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March 2015
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Share a snowy adventure through nature surrounding Quebec

Share a snowy adventure through nature surrounding Québec. Québec Canada © Ludovic Bischoff

Quebec may be a metropolis, but it is surrounded by easy-to-access countryside, offering quite a change of scene. So, make the most of your trip by exploring the Monts-Valin National Park. Here, it is easy enough to organise a snowshoeing excursion in the Vallée des Fantômes, renowned for its frozen snow-covered trees, which offer a mysterious aspect. The panorama is idyllic in winter. Then, make sure that you initiate yourselves in the art of ice-fishing in the village that establishes itself in the Bay of Ha!Ha! every winter! Here, you can rent log cabins poised upon the frozen waters and comfortably catch fish from the must sumptuous shoals. And lastly, try to guide a team of sled dogs to the top of the Saguenay fjord. It is easy and exhilarating. In terms of accommodation, the Cap au Leste outfitters are ideal. These wooden homes are ultra cosy, scattered around the preserved area. And the dining experience is of the highest quality. Here, you can taste game and trappers dishes. From your balcony, survey the frozen Saint-Laurent, in the middle of which an icy breeze maps out a narrow channel. It is poetic, and larger than life itself. Much like winter in Quebec!

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