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November 2014
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Twenty-five years ago, the wall came tumbling down…

Photo 1 : Visualisierung, Photo 2 : LICHTGRENZE Park am Nordbahnhof, Photo 3 : LICHTGRENZE Brandenburger Tor © Kulturprojekte Berlin, Christopher Bauder, Photo Daniel Bueche. Photo 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 & 11 : Berlin Wall © Ludovic Bischoff.

A quarter of a century, a whole generation, has past. On 9th November 1989, the Berlin wall came down, having divided the city that symbolized the Cold War for several decades. To celebrate this anniversary, the capital organized a series of inspiring ceremonies over the course of the 7th-9th November weekend. Besides a magnificent concert on the Potsdamer Platz, 8000 illuminated balloons were arranged in the place where the wall once stood. Over almost 15km, they took the shape of a symbolic white line. On Sunday night, the balloons were released and lifted into the Berlin night, a flight that symbolized the historic fall. But besides all of these celebrations, it is still possible to envisage the wall before and after its dismantlement, by visiting two emblematic locations.
The Berlin Wall Memorial, in Bernauer Strass, offers a realistic vision of the wall in 1989. Whole sections of greyness and sadness transport you back to an austere and controlling East Berlin. At the foot of the Wall, you can physically sense the feeling of despair and captivity experiences by thousands of Germans fleeing the GDR. At the other end of the spectrum, on the banks of the Spree River, the East Side Gallery provides a much more colourful version of the Wall. Over a kilometer long, 118 street artists from 21 different countries have covered what remains of the longest section of the Wall that remains intact. A festive and joyful sight, although equally intense and political. Strolling through this open-air gallery, visitors can understand the impacts of reunification that transformed Berlin from the city that split the world, to an international capital that continues to attract more and more tourists…

For more information, visit: http://mauer.visitberlin.de/en/ and www.eastsidegallery-berlin.de

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