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October 2014
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Two unmissable Hamburg hotels

Photo1, 2 & 3: Henri Hotel, Hambourg. Courtesy of Henri Hotel Photo 4, 5, 6 & 7: 25Hour Hotel, HafenCity, Hambourg. Courtesy of 25Hour Hotel.

In the historic centre of Hamburg and a stone’s throw from the central station, the Henri Hotel is the darling of Mad Men amateurs! A 1950s ‘working men’ ambiance is wonderfully recreated in this former office building, converted into a hotel a year ago. 65 comfortable and designer studios are perfect for a holiday in Hamburg. But the real bonus of this hotel is its vast communal ‘living room’, giving the feel of a flat share! The kitchen is open 24/7, offering beers and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream in the fridge, like being at home! The vintage ‘feel good’ vibe is incredible and already has a reputation throughout Germany.
Another new, fun and boho hotel is 25 Hours HafenCity. The theme of 25 Hours (a small German chain of super original hotels) is clearly linked to the sea and cargo voyages. In the hall, there is an orange container, which acts as a boardroom. Elsewhere, the roof houses a sauna. Bargain-hunt trinkets are scattered throughout and the hotel’s own boutique deserves a visit. The rooms make you feel as if you are sleeping in a cabin in the middle of the ocean, with wallpaper mimicking a marine’s tattoos… a hotel with fun on every floor!


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