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May 2016
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Towards Raja Ampat

Une Balade en Indonésie, Mai 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

Towards Raja Ampat … Within two hours by boat to squeeze between anonymous islands, often uninhabited
How to imagine, by observing these covered wild coasts of primary forests, punctuated here and there with tiny villages cut off from the world, that these southern countries are the source of Western Renaissance, enrichment of royal courts engaged in a race by lust for spices! How simple plants, cloves or nutmeg, have become undisputed stars, the basics of a developing civilization? These small cloves, these small grains of pepper, the nutmeg, have unleashed rivalries between European nations engaged from the fifteenth century in a race to the colonies, counters, naval fleets, for control of the generating wealth power and economic supremacy. Today, these islands are the territory of one of the most powerful in the world Nations: Indonesia, third most populated Republic with its 255 million inhabitants, first Muslim nation in the world, the cradle of civilization was, and still is the bridge between the West and Asia. The largest archipelago in the world, crossed by three time zones, is the kingdom of superlatives. Yet it is here in the guise of a kind impenetrable.

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