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October 2013
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Freemans Sporting Club

Photos © Courtesy of Sporting Club

Set on a small side street just off the Bowery, the Freemans Sporting Club (FSC) attracts a variety of elegant gentlemen clients dressed in beautiful cotton jackets, shiny boots, thick woolen sweaters, horn-rimmed glasses and beards. Some are here to wait their turn at the barber, others have come by to have a three-piece suit cut and tailored in a secret workshop (accessible through a hidden door that takes on the appearance of a library) and the others may be simply passing by to browse the racks looking for the latest suit that has been…perhaps only a few miles away! On each label, the name and price of the suit is noted alongside the distance that separates it from its place of production: a Mother Freedom jacket produced in Massachusetts, another in leather, made by Golden Bear (established since 1922) on the docks of San Francisco, shoes and backpacks in coated fabric made exclusively for FSC…the Freemans man has style, and ethics to boot!
8 Rivington Street


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