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October 2014
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Cool and popular: the best bohemian hang-out spots

Hamburg, Best Bohemian Spots © Ludovic Bischoff

Streets buzzing with cafes and boutiques, buildings covered in graffiti, interior courtyards and true insights into communal living may make you feel like you are in a bohemian area of Berlin. A ‘bobo, ecolo, trendy vibe governs the Schanze and Karoviertel districts, as it does in Berlin. The former is the better known of the two, with the likes of the Nil restaurant, which welcomes clued-up but cool gastronomes. The latter is still developing and is more popular for wandering around: on Saturdays, the big flea market is an Aladdin’s cave, whilst the Marketstrasse brims with hidden addresses, giving a taste of the studios of designers, including the suits of Herr von Eden or the Hanseplatte boutique, which exclusively gathers Hamburg labels or music groups. On the restaurant side of things, Bullerei offers makeshift décor. Further along, towards Elbe, the Sankt Pauli district offers a different side to the city…with lots more tourists. Bars and clubs overflow with a cheerful crowd of people from all over Germany who come to party all year round. It is here that Hamburg is still at the centre of the entertainment industry, for gallivanting marines and fleeting travellers alike!


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