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November 2014
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Wedding and Neukolln : where the underground lives on ?

Wedding and Neuhkoln Berlin © Ludovic Bischoff

What has happened to Berlin’s famous underground spirit? This is the question that entices visitors to this city that built its pop image with its graffiti and illegal bars. And so, where is the underground punk and electro scene today? Nowhere. And everywhere, all at the same time.
Neukolln, a district south of Kreuzberg, puts the wind in its sails for the young, because of its cheap rent. But so many bars have sprung from the ground that we can no longer talk about the obvious nightlife. That being said, don’t miss out of the open-air Turkish market that takes place twice a week on the banks of the Urbanhafen. And make the most of it, by tasting succulent ramen in the authentic Japanese setting of Cocolo Ramen. In Wedding, north of Mitte, there are several up-and-coming places that are worthy of their alternative etiquette. The Stattbad is one. This is a former swimming pool in which electro nights are held. Here, you can dance through the night in an empty pool or in the engine room. In this building, despite being situated far from the centre of the capital, you are sure to meet a large band of Berliners. In the same area, hidden in the backyard of a building yet to be renovated, you will find Panke. This bar and club was opened three years ago by Justas Rudzianskas, a Lithuanian with a taste for techno music, playing host to hip-hop and R’n’B groups. The portrait of Notorious BIG dominates one room, as a reminder that here, amongst the hard core music are Blues roots. Panke is one of the rare places in Berlin where electronic music has no entrance fee. In fact, this address is very much off the beaten track! And finally, Volta brings something new to the table for Stephan Hentschel, former chef of the famous Cookies Cream, which really is the flavour of the month. A popular snack in this area that has become ‘the place to be’ for any food addict, offering a ludic and sumptuous cuisine.


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