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October 2014
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Sfera concept store

Sfera © Marie Le Fort

A concept store spread over several floors between two historic streets, Sfera establishes itself as a boutique come to life. Enveloped in titanium and studded with leaves and cherry blossom, the façade gives you a taste of what is to come. Fitting in perfectly with bouquets arranged with unusual delicacy, traditional kitchen utensils in cypress Sawara, copper saké pitchers, grey varnished wooden cups, asymmetrical yet uncluttered ceramics and woven pots in summery blondness embody the best of Japanese savoir-faire, plus a modern twist. And the latest novelty; a line of items for dogs, christened DOnG, made from natural materials…for their wellbeing!

17 Benzaiten-cho
+81 (0)75 532 11 39

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