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May 2016
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Manado, a paradis

Une Balade en Indonésie, Mai 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

Like any paradise, it must be earned: about thirteen hours flight from Paris to Jakarta or Singapore, and then again three hours to reach Manado, the North Sulawesi capital (Sulawesi in Indonesian), gateway to the islands in the archipelago … the port of Manado nestled in a large bay facing the Bunaken volcano, black mass in area planted colorful coral underwater. We plunge to admire them, on one of the most famous diving spots in Indonesia. Manado, we fly to Sorong: This port of West Papua on the island of New Guinea allows, if one manages to wrest the sweet and festive nights of Tembok Berlin, local Croisette where one eaten grilled fish brazier in makeshift huts, to discuss Raja Ampat, the Papuan archipelago with 540 coral species. Raja Ampat is in the top ten for worldwide diving destinations.
If one prefers to approach the islands by sea, you can also rally the Raja Ampat embarking on a pinisi, a beautiful traditional sailing ship with two masts and seven veils typical of Celebes, to the port of Taopere in Makassar, the capital of south Sulawesi. A dock, commercial pinisi still fill, the backs of men, their wedges sugar and spices harvested in the islands.

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