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October 2013
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Coup 2 foudres

From left to right and top to bottom, Photos 1 and 2 : Outside, 3 and 4: Inside the room

Those who have had the chance to visit cellars where huge wine barrels are kept have often dreamed of transforming one to create a dreamlike bedroom. And that is exactly what has been done here with the complicity of the Seguin Moreau cooperage, who have devised a barrel that is totally out of the ordinary. It all started with an idea by Frederick Charles Chassagne. This Libournais man wanted to offer accommodation that combined originality with surprise and dreams. Made of wood from eco-certified forests, these barrels (with a theoretical capacity of 750 hectoliters, equivalent to 100,000 bottles of wine…) offer a suite of unusual charm, with stunning views of the vineyards for a gentle sunrise.


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