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November 2014
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Spice Village

Spice Village © Clara Le Fort

Rooted in the very centre of the wind-swept hills of Kerala and cardamom fields and tea plantations, Spice Village convokes the essence of a tribal village. A perfect example of ecology, the resort honours the surrounding architecture – villas are constructed from local raw materials, respecting vernacular traditions – and offer any visitor the chance to take a tour with a naturalist, to discover organic gardens of the Spice Village but also bamboos, teaks, a vast range of honeysuckle and coffee beans, which flourish in the high altitude. As explains naturalist Anand Gopinath: “The uniqueness of the flora and fauna surrounding Spice Village stems from its ethnical origins, reinforced by close protection of local species by indigenous people who wish to reduce the strain placed on natural resources and to respect the biological dynamic balance”. A green goldmine.

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