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May 2016
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A territory to explore, again and again

Une Balade en Indonésie, Mai 2016 PLUMEVOYAGE @plumevoyagemagazine © Françoise Spiekermeier

Island Mansuar is a base ideally located in the heart of the archipelago, right across from the main island of Waigeo. Hotels are diving lodges with simple comfort, but the presence of wood, always precious, give the rooms a unique colonial charm. Raja Ampat Dive Lodge anchored on the beach lined with mangroves roots in attracting a multitude of fish species whose presence allows to marvel upon awakening, by wearing a mask.
One hour and fifteen minutes flight from Raja Ampat, the island of Ambon is the historic heart of the “Spice Islands” in the Moluccas -Maluku in Indonesian- which still comes from 80% of the Indonesian production: there are a thousand islands scattered over a clear tropical sea, in the air fragrant clove. Centuries before the Eastern spices pleasantly tickle the palate of the courts of Europe, China merchants, Malaysia and the Middle East had discovered the value of clove and nutmeg and knew that one was in while in the Moluccas. After 400 years, the oldest clove tree in the world stands on the volcanic island of Ternate, and always gives half a ton of cloves per year. The Moluccas are separated by deep water from both the Asian and Australian continents and have never been connected to the continent by land. They form a kind of Atlantis to the incredibly generous nature that has developed in total isolation, in this special area called Wallacea. A territory to explore, again and again.

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