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May 2016
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Yenpapir Beach

Une Balade en Indonésie, Mai 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

And then “Earth! “Yenpapir Beach, language of coral sand, licks the feet of coconut trees bordering the island of Mansuar. You approach the end of a long traveling along the north coast, after the peaceful village of Kurkapa. Here, each village has its pontoon fishing or almost every house. “Selamat pagi”: the “good morning » is spreading upon your passing as a wildfire from mouth to mouth, smile to smile.
The populations of Raja Ampat mix Papuans Indigenous peoples and families coming from different horizons. Before dawn, the ship set sail for the island of Gam. A Saranggaï, Papuans village live a quiet life. Clay trail sinks beneath the canopy in a concert of bird songs whose presence is buzzing in your way. In silence, we followed suit not the guide. The bird of paradise feathers voluptuous like to post on the largest trees of the forest and dominate the universe with panache. If one station at the foot of the tree in silence, he answers the cry of the imitator and down to earth to seduce anything that moves, with its multicolored feathers. The bird deified by the Papuan culture and revered by beautiful European to provide the best egrets on bibis 30s, now allows for live community by attracting travelers. Time is suspended on her lips caller whose call perfect imitation, learned and reproduced over thousands of years and generations in turn allows to seduce a bird book to look innocently. Meanwhile, in the village, children play hopscotch on the edge of the water, the men go fishing in their outrigger canoe, engines snort, the official Indonesian national flag hoisted close to the church (the Papuans are mainly Christians and animists). From a jet of a blowpipe, off, there is a spot that dream more of a dip: a small coral reef where manta rays graze the surface of their graceful wings. It is also the morning that we can with a mask and snorkel, mingle with their majestic ballet. The highlight of the show comes from the geology on the side of the island of Painemu: Bentangalam Kars karst archipelago beautiful: the nature outperformed computing saturation turquoise and green that seems unreal, almost virtual. At the foot of volcanic sugar loaves covered with dry vegetation, a boat dock is ready to dive into the green and hot water.

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