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November 2014
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Mitte: Soho of Berlin

Mitte Berlin © Ludovic Bischoff

Mitte is to Berlin as Soho is to New York. This area packs in the underground and festive life of Berlin. Ten years ago, this is where people came to dance and drink. We rally against the enamel facades and lament the departure of its underground soul. And yet, we always return, tempted by the charm that this area exudes. The Mitte district has done a lot for Berlin’s international reputation. Oranienburger Strasse used to be a strip of bars and clubs. Mitte was the underground party hub of Berlin. Clearly, the area has been unable to escape the general ‘embourgeoisement’ of the city. Even the legendary squat of artists, Tacheles, closed its doors for the last time in 2012. And still, Mitte remains the neuralgic centre of the city, knowing exactly how to reinvent itself. Art is everywhere, in galleries and edgy museums such as the Me Collectors Room. The August Strasse Jewish School for girls plays host to the Kennedy collection, which relives the famous speech ‘Ich Bin Eni Berliner’. Here, you can also find a Brooklyn style deli, with its sumptuous pastrami sandwiches (Mogg&Mekzer) and a gourmet, Michelin starred restaurant (Pauly Saal), a concept incomprehensible to Mitte until a few years ago!

The most fashionable of Berliners reside just a few streets north of Oranienburger Strasse. Their new stomping ground in avenue Tor Strasse, which doesn’t seem like much, but in fact unites the most prominent addresses.
Le Mani is a boutique hotel and, just opposite, the Hotel Ultra is a brand new designer boutique presented in the false hall…of a hotel! Rock label ‘The Dudes’ has its flagship on this street. Asian cuisine of Dudu or Toca Rouge throws trendy gastronomes into frenzy. Much like Shiso Burger, below Mitte, which serves mouth-watering Japanese style burgers. If you’re looking for a drink, don’t be shy; push open the door of this pretend art gallery, which conceals a hidden bar, Buck & Breck. In short, Mitte is a safe bet for an evening on the town, albeit in artist dens!


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