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March 2015
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Where to eat and sleep in Memphis.

Where to eat and sleep in Memphis. Restaurants and Hotels © Ludovic Bischoff

There is only one hotel to stay in whilst in Memphis: the Peabody. This marvellous example of architecture is simultaneously ornate and very ‘Gotham-city’; evidently, as it offers guests every modern comfort: class and good taste. But the main reason for frequenting the Peabody is for…its ducks! In the 30s, the hotel manager and one of his hunting friends, having drunk far too much Jack Daniels, thought it would be very amusing to place several ducks on the grand marble fountain enthroned in the lobby of this luxury hotel. And the clients loved it. Ever since, ducks have paddled in the fountain every day. There is even a duck master who is charged with bringing the ducks down from their very comfortable home on the roof, down in the lift and then across a red carpet, going to and from the fountain, both morning and night! The Peabody ducks have become the most popular attraction in Memphis. And the hotel dedicates themselves to serving them. Thus, you will never find duck on the menu at any of the hotel’s restaurants!
In terms of dining out, head straight for the Rendez-vous for the best char-grilled ribs in the whole city or even, some would say, in the whole of Tennessee! You can’t go wrong by pushing open the door of the Central BBQ, next door to the Civil Rights Museum. Its pulled pork is the most sumptuous for miles. As for the Four Way Grill, don’t be astonished if certain geriatric waiters start talking to you about their dear Doctor King, who they used to wait on, as this was the favourite haunt of the black leader who loved simple, invigorating soul food. This understated address has been hidden away in this residential zone for 70 years, entertaining foodies with its breadcrumb-coated chicken. And nobody understands why it should change now!


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