovering the best tea-houses, summer pavilions and temples where you can taste local delicacies. Stop off at Zen Kashoin: merging a contemporary tearoom, boutique and gallery, this formerly traditional house arranges itself around a courtyard embellished by a zen garden. There, amongst display cabinets, walls covered in silver leaves and a wooden counter, you can enjoy a foaming Matcha green tea, whisked in a ceramic bowl decorated with abstract motifs, accompanied by a Zen Kasutera, or sponge cake, or choose an ice cream flavour; green tea, red soy bean or white sesame. You should do your weekly shopping here, seeing as the packaging is so creative.

271-1, Takoyakushi-cho, Muromachi-dori Nijo-sagaru, Nakagyo-ku
+81 (0)75 241 3300 271-1

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