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October 2013
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Côté Jardin, a building of the 16th century

From left to right and top to bottom, Photos 1 and 2 : The courtyard ©Plume, 3 and 4: The garden ©Plume

It is in a 16th century mansion near the town hall of Senlis that Francine Patenotte installed its guest house “I dreamed of making this twenty years ago! “. After selling the Porte Bellon restaurant, the owner finally realized her dream there two years ago, helped by his mother and his brother and opened this charming address. The five rooms have been created in the central part of the house between a courtyard and garden. Careful and attentive care has been taken to each all with views of the cathedral, on the roofs of the old town or the teeming garden. And little more significant because very rare in Senlis summer, a wooden pool, hidden in the garden can accommodate guests of this house like no other .
25, rue de Paris 60300 Old Senlis
tel: + 33 3 44 53 69 04


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