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March 2015
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Spend a night in the only ice-hotel in America

Spend a night in the only ice-hotel in America. Photo 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6: Hotel de glace © Ludovic Bischoff. Photo 7: Hotel de glace © Renaud Philippe. Courtesy of Hotel de glace

“My country is not a country, it is winter…” sang Quebec-born Gilles Vigneault. In order to embrace winter in Quebec, there is no better way than to sleep in a room…made of ice! We’re not talking about a night in an igloo but in fact a hotel entirely constructed of ice. This genuine prodigy is unique to the whole of the American continent, because only in Quebec with its freezing days that could uphold this structure over several months. Every year, 500 tonnes of ice and 30 000 tonnes of snow are required in the building of this 3000m2 hotel, which comprises of forty bedrooms. This bar may hold 400 people and there is even a sauna, in which you can take a hot bath to warm yourself up before spending a night in -8 degrees. Classic bedrooms are simply equipped with an ice bed in which guests sleep warmly in cosy sleeping bags provided. But the suites vie in creativity seeing as the ice-sculptures have been adapted to the taste of the decorator. Some are futuristic, others medieval or even poetic. As it is impossible to select a suite, these are randomly allotted. But as for the Quebec carnival, it is best to reserve rooms well in advance, as the success of the Quebec Ice Hotel is such that there is more demand than there is space! And if you find that you can’t book a room at all, you can still visit the hotel during the day, as hundreds of thousands of onlookers have done every year for the past fifteen. The Quebec Ice Hotel is open every year from the start of January until the end of March.

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